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Friday, August 26, 2005


FIRST LOOK: Sequence #1

Sequence #1 will debut on Friday at the Canadian National Comic Book Expo 2005 from Bright Anvil Studios. The book is by various, with cover by Nate Van Dyke.

Here's how Bright Anvil describes the book:

"Sequence #1 is a collection of stories that includes a classic superhero showdown, a little girl and her dog hunting ghosts and even nerd vigilantism, all done by the rising talents of Bright Anvil Studios. Sequence #1 features three stories including:

"Blue Sabre is the story of high school sophomore, Allan Belknap, who decides to lend a helping hand to Null, Iowaís local law enforcement office. Transforming into the crimefighter Blue Sabre, he goes out into the night to take down the vandals, drug dealers, and other neíer-do-wells that cross his path. In "Saturday Night Fever," the Blue Sabre discovers that his greatest enemy isnít two teenage drug dealers but a force he has no control over whatsoever. By Adam Vermillion and Marco DíAlfonso.

"Kali & Princess is the story of a young girl and her dog that hunts ghosts, monsters and everything in between. In ìResponsibility, Whatís that?î Kali wants to cut loose and have some fun at Coney Island, but there is trouble in the subway and only Kali & Princess can get to the bottom of it. By Mike Del Mundo, Jason Sorrenti, with Jeffery Arriola and guest gray tones by Shaun Curtis.

"Noble is the famous protector of Acropolis, but in Matryoshkaí he faces his greatest enemy, Starkind, in an intense no-holds barred epic battle that rips apart the city and when it ends, the truth will be revealed. By Todd Monk, George Athanasiou, Mike Delia and Sven Dyson."

Sequence #1 will be 32 pages and will cost $3.


FIRST LOOK: Judge Dredd Megazine 237

Judge Dredd Megazine 237 will arrive in stores on Sept. 21 from Rebellion. The issue is by various.

Here's how the issue, which celebrates the 15th anniversary of the magazine, is described:

"Judge Dredd Megazine 237 is set to ignite the newsstands with a 36-page original Dredd saga, Flood¹s 13. Written by the Dreddfather himself, John Wagner, with gorgeous art by Henry Flint, Flood's 13 will be the longest single strip featured in any one issue of the Megazine. Dredd faces a challenge of monumental proportions when a crack team of thieves assemble to pull off the biggest heist in the history of Mega-City One...

"Everyone¹s favourite 'Wally Squad¹ Judge' The Simping Detective appears in an all-new eight-page story, Fifteen. Criminal overlord TThe Boss is throwing a party to celebrate his fifteenth year running Angeltown and the lovely ex-badge Galen DeMarco is determined to make it his last. Only Jack Point can stop the sultry P.I. from landing herself in a whole heap of doo-doo! Fifteen is another scintillating piece of noir storytelling from Simon Spurrier and art maestro Fraser Irving.

"Devlin Waugh¹s epic trek through the Chinese underworld in search of the mystic Eye of Sekhmet concludes in the final, extra-long instalment of All Hell. Expect an all-action finale with deaths aplenty! All Hell is written by John Smith with superb art from Colin MacNeil.

""And if all this isn¹t enough, ex-Tharg David Bishop (who knows where the bodies are buried) takes us on a thrilling 36-page journey through the 15-year history of the Megazine. The secret history of the world's hardest comic revealed in four chunky chapters, with contributions -- and confessions -- from creators old and new, complete with never-before-seen art!"


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