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Sunday, July 17, 2005


SAN DIEGO -- Marvel Comics revealed a new Moon Knight series will begin in February Saturday at the Cup O' Joe panel.

The six-issue Moon Knight: The Bottom is written by Charlie Huston, with art by David Finch. Huston, 37, is an author of such books as Caught Stealing, Six Bad Things and the upcoming Already Dead.

"This is Charlie's inaugural comic work," Marvel editor-in-chief Joe Quesada said. "Charlie's are the best scripts I've ever seen coming from someone who hasn't written comics before."

The book will be set firmly in continuity and will feature Marc Spector as Moon Knight. "But it moves the story forward," Quesada said.

In other news from the panel:

* Robert Kirkman's Invincible character, published by Image Comics, will meet Spider-Man in Marvel Team-Up #14, written by Kirkman. It will be drawn by Cory Walker.

* Nick Fury's Howling Commandoes, by Keith Giffen and Edu Francisco, launches in October.

* J. Michael Strazcynski's Book of Lost Souls will be published in October, with art by Colleen Doran.

* Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray are teaming with newcomer Khari Evans on Daughters of the Dragon, featuring Misty Knight and Colleen Wing as super-villain bounty hunters.

"It opens with a bang," Palmiotti said. "They're chasing Rhino down the West Side Highway, wreaking everything in sight."

The series starts in December.

* Fantastic Four/Iron Man: Big in Japan is a four-issue mini-series written by Zeb Wells, with art by Seth Fisher.

* Punisher #25-30 pit Frank Castle against the NYPD.

* New creators on Iron Man, Daredevil and Thor, as well as the New Avengers artist and Incredible Hulk writer, will be announced soon. The new Thor book won't launch until next year.

* Neil Gaiman's project won't be announced for a while, but is targeted for 2006.

* New Thunderbolts #13-14 is a meeting with the New Avengers.

* She-Hulk will be relaunched in October, but will soon revert to cumulative numbering -- covering the original series, the previous John Byrne series and last year's series -- with She-Hulk #100.

* The Runaways go to New York city in Runaways #9-12, where they will meet Cloak and Dagger again.

* Joss Whedon and John Cassaday are signed through Astonishing X-Men #25.

* in New Avengers, Finch's last arc will feature Ronin and then Frank Cho will draw a couple of issues centered on Spider-Woman. Cho has another -- yet unnamed -- project for Marvel following that.

* Fantastic Four: First Family, a six-issue series, will launch in January, written by Joe Casey, with art by Chris Weston.

"We go back and explain a lot of the early stuff," Casey said. "There a lot of firsts, like the first time Reed Richards kissed the government's ass, which he seems to do a lot now."

* Secret War will conclude in November, and Dan Buckley said a hardcover is targeted for February or March.

* Buckley said "there are scripts in the building involving Hellcat."

* J. Michael Straczynski said the move of Supreme Power from MAX to Marvel Knights won't impact the title's contents creatively.

"The story isn't going to change, the characters aren't going to change and the tone isn't going to change," he said. "The only thing that will change will be the imprint."

Straczynski said there won't be any crossovers between the Marvel and Supreme Power universe, but there might be Marvel Universe-like characters in Supreme Power.

Another Mary Jane series written by Sean McKeever will start in November or December.

* Ed Brubaker has a new "major" project to be announced soon.

* Luke Cage will appear in six issues of Black Panther.

* Quesada said to look for some Iron Man-related mini-series.

* The panel ended with Quesada teasing a project. He said last year at Comic-Con he was asked if there was any one writer he could have come work on a Marvel Universe project, who would it be, and then flashed "The King" image without further explanation.

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