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Friday, September 9, 2005



Written by Peter David, art and cover by J.K. Woodward.

One of the most critically acclaimed series of 2004 makes the jump to IDW, as new artist J.K. Woodward introduces readers to the enigmatic city of Bete Noire. In its shadows resides the Fallen Angel, whose origin has long been a mystery... until now. Much time has passed since we last saw her, and in the first issue of the new series, dreams of her long-suppressed past are surfacing and making her life even more torturous than it already is. Dreams that anticipate the return of someone from her past who may hold the key to her future. New York Times Bestselling author Peter David invites you to enter Bete Noire...and get ready for a long and spooky stay.

32 pages, $3.99.


Written by Chris Ryall, art by Jeremy Haun, cover by Caniglia. Thirteen of the greatest minds of the horror genre have gathered to tell their darkest dreams in their own unique styles in a new Showtime series. Each one-hour film is a stand-alone exercise in terror from the likes of Romero, Carpenter, Landis, Argento, and many others. And now, IDW presents a year-long exploration of these chilling movies. Up first is the two-part "Incident On and Off a Mountain Road," originally written by Joe R. Lansdale and adapted for Showtime by Don Coscarelli. In part one, Ellen, a seemingly defenseless young woman, is lost in the woods and comes into contact with the deformed, demented serial killer Moonface. But Ellen isn't as helpless or innocent as she initially seems...this special debut issue, adapted for comics by IDW's Editor-in-Chief Chris Ryall and Jeremy Haun will feature covers from Masters of Horror conceptual artist Caniglia and a special photo cover of Moonface, too.

32 pages, $3.99 (signed by Don Coscarelli edition, $19.99).


Written by Scott Ciencin, art by Nick Stakal, covers by Ted McKeever, Nick Stakal, Scott Keating and Steven Perkins.

Imagine you are eight years old, undead and pure evil. Your plans to gain ultimate power in the mist-enshrouded haunted town of Silent Hill have left you defeated, a prisoner. Suddenly you are free. But this is what hell really is... because now you are alive and vulnerable ­ and you have competition. May the deadliest win. Writer Scott Ciencin and artist Nick Stakal team up once again to return to Silent Hill for this new five-part miniseries.

32 pages, $3.99.


Written by Marlon Wayans, Shawn Wayans, and Keenan Ivory Wayans, art by Robert Reed and Darren Huang.

IDW Publishing and 5-D Comics present a hilarious, fresh new take on humor comics with Super Bad James Dynomite. Born from the imagination of Marlon Wayans, the comedic giant behind White Chicks, the Scary Movie franchise, and more, the comic tells the story of the hapless title character, who's Shaft, Black Belt Jones and Superfly all rolled into one... minus the cool and the black belt! Robert Reed and Darren Huang provide the art, modeling the look of James Dynomite on Marlon himself.

32 pages, $3.99.


Written by Mike W. Barr, art and cover by Ariell Padilla.

In part two of the latest Maze adventure, "A Beautiful Crime," private detective Jennifer Mays becomes a judge of the Miss Empire City pageant against her better judgement, thinking it'll be good publicity for her detective firm. But when murder enters the contest, Jennifer and her boyfriend, amateur sleuth Gabriel Webb, have to stop the killings before murder takes first place.

32 pages, $3.99.


Written by Alex Garner, art and covers by Ashley Wood.

The saga of Metal Gear Solid continues! In this issue, Raiden fights a seemingly suicidal battle versus Fortune, while Snake fights the deadly Russian mercenary Olga. Plus, the ninja returns from the grave... or does he? Based on the smash-hit Konami videogame. Ashley Wood will once again provide full art and two distinct covers for this issue.

32 pages, $2.99.


Written by Kris Oprisko, art by Ashley Wood.

When a genetically-enhanced band of terrorists overrun a secret weapons facility in Alaska, the fate of America­and the world­hangs in the balance. The future lies in the hands of infiltration expert Solid Snake, who must defeat the terrorists or die trying in the exciting conclusion of the comic's first major story arc. This volume collects issues 7 through 12 of IDW Publishing's comic series, based on the smash hit Konami videogame and featuring artwork by Ashley Wood.

144 pages, $19.99 (signed and numbered hardcover, $50).


Written by Jeff Mariotte, art by David Messina, covers by Messina, Neil Yokes, Tone Rodriguez and Sean Phillips.

Upon learning that nothing is what he thinks it is, Angel finds his reunion with friends and allies is no cheerful affair. A rash of vampiric murders continues to rock L.A., and Angel feels drawn back into the city in spite of himself. But who can he trust in this strange new world? If he doesn't find out soon, it may be too late for everyone... this latest miniseries spinning out of Joss Whedon's fan-favorite TV show was once again written by Angel novelist and comics writer Jeff Mariotte with full art and colors once again provided by David Messina. Messina also provides the cover, as do variant cover artists Neil Vokes, Tone Rodriguez, and Sean Phillips.

32 pages, $3.99.


Written by Kris Oprisko, art by Antonio Vazquez.

The first Underworld film introduced the world to the sexy, dangerous vampire Selene and Michael, a lycan/vampire hybrid. Now their adventures continue in this adaptation of the upcoming sequel Underworld Evolution. Adapted from the original script by Kris Oprisko and featuring eye-popping artwork from Antonio Vazquez, this comic tells the tale of the consequences of Selene disrupting her coven... and features a figure from the very dawn of the supernaturals' existence.

48 pages, $7.49.


Written by Chris Ryall, art by Zach Howard, cover by Jason Brashill.

Presenting IDW's official adaptation of last year's wildly popular rom-zom-com (that's "romantic zombie comedy," of course!). This "director's cut" adaptation, produced with the full participation of the movie's co-writer/director and co-writer/star, Edgar Wright and Simon Pegg, will feature deleted scenes and other never-before-seen material. Adapted by IDW's Editor-in-Chief, Chris Ryall, with art by Zach Howard, this volume also contains additional bonus material and pin-ups.

104 pages, $17.99 (hardcover, $39.99).


Written by Steve Niles, art and covers by Nat Jones.

In "The Journal of John Ikos," a special extra-length 30 Days of Night tale, Steve Niles welcomes artist Nat Jones to the world of vampires. When we last saw John Ikos, he was standing ever vigilant in Barrow. But his obsession with tracking down the vampiric Agent Norris sees his paths cross with Billy, on the run since last issue, as well as Dark Days's Dane. This annual features two covers from artist Jones.

128 pages, $7.49.


Written by T.P. Louise, art by Ashely Wood.

The mythological creatures of Lore have been away for some timeŠ but make a triumphant return here, as does illustrator Ashley Wood to full-length art chores on this special issue. Jennifer and the Archer go to Europe to face their biggest challenge yet but just as Jennifer begins to put her new shepherd training into effect, she loses the Archer to Edward Falkner, as Falkner regains consciousness she finds herself fighting a war on too many fronts.

48 pages, $5.99.


Written by Amber Benson and Christina Z, art and covers by Ben Templesmith and Ashley Wood.

The horrific tales of bloodlust conclude with this final installment of the vampire double feature. Amber Benson and Ben Templesmith bring a terrible end to Pinwheel's confrontation with the clan of vampire street children in "Demon Father John's Pinwheel Blues." In "Shunt, Part 4," Christina Z and Ashley Wood answer whether or not Heather will succumb to the sadistic pleasures of the Vampire underworld or will she stand by her man, who also happens to be responsible for the very female slavery ring she's trapped in? Each issue will feature two covers, one by Wood and one by Templesmith.

32 pages, $3.99.


Written by F. Paul Wilson, art and cover by Matthew Smith.

F. Paul Wilson continues the adaptation of his own novel with the third part of the miniseries, łHe Fears the Cross.˛ Outside the keep, the arrival of a mysterious stranger carrying a long, flat case brings the last of the players onstage. Inside, the inhabitant of the keep reveals himself to Professor Cuza and begins a subtle, systematic dismantling of the old man's beliefs and values. But to what purpose? The eerie mood of the story is solidified with the art of Mathew Smith.

32 pages, $3.99.


Written by Chris Ryall, art by Gabriel Rodriguez, cover by Chris Bolton.

Big Daddy has led his army of zombies across the river and into the now-unprotected Fiddler's Green. Will Riley regain control of Dead Reckoning in time to stop them? Will he even try? It all comes down to this, the concluding chapter of IDW's horrific adaptation of George A. Romero's latest and greatest zombie-fest. Featuring a cover by Chris Bolton, as well as a special variant photo cover.

32 pages, $3.99.


Written by Carlos Trillo, art and cover by Eduardo Risso.

The smash European series Chicanos continues! In this issue, hard-luck detective A.Y. Jalisco must contend with the imposing heavies of the New York mob who have her in their sites. She's uncovered facts they'll kill to prevent from being exposed, and they won't stop until she's dead. Jalisco must find the strength within herself to confront the mob boss directly, but if she does will she live to see another day? Featuring striking art and cover by Eisner-winner Eduardo Risso.

32 pages, black and white, $3.99.


Written by Mauro Boselli, art by Maurizio Dotti, cover by Ashley Wood.

Harlan Draka travels to Africa, where the South African Himba tribe revere the undead. With the help of Mujaive, a clairvoyant, our three vampire slayers­Draka, Tesla, and Kurjak­get involved in a no-holds-barred war in the diamond lands of Namibia. On the track of Omůlů, the monstrous God of the Plague, the Dampyr finds himself besieged in the ghost town of Brandenmund by the Lost Legion of cruel Jan VathekŠ will this be the end of the road for Harlan?

96 pages, black and white, $7.99.


Written by Mike Grell, art by Maurizio Dotti, cover by Ashley Wood.

The conclusion to Mike Grell's longest and greatest Jon Sable, Freelance story ever! And all Sable has to do is save the Ambassador's life, rescue his own girl friend from the bad guys, stop a mob war that has already gone postal, and halt a leopard on the prowl in Central Park -- without getting himself snuffed in the process! Did you ever have a REALLY bad day? Discover how Jon Sable gets out of this one -- if he does -- in the sixth and concluding chapter of Jon Sable, Freelance: Bloodtrail.

32 pages, $3.99.


Written and art by Mike Grell.

Continuing the re-presentation of the entire saga of Mike Grell's classic character, Jon Sable, Freelance. This fourth collection delves deeper into creator Mike Grell's classic First Comics run.

152 pages, $19.99.

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