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Monday, July 18, 2005


SAN DIEGO -- Marvel Comics' final panel of Comic-Con International on Sunday was devoted to Spider-Man, with writers Reginald Hudlin, Peter David and J. Michael Straczynski in attendance.

Following are highlights of the panel:

* The Other event will be told with each writer handling all three titles in a month and will involve the totem-pole element Straczynski introduced early in his run.

* David said the first issue of Friendly will be told from Peter's point of View, his Marvel Knights story will be told from Mary Jane's point of view and the third in Amazing from Aunt May's point of view.

* Hudlin said his three issues are "all-out, foot-to-ass, jacked action."

* David said he wants to create some new villains.

* Straczynski wants to use some classic villains after The Other, including Sandman, Molten Man and Doc Ock.

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