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Wednesday, May 25, 2005


Beginning Saturday, June 4, Cartoon Network is resuming new episodes of Teen Titans.

The network has provided The Continuum with a rundown of air dates, titles and descriptions of episodes in June:

June 4 -- "The Prophecy"

Why did Slade come back?  What is he planning?  Ever since the return of their arch-nemesis, the Titans have been searching for answers.  But is there something Raven isn't telling them?

June 11 -- "Stranded"

An exciting battle on a distant space station ends with a tremendous explosion that blows the T-Ship apart -- and sends the Titans flying off in five different directions to crashland on a stange alien world.  Will our five shipwrecked heroes ever be able to get back together and find their way home?

June 18 -- "Overdrive"

Cyborg is a guy with a "can do" attitude.  And with the new Maximum 7 processor upgrade driving his circuits, it looks like he can do more than ever before.  But when Cyborg meets his multi-tasking match in the duplicitous Billy Numerous, can Cy really push himself to the max?

June 25 -- "Mother Mae-Eye"

Every child needs a mother -- even five superpowered sweeties who live in a giant "T."


Marvel Comics has released the cover image to Giant-Sized X-Men #3, by Dave Cockrum and John Cassaday.

Here's how Marvel describes the book, which reaches stores on June 15.

"In celebration of the 30th anniversary of 1975's Giant-Size X-Men #1 & #2 comes this colossal, 80-page, full-color collection of the X-Men's greatest team-ups... plus an original, eight-page tale of the 'All-New, All-Different X-Men,' as told by Joss Whedon and Neal Adams. Also included in this issue are 1964's Fantastic Four #28 (X-Men and Fantastic Four), 1964's X-Men #9 (X-Men and Avengers), and 1967's X-Men #35 (X-Men and Spider-Man)."

Cockrum illustrated the foreground figures on the cover, with Cassaday illustrating the background figures and inking both sections.

Click on the thumbnail for a larger image.

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Marvel Comics announced on Wednesday that former Uncanny X-Men artist Alan Davis will be writing and drawing Fantastic Four: The End.

"I'm pretty damn excited about getting to draw the FF again," Davis said.

"Alan Davis has worked on the entire freakin' Marvel U!" said Marvel editor-in-bhief Joe Quesada. ³He's probably drawn every single one of our characters, from Ant-Man to Zemo and all parts in-between!"

Marvel did not announce when the project would launch.

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For covers and six-page previews of Marvel Comics titles arriving in stores on June 8, CLICK HERE.

Titles include Marvel Knights 4 #19, Power Pack #4, GLA #3 and Marvel Adventures Fantastic Four #1.

Look for more Marvel Comics First Looks on Thursday here in The Continuum.


For covers and four-page previews of DC Comics titles arriving in stores on June 2, CLICK HERE.

Titles include Seven Soldiers: Zatanna #2, Swamp Thing #16, Blood of the Demon #4, Matador #2 and Son of Vulcan #1.


FC9 Publishing has released its solicitations for August.

For a complete rundown, with cover images, CLICK HERE.


Kids' WB! has scheduled a new episode of The Batman, "The Laughing Bat," for Saturday, June 4.

 "Donning the costume of his greatest rival, The Batman, Joker terrorizes all of Gotham. When the real Batman tries to stop him, Joker injects him with a poison that will cause him to laugh to death, unless he can come up with an antidote."

 For Kids' WB!'s complete schedule for the week, including the return of Jackie Chan Adventures, CLICK HERE.

 Look for more news on The Batman this week here in The Continuum.

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Mars, originally published by First Comics in the mid-1980s, will be released as full-color 288-page trade paperback and a signed and numbered hardcover by IDW Publishing in August.

Modern-day production and color advancements will be applied to produce a deluxe collection of this unique and forward-thinking comic book from Mark Wheatley and Marc Hempel.

Here¹s how IDW describes the concept:

"A six-member team comprised of explorers and engineers are sent to Mars with a goal to terraform the red planet. Upon completion of the initial procedure all communication with Earth is lost and the team of terraformers must make a decision that will not only forever change their lives but perhaps the future of the human race."

Mars will feature all 12 issues of the original series, digitally remastered and fully painted with state-of-the-art technology.

The collection also offers 32 additional story pages, never-before-seen artwork, and extras including behind the scenes commentary. as well as a brand-new cover.

"With their attention to detail and exceptional packaging, IDW is a perfect launching pad for our return to Mars," said co-creator Mark Wheatley. "And the time is finally right for our manga-style art, and the details about exploring Mars are in sync with what is going on in the rest of the world. Just watch the news and see all the Mars mania." Add the fact that our 12-issue graphic novel is now available in a beautiful, hand-painted book and that makes our carefully crafted science fiction mystery a much more satisfying reading experience."

For all of IDW Publishing's solicitations for August, CLICK HERE.


* Above is a first look at the covers to Arana #5, Captain America #7, Daredevil #74, Daredevil: Redemption #5, Last Hero Standing #3, Rogue #12, Spider-Man/Human Torch #5, Spider-Man: Breakout #3, Uncanny X-Men #461 and Wolverine #29.

Click on the thumbnails for larger images.

* Aspen Enterainment has provided The Continuum a look at Soulfire: Grace Statue, which arrives in stores on Wednesday.

The statue is sculpted by Dene Mason and designed by series creator Michael Turner. The Grace statue can be displayed with her wings folded down or outspread.

Click on the thumbnails below for larger images.

* DC Comics has announced that Action Comics #827 and Lex Luthor: Man of Steel #2 have both sold out. According to the publisher, there are no current plans to go back to press on either issue.

* AP Comics has announced that Dark Mists #1 has sold out of its intial print run, with a second printing planned.

The publisher has also provided The Continuum with a first look at the cover to the third issue. Click on the thumbnail for a larger image.

* Scottish Television's weekly magazine program, The Talent, this week features comic-book writer Mark Millar. Millar discusses his life, his work and how it feels to be a Scot living in Glasgow and working in both New York and Los Angeles. . The Talent with Mark Millar airs on Thursday on ITV1.

* Runemaster Studios is teaming up with The Arizona Republic and the Arizona Diamondbacks, for the Children's Literacy Summer Reading Program. An all new, 10-part Lions, Tigers and Bears story will appear in The Arizona Republic on the back page of the comics section. A new part will run every Sunday, starting May 22, for 10 consecutive weeks in conjunction with the summer reading program.

* Coming Friday: Marvel news -- and much more!!!

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