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Tuesday, July 26, 2005


The Continuum will be traveling to Syndey, Australia, this week to visit the set of Superman Returns.

Because of the logistics of the trip, The Continuum might be updated a bit more irregularly than normal this week.

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Brian K. Vaughan said it was a natural progression for him to write the screenplay for the Ex Machina feature film, based on his comic book from WildStorm.

The property is set up at New Line Cinema, and Vaughan commented about the deal during Comic-Con International in San Diego.

"It wasn't really too much of a fight, honestly. It was a project that I'm passionate about and I care about," Vaughan said. "And I said, 'I'd love to write it if you give me a shot.' And they said, 'We would like you to do that, too.' So there wasn't a lot of lobbying."

Vaughan said he understands some tweaking is in order for the property to move from comics to film.

"Ex Machina is a story about a guy who becomes the world's first super-hero. One of the proverbial strange accidents gives him incredible powers. He grew up loving comic books, so he decides he decides he's going to use these powers to be a super-hero. And, really, nothing works. That's just sort of helping maintain the status quo. He decides to run for office and because of certain events, he winds up winning by a landslide," Vaughan said. "I don't think if you're going to do a summer action movie, no one's going to see something where in act one you're an incredible, exciting super-hero, and at the end, you're a guy sitting at a desk passing bills and talking about filling potholes.

"You really do have to reinvent it from the ground up, and I'm excited about doing that. I'm just getting started on it."

Perhaps helping the translation is that Ex Machina is a relatively new property without out decades of history like some other comics being made into movies.

"Ex Machina's only been around a year and I've had sort of an easy time distilling it and really finding out what the book is about," Vaughan said. "You don't worry about cramming every plot element into it. Just worry about, 'This is theme. This is what's important' and capture the spirit of the book."

Vaughan's Y: The Last Man, published by Vertigo, is also set up as a feature film at New Line.

"Everyone always comes up and asks me, especially about Y, why not do a television series? That it seems like with most comics, because of their serial nature and that they're ongoing, wouldn't it work better as an ongoing television series?" Vaughan said. "It's hard, because, a show like Y or something like Ex Machina, they're aren't many television stations, outside of HBO, you could take that to. Once they're not interested, where do you go? It's also for budgetary reasons. They're such big, epic stories, you sort of need the budget of Hollywood and a major motion picture to do that."

Vaughan said the Y movie should sort of be like a zombie movie.

"You can't kill all the men in act one and then at the end of the movie, find a way to bring them all back," he said. "I think the audience feels cheated that way.

"It's sort of like most zombie movies, where it's not about saving the world at the end. It's a much, smaller personal story, about this survival of a handful of people that you care about.

"I think for Y that's the real secret for getting the movie right. Not having it be this messianic fiction of a guy who saves the world. It's more the story of the last boy on Earth becoming the last man on Earth, and how it takes women to make that happen."

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IDW Publishing's revival of Doomed, the black-and-white horror magazine, will launch in October as a bi-monthly.

Doomed, which will be printed on newsprint like the horror magazines of yesteryear, will feature adaptations of short horror fiction from some of the genre's true masters, such as Richard Matheson, Robert Bloch, David J. Schow and F. Paul Wilson.

Every issue will feature four 16-page adaptations. Every issue will be presided over and narrated by the magazine's eyepatch-wearing Ms. Doom.

In the debut issue, she presents Ashley Wood's takes on Matheson's "Blood Son,"as adapted by IDW's editor-in-chief, Chris Ryall. Wilson is joined by Ted McKeever on his own "Cuts," Ryall and Eduardo Barretto tackle Schow's "Blood Rape of the Lust Ghouls," and Ryall and Kristian Donaldson attends to Bloch's "Final Performance."

Also included in each issue will be interviews and editorial features that profile the legacy of the writers featured within, starting with an interview with Schow.

The debut issue features covers from both Wood and Jeremy Geddes.

"We've done our part to bring back horror comics," said Ryall, "but now it's time to pay tribute to the great short fiction horror writers and to offer fun, pulpy horror stories in magazines like many of us grew up reading. And with the artists involved on Doomed, every one of these will really be something special and show how viable black-and-white art can really be. And in case the mag's title doesn't make it clear, I wouldn't come here looking for happy endings."

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Alias Enterprises has released its solicitations for October.

For a rundown, CLICK HERE.

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For covers and four- or five-page previews of upcoming titles, CLICK HERE.

Titles includes Case Files: Sam & Twitch #18 from Image Comics and Trigun Maximum Volume 6 TPB: The Gunslinger from Dark Horse Comics.

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Artist Klaus Janson has signed an exclusive contract with Marvel Comics.

Janson first worked for Marvel in 1973 on Black Panther, moving from there onto inks over Sal Buscema on The Defenders.

"Klaus' pedrigee is the kind that other artists drool over,: said Joe Quesada, Marvel Comics editor-in-chief. "He's been playing with our characters longer than some of us have been on this Earth, and he knows 'em inside and out."

Janson's projects have yet to be announced, but he said we ill be doing a mix of inking, penciling and writing.

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* Above is a look at the completed covers to Young Avengers #6, X-Men #174, Toxin #5 and Ororo: Before the Storm #3.

Click on the thumbnails for larger images.

* The Saturday, Aug. 6 episode of The Batman on Kids' WB! will be "The Laughing Bat." For the complete Kids' WB! schedule for the week of Aug. 1, CLICK HERE.

* Speakeasy Comics has announced the release of Of Bitter Souls #1 -- by Chuck Saterlee and Norm Breyfogle -- at Wizard World Chicago on Aug. 4. Along with a purchase of OBS #1, readers will receive a printed preview for Satterlee's second monthly title from Speakeasy, Smoke & Mirror.

* Coming Wednesday: Movie news -- and much more!!!

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