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Monday, June 6, 2005


PHILADELPHIA -- Current Ultimate X-Men writer Brian K. Vaughan will join movie director Bryan Singer on his run on the title late this year, it was announced on Sunday at Marvel's Ultimate panel at Wizard World Philadelphia.

Singer's run begins immediately following the upcoming, five-part "Magnetic North" story by Vaughan and Stuart Immonen that features Magneto and Polaris.

Editor John Barber said "Magnetic North" will tie up a lot of story threads and dovetail into the Singer/Vaughan run. An artist has not been named yet.

Asked if Apocalypse will be in the Ultimate X-Men title, Barber said it was likely the character will appear before the end of Vaughan's time on the book.

In other news from the panel:

* Ultimate Fantastic Four #21 kicks off a story called "Crossover," which, by the cover image released, looks like the Ultimate and Marvel Universe versions of Reed Richards discovering each other.

* Above is art from the story, in which the FF go back in time to thwart a plan to kill the first creature that leads to the evolution of human beings.

* Peter Parker will get a new girlfriend in Ultimate Spider-Man Annual, by Brian Michael Bendis and Mark Brooks.

"It's someone you've seen before, but not someone you would expect," Barber said.

* "Warriors" is a seven-part arc that will take Ultimate Spider-Man through #86. It features Hammerhead's move to take over the mob world and includes such heroes as Moon Knight, Shang Chi and Iron Fist.

* Juggernaut returns in Ultimate X-Men annual.

* Editor Nick Lowe said that Ultimate Iron Man will have a yet-unnamed artist for its second five-issue mini-series. Lowe said the plan is to keep the book on a bi-monthly schedule.

* Ultimate Defenders will appear in the Ultimates Annual.

* John Dokes said that there will be a Barnes & Noble edition of an Ultimate X-Men hardcover volume like the Ultimate Spider-Man volume.

* Barber said Immonen will have "a very cool project" following his run on Ultimate X-Men.

* In terms of an Ultimates 3, Barber said, "There's nothing locked in on Ultimates 3, but I imagine we'll do something. It sells pretty well."

* Plans for Ultimate Ultron? "Hank Pym's designing robots now and that can't go very well," Barber said.

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