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Thursday, August 18, 2005


Batman Begins will have plenty of Bat-company when it reaches stores on Oct. 18. In addition to the animated The Batman vs. Dracula, Warner Bros. Home Video has announced Special Editions of Batman, Batman Returns, Batman Forever and Batman and Robin to be released on that day.

Warner is also releasing Batman The Motion Picture Anthology 1989-1997, a collection of the Special Editions of the four films.

For more details on each film, CLICK HERE.


Alias Enterprises has released its solicitations for November.

For a rundown, with cover images, CLICK HERE.


For covers and three- to five-page previews of upcoming titles, CLICK HERE.

Titles include Forgotten Realms: Homeland #2, Stronghold #1 and Purgatori #1 from Devil's Due Publishing and Digital Webbing Presents #26 from Digital Webbing.

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Fox has released two promotional images in conjunction with the 17th season premiere of The Simpsons, scheduled to air on Sunday, Sept. 11 at 8 p.m. (ET/PT).

The episode is "Bonfire of The Manatees" and guest-stars Alec Baldwin.

Here's how Fox describes the episode:

"Marge befriends attractive marine biologist and staunch manatee advocate Caleb Thorn (Baldwin), forcing Homer to prove to Marge that hešs not as self-centered as she believes."

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* Sci Fi Wire is reporting that the V for Vendetta movie has been pushed back to March 17. Representatives of Warner Bros. did not return The Continuum's requests for confirmaton of this report.

* DC Comics is rush soliciting the trade paperback of the collected edition Superman/Batman: Supergirl. This edition follows the sell-out at DC Comics of the Superman/Batman: Supergirl HC.

The book, due in stores on Sept. 14, collects Superman/Batman #8-13.

* In an update on Wednesday by Sci Fi, the air date for the Painkiller Jane movie remains "TBA."

* The fifth Strangers in Paradise trade paperback will be released in November from Abstract Studios.

* Coming Friday: Movie news -- and much more.

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