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Friday, June 3, 2005


The Continuum is covering events on both coasts this weekend: the Batman Begins press junket in Beverly Hills, Calif., and Wizard World Philadelphia.

Look for bonus coverage from both throughout the weekend.


Today The Continuum begins its series of more than a dozen features on Batman Begins with an inside look at the new Batmobile, described by director Christopher Nolan as "hybrid of a Lamborghini and a Humvee."

To read the feature story, CLICK HERE.

In other Batman Begins news:

 * Batman Begins was screened to the press on Thursday night, with positive reactions from a random survey of reviewers conducted by The Continuum.

 * Aside from Ra's al Ghul, Carmine Falcone and Scarecrow, two familiar villains are also in the film. Richard Brake plays Joe Chill, the man who killed Bruce Wayne's parents, and Tim Booth plays Victor Zsaz.

 * Linus Roache plays Thomas Wayne, Bruce's father.

 * Look for more from the Batman Begins press junket this weekend here in The Continuum.

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Marvel Comics staged its X-Men panel on Friday at Wizard World Philadelphia, and above is a first look at some of the art that was released.

The art in the top row includes a cover and sketches from New Excalibur by Michael Ryan and a piece from Colossus Bloodline, written by David Hine with interiors by Jorge Lucas.

The bottom row features two Uncanny X-Men pieces by new artist Chris Bachalo; an Exiles promotional image concering upcoming events in the book and the cover to X-Men #175.

Click on the thumbnails for larger image and look for more from the panel soon here in The Continuum.

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Marvel Comics has released the front and back covers to Fantastic Four: The Movie TPB, which goes on sale on June 29.

The book includes the comics adaptation of the movie by Mike Carey and Dan Jurgens (on sale on its own on June 22) and also collects Fantastic Four #5, the teamıs first meeting with Doctor Doom; Fantastic Four #190, a retelling of their storied history; and Fantastic Four (Vol. 3) #60.

The 120-page book will cost $12.99.

In other Fantastic Four movie news:

* Here's a first look at the United Kingdom version of the Invisible Woman poster. Click on the thumbnail for a larger image.

* Wind-up Records has announced the complete track listing for the July 5 release of Fantastic Four ­ The Album.

* Here's a rundown:

Velvet Revolver ­"Come In Come On"

Taking Back Sunday ­ "Error Operator"

Chingy ­ "Relax"

Joss Stone ­ "Whatever Happened to the Heroes"

Omnisoul ­ "Waiting (save your life)"

Ryan Cabrera ­ "Always Come Back To Me"

Ben Moody f/ Anastacia ­ "Everything Burns"

Miri Ben-Ari f/ P. Monch ­ "New World Symphony"

Megan McCauley ­ "Die For You"

Sum 41 ­ "Noots"

Simple Plan ­ "Surrender"

T.F.F. ­ "Iıll Take You Down"

Lloyd Banks ­ "On Fire"

Megan McCauley ­ "Reverie"

Breaking Point ­ "Goodbye To You"

Alter Bridge ­ "Shed My Skin"

Submersed ­ "In Due Time"

Loser ­ "Disposable Sunshine"

Miss Eighty 6 featuring Classic ­ "Now You Know"

Orange Range ­ "Kirikirimai (Fantastic Four Remix)"

* Look for more on the FF movie soon here in The Continuum.

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"The Laughing Bat" episode of Kids' WB!'s The Batman will have its network premiere on Saturday.

Here's how the network describes the episode:

"Donning the costume of his greatest rival, The Batman, Joker terrorizes all of Gotham. When the real Batman tries to stop him, Joker injects him with a poison that will cause him to laugh to death, unless he can come up with an antidote.

The episode was written by Michael Jelenic and directed by Seung Eun Kim.

Click on the thumbnails below for larger images from the episode.


Heroic Publishing has announced a January release date for the first issue of Roy Thomas's new alternate-reality World War II adventure comic book, Anthem.

Here's how Heroic describes the book:

"Anthem, by Roy Thomas and artists Daniel Acuna and Jorge Santamaria Garcia, is a darker saga of an alternate Earth, and of the super-heroes who were created to save it. In this world, Pearl Harbor wasn't just an attack by Japanese planes on a sleepy Hawaiian base. It was a full-blown assault on the US West Coast by Imperial Japanese forces spearheaded by a towering monster that could mop up the ocean with Godzilla, and on the East Coast by Nazi shock troops . . . and ray-firing flying saucers!

"Driven back into the American interior, the desperate US survivors spawned Project Anthem, creating a handful of young superheroes, some of whose powers and names reflected the words of "The Star-Spangled Banner": Dawns Earlylight, Amerindian super-archeress; Stars & Stripes, two twins with very special abilities; "Rockets" Redglare, a flaming human rocket; BombBurst, a very explosive warrior; Liberty, a living incarnation of the proud statue the enemy destroyed in New York Harbor; and Stonewall Jackson, a living being of rock from south of the Mason-Dixon line. Led by the mysterious Agent 76, they battle the forces that have conquered Europe and Asia and now mean to trample America as the last hold-out of freedom. And they've got the power to do it!

"Only thing is, the Axis forces have been devoping super-beings of their own, and they have an ace up their sleeve that will give even Agent 76 and the young heroes of Anthem a run for their money."

Click on the thumbnails above for larger images.


* Here is a first look at The Assassin one-shot from Arcana Studio, which will be at Wizard World Philadelphia and Mighty-Mini Con this weekend.

* Several comics-inspired nominees sprinkled the list of finalists for The 2005 Teen Choice Awards, which will air Tuesday, Aug. 16 on Fox. Those nominated include Sin City for Choice Movie: Action Adventure; Constantine for Choice Movie: Thriller; Elektra's Jennifer Garner and Sin City's Jessica Alba for Choice Movie Actress: Action/Adventure/Thriller; Smallville's Tom Welling for Choice TV Actor: Drama; Smallville's Allison Mack for Choice TV Sidekick.

* Day of Vengeance #2 has sold out at DC Comics two days after arriving in stores on May 25. DC is rushing the issue back to press for a new printing featuring the original cover art by Walter Simonson with a new color scheme.

* Coming Saturday: Batman Begins news -- and much more!!!


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