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Tuesday, May 31, 2005


For covers and five-page previews of upcoming Image Comics titles, CLICK HERE.

Titles include Case Files: Sam & Twitch #17, ShadowHawk #2, Spawn #146, Noble Causes #10, The Walking Dead #19, Invincible #23, Mora #3, The Pact #2, Burglar Bill #3 and Small Gods #9.

Look for more First Looks on Wednesday here in The Continuum.


Aspen Comics will relaunch Michael Turner's Fathom this weekend at Wizard World Philadelphia.

Aspen will be debuting the premiere issue of the new Fathom series at Wizard World with several exclusive covers for the show.

The first is a special jam cover drawn by Michael Turner and new series penciler Koi Turnbull, limited to only 4,000 copies produced. The second is a Turner exclusive cover limited to only 2,000 total copies.

Wizard World also is debuting a highly limited "blue negative" edition cover that is available to fans that sign up for their exclusive V.I.P. convention package. Limited quantities of these convention issues will also be made available at Aspen's online store,

The two direct covers for Fathom #1 will be available in retail stores on June 8.

Here is the synopsis for Fathom #1:

"Fathom's back! The long awaited return of Fathom is finally here, and for Aspen, her return couldn't come soon enough! Events from last year's acclaimed Dawn of War mini-series have built up to this explosive first issue, leaving the world of Fathom changed forever! Lead by Aspen breakout artist Koi Turnbull, writer J.T. Krul, inker Jason Gorder and colorist Christina Strain, Fathom resurfaces at long last in this premiere #1 issue! Shipping with two covers by new Fathom artist Koi Turnbull and Fathom creator Michael Turner, this is sure to be the most-talked about books of the summer!"

To coincide with the release of Fathom #1, Aspen is also premiering Cannon Prelude #1 at Wizard World, available with two exclusive covers for the convention. This issue features a brand new 12-page Cannon story made exclusively for the convention. The two covers for the show include a special jam cover by Michael Turner and new Cannon artist Marcus To limited to 2,500 copies, and a Michael Turner cover limited to only 1,000 total copies. Both the Cannon Prelude #1 and Fathom #1 exclusives will be available for sale all weekend at the Aspen Comics booth in Philadelphia.

Plus, Aspen Comics will celebrate the premiere of Fathom #1 closer to home with signings at both Golden Apple comic store locations in Los Angeles on Saturday, June 11. Koi Turnbull, Jason Gorder, Christina Strain, and writer J.T. Krul will be on hand to meet with fans of the Fathom series. Aspen will have an exclusive mini-print of the team's Fathom #1 cover available for sale while supplies last.

Fathom #2 is scheduled to be in stores July 7, featuring a cover by Turner and colorist Peter Steigerwald.


 Marvel Comics is going back to print for a second edition of Captain America #6. 

  Featuring an all-new cover by series artist Steve Epting, Captain America #6 Limited Edition Variant Cover is scheduled to arrive in stores on June 22.

 "I've just been overwhelmed by the response to Captain America so far, and with issue #6, that just went through the roof," said series writer Ed Brubaker. "And the best thing about it is that I know where this is all going, and that Steve Epting and I have a great ride in store for the fans. I've been hearing from retailers all over the country who are telling me they're adding Cap to more customers' lists every month, and that's really gratifying to hear. So, with that in mind, I'm psyched to see the second print of issue #6 with Steve's brilliant flip variation on the original cover."

 "We knew from a storytelling point of view that Cap #6 would probably be an under-ordered title once word got out about the identity of the Winter Soldier. So in anticipation of the demand, we had Steve Epting do up a second cover, mirroring the image on the initial printing but focusing on the Winter Soldier, so that we'd have it ready to roll out shortly after the issue hit the stands," said Marvel Director of Sales David Gabriel. "For obvious reasons, we could not reveal the cover image any earlier, or the story would have been ruined."

 Captain America #6 presents the finale to the six-part "Winter Soldier" story arc.

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 Runners, the sci-fi adventure series by Sean Wang, finally be released in trade paperback this summer from Serve Man Press.

Following the Free Comic Book Day edition of Runners #1 Remastered in May, the Runners: Bad Goods trade paperback inlcudes all five issues of the Runners: Bad Goods story arc as well as extra features.

Here's how the book is described:

Collected in its entirety with new enhancements to the artwork, the Bad Goods story arc follows the misadventures of reluctant smuggler Roka Nostaco and his ragtag crew of aliens as they struggle to complete a perilous run while attacked on all sides by pirates, bounty hunters and the police. The adventure takes them from gun shoot-outs to ship-to-ship dogfights and culminates in an all-out, three-way ship, cycle and foot chase through the streets of an alien space station."

Special features include the original short story that introduced the characters and Runners universe, first published in the Small Press Expo Anthology 2000. There will also be an expanded pronunciation guide and sketchbook pages covering many of the ships, aliens and weapons that have appeared throughout the series.

The book will be 168 black-and-white pages and will cost $14.95.

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* Above is a first look at the covers to X-Men: Phoenix -- Endsong Hardcover and New X-Men Academy X Vol. 2: Haunted TPB. Click on the thumbnails for larger images.

* Coming Tuesday: First looks -- and much more!!!


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