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Thursday, August 18, 2005



Written by Ryan Scott Ottney, pencils by Vicente Cifuentes, covers by Anwar Madrigal and Nep.

Still powerless and held hostage by the Council, Isis learns their disturbing origin and how it's connected to her own - causing her to wonder: was she sent to our time to conquer us? Will Isis lead them into battle on our world to save her friend?

32 pages, $2.99.


Written by J. Van Hamme, art by W. Vance.

Plain Rock Penitentiary for the criminally insane, a maximum-security facility: XIII's quest for his identity has brought him to the nearest place to hell on earth. His body is at the hands of lunatics and wardens alike and his mind is at the mercy of the deranged prison psychiatrist, Dr. Johansson. Evidence of extensive laser surgery provokes military intelligence to delve deeper into XIII's many faces . . . is he assassin, war veteran or simply victim? His only hope of salvation lies with Lieutenant Jones and another desperate inmate.

32 pages, $2.99.


Written by Art Thibert, Rick Birsdall and Pamela Thibert, pencils by Art Thibert and Chris Chua, cover by Art Thibert and Snakebite.

The highly skilled Time repairmen of Chrono, Inc. tackle a Time malfunction of universal proportions! Doug, Zyn, Oot, and Caravaggio have their vacations cut short when they set out to repair a faulty Reality Filter Prism turning all timelines into abstract realities! Although, this malfunction might not be what ­ or who ­ they expected.

48 pages, $6.99.


Written and art by Gary Shipman.

Paul has arrived safely on the shores of the Eastern Lands and eagerly awaits Mr. Brambles, Gus, Shahni, and a small group of mice warriors, who have set out to retrieve him. Plus: The stranger (Sedek) that has come to Pakkins’ Land, has been captured and taken to Rahsha's dungeon. There he waits for an opportunity to escape, without anyone finding out who he really is.

32 pages, $2.99.


Written by Darren G. Davis, pencils and cover by Alex Amezcua.

Can Justice have two names? The 10th Muse meets her match and it's...herself? Morgan returns but this time she wants back what she thinks is rightfully hers: the essence of the 10th Muse. And to do this she must find her own identity no matter who it might hurt. Emma is not going to let go of her birthright without a fight.

32 pages, $2.99.


Written by Ken Lillie-Paetz, art by various.

As the final prophetic chapter of Elsinore is about to begin, your physicians at Monkey Pharmacy leak some confidential background files to the public. Arrivals details some shocking revelations into how each of the 7 patients found their way inside the cells of Sub-basement Level 1O. Also included is the lost assessment file on the inmates of levels 1-9, as well as the story of the construction of the Menatl Hospital itself.

32 pages, $2.99.


Created by Mike S. Miller, written by Sean J. Jordan, art by Harold Edge.

Trapped! The teenaged Sixgun Samurai and his ally Annabelle Rose are forced to fight their way out of a city full of Japanese exiles who have turned to a life of thievery and murder under the leadership of the cruel criminal Matsumura. But they can't go too far -- for every moment they waste fighting, Sam's mentor Tetsuya is being tortured and maimed, and it won't be long before he's dead. Can Sam and Rose fight back in time to save him? Fusing the culture of the samurai with the adventure of the Wild West, Sixgun Samurai is a fan-favorite title that gets better with each issue.

32 pages, $2.99.


Created by Hector Sevilla and Mike S. Miller, written by Ben Avery, art by Sevilla.

The battle with Makoma almost over, Alice, Jim Hawkins, the Piper, and Red Riding Hood now face another betrayal . . . within their own ranks. Is the warrior woman known as Milady what she claims to be? The band of heroes has put their trust in her, but at what cost? And, weakened by battle and betrayal, can they stand in their first meeting with the fairy land's greatest evil -- the one called Crow?

32 pages, $2.99.


Written by David Alvarez, art by Alvarez, Richard Cruz and Rangely García, colors by Ivy Beth Gladstone, cover by Alvarez.

Yenny and all the gang are off to Sidny World! The happiest place this side of the earth. Join us this month as Zacha crash tests every ride available, Kelso falls in love with Yenny and Yunissa complains about her ex-husband in every corner.

24 pages, $2.99.


Written by Terrance Griep, pencils by Nadir Balan.

The mini-series is collected. Judo Girl is a woman on a mission: after having spent 40 years in suspension animation, she searches for her missing brother, Judo Boy. However, her arch-enemy, the diabolical Captain Steel, hasn't spent the last four decades collecting rust. Included in this far out retro book is our favorite go-go girl's orgin story first seen in Atlas #1. Chocked full of pin-ups, character designs and other chop-a-delic delites.

128 pages, $9.99.


Written by Darren G. Davis, pencils by Alex Amezcua, covers by Amezcua and Harry Moore.

This hot-selling 10th Muse story arch sold out in less than a week. The trade paperback covers issues 1-4 of the 2nd volume of the 10th Muse saga. Medusa and Tragedy have teamed and schemed to bring the Muse to face their brand of justice. Guest-starring Isis and Judo Girl in this fast-paced adventure.

96 pages, $9.99.


Created and written by Scott Christian Sava, art by Diego Jourdan.

Aliens have escaped from the Intergalactic Food Court and found their way to Earth. They crash land into Ed's tree house, and are soon friends. Now they are trying to help the rest of their alien friends escape to earth and follow their dreams. The only thing standing in their way, Ed's classmate and nemesis Natalie, and her new friend, Mall security from another planet...Maximus Obliterus.

80 pages, $19.95.


Written by Ben Avery, art by Sherwin Schwarzrock, colors by Hi-Fi Colour Design.

Young Timothy has been joined by the strong Northman Bernard and the veteran warrior Kanika in his quest to join the Emperor's Knights of the Way. But now he finds himself in a strange land, cut off from his new friends, and facing the fiend Broot. The problem: not only is Broot the most dangerous dragon Timothy has ever faced, the beast is also holding Kanika and Bernard captive . . .

32 pages, $2.99.


By Magic Eye Studios

The prophet Daniel is one of the most respected men in the Persian Empire... but he's also one of the most envied, so much so that the other princes and advisors in the kingdom have conspired to get Daniel tossed into the lions' den. As Daniel sits in the darkness and awaits his fate as the lions' dinner, he looks back on his life, wondering what he did to deserve this end. But as the night wanes on, Daniel discovers that someone has been on his side throughout his life... and that his experience in the lions' den will one day serve a greater purpose.

64 pages, $7.99.


Written by William O'Neill, pencils by Tone Rodriguez, inked by Digital Chameleon, cover by Drew Struzan.

After his little trouble in the Big Apple, and a full Presidential pardon, Snake Plissken is off to Atlantic City for what can only be described as the ultimate car boost. A car worth 30 million dollars! Collecting for the first time the four issue mini-series, this deluxe trade paperback includes reprints of all the hard to find variant covers, and sports a glorious original cover by famed movie poster artist Drew Struzan. Plus an introduction from the man that brought Snake to the big screen, director John Carpenter.

108 pages, $11.99.

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