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Monday, April 25, 2005


Christian Bale, star of the upcoming Batman Begins, said he felt like a "beast" when he wore the Batsuit.

"When I put on the Batsuit, I wanted to see a creature, not a man wearing a suit that looks like a bat," Bale said.

Bale said he attempted to take on the persona of something not human.

"And, frankly, I had to that out of necessity just because I felt like an idiot when I was standing in the Batsuit and just being the guy," he said. "You can't hang out, you know, in that suit. You have to be in control and you'd have to be focused.

"I would always remember about the fact that this is somebody who is fanatical. If you think about the obsession that somebody must have to retain the pain and the anger from an incident that happened 20 years previously, and is still at the forefront of his mind, that's an incredible obsession. That's an unhealthy obession.

"And so concentrating on the fact that he's attempting to take his pain and his guilt and his anger and the rage, and do something good with it, even though his impulses are he does just want to rage and break bones and do damage. So there's always that conflict."

In other Batman Begins news:

* Katie Holmes appeared on MTV's Total Request Live on Monday, and the film's new trailer was shown. She confirmed that Green Day will be on the film's soundtrack.

* HBO has announced its air dates for HBO First Look: Batman Begins on HBO2.

Air dates include Wednesday, June 8 at 6:15 p.m.; Sunday, June 19 at 1:15 p.m.; Saturday, June 25 at 4:20 a.m.; and Monday, June 27 at 11:55 p.m.

* According to a Warner Bros. representative, the eight-minute special on Batman Begins shown during the season finale of The WB's Smallville will feature "never before seen footage from the film."

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With the release of Blade: Trinity on DVD on Tuesday, The Continuum presents a feature story on Jessica Biel, who plays Abigail Whistler, leader of the Nightstalkers.

To read the feature, in which Biel talks about her training, fight scenes and the future of the franchise, CLICK HERE.

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Marvel Comics has announced a 50/50 variant cover for Fantastic Four #527, the first issue by the new creative team of J. Michael Straczynski and Mike McKone.

The issue stars the "Distant Music" arc in which a conflicted Reed is presented an intriguing offer.

Fantastic Four #527 is scheduled to be in stores on May 25.

Click on the thumbnails for larger versions of the covers.

In addition, Marvel is preparing a Director's Cut version of the issue, scheduled for release on June 22, the same day as Fantastic Four #528. The issue will include the contents of the regular edition of #527, as well as a script, interviews and sketch art. It will cost $3.99. - More Product. More Exclusives.


For covers and six- to eight-page previews of upcoming titles, CLICK HERE.

Titles include Eisner/Miller TPB from Dark Horse Comics, War of the Worlds from Best Sellers Illustrated and Thunderbird #1 from Atlantis Press.


"Pets," a second-season episode of The Batman animated series, features Penguin and Man-Bat.

In the episode, written by Christopher Yost and J.D. Murray and directed by Sam Liu, the Penguin steals a device that allows him to control Man-Bat.

Tom Kenny returns as the voice of the Penguin and Peter MacNicol returns as the voice of Dr. Kurt Langstrom.

Click on the thumbnails above for images from the episode.

In other The Batman news:

* VTech, the creators of the electronic learning products category, announced a licensing agreement with Warner Bros. Consumer Products to feature The Batman in a V.Smile Smartridge for use with VTech's V.Smile TV Learning System and V.Smile Pocket.

With Batman as their guide, children ages 6 to 8 will engage in various developmental activities that immerse them in a complete video game experience, while practicing the subjects they're learning in school, including spelling, reading, math and problem solving.


Alias Enterprises will be collecting the Lions, Tigers and Bears mini-series published by Image Comics into a trade paperback in July.

"Alias couldn't be more proud of the success our first all-ages title, Lions, Tigers and Bears has had around the country, and around the world," stated Mike S. Miller, Alias' executive director. "We are absolutely thrilled to have the rights to publish the trade paperback, and are sure it will be a favorite amongst readers of all ages for decades to come!"

The 112-page full-color, soft cover trade will cost $9.95. It will feature all four issues of the first Lions, Tigers and Bears mini-series as well as a new 10-page story.

In addition to the story content, the trade will feature pin-ups from artists such as Luke Ross, Fabio Laguna, Andy Runton and Theo Bain, as well as never-before-seen imagery from series artist Jack Lawrence.

"We really wanted to go back to print on the single issues when we saw just how fast they were selling out," said series creator and writer Mike Bullock. "But when we found out that wasnąt in the cards, we did our best to make the trade paperback available as soon as possible. Hopefully, the trade will soothe the hunger so many people have for this series while whetting their appetite for future stories."

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* Above is the first look at DVD art and displays for the Constantine DVD from Warner Bros. Home Video. Click on the thumbnails for larger images.

* Sin City placed seventh at the box office over the weekend with an estimated $3.7 million, pushing its total to $67.3 million.

* Serve Man Press' Runners: Bad Goods #1, a sci-fi adventure series by Sean Wang, will be available for free on May 7 for Free Comic Book Day. The special edition will be a completely remastered version with all-new lettering and enhanced artwork and will include a special preview section for issues #2-5.

* Coming Tuesday: DC news and much more!!!

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