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Monday, September 12, 2005


Adventures of Superman #643 and Wonder Woman #220, the two issues that immediately follow up the "Sacrifice" storyline, both sold out at DC Comics days before arriving in stores.

DC is sending both issues back to press for new printings. Adventures of Superman #643 Second Printing is written by Greg Rucka, with art by Karl Kerschl, Carlos D'Anda, Rags Morales, Cam Smith and Wayne Faucher, with a recolored version of the original cover by Kerschl. Wonder Woman #220 Second Printing is written by Rucka with art by David Lopez and Bit and a recolored version of the original cover by J.G. Jones.

Both are scheduled to arrive in stores on Sept. 28 with cover prices of $2.50.

"It's the best kind of validation and praise for all of us -- and I mean all of us -- who've been working so hard on everything leading up to Infinite Crisis. And while I can't speak for them, I'm sure as hell thrilled to see people responding to the story the way they have, and to see the excitement level continue to grow for the kick-off in October! Thanks to everyone who's been pushing these issues!"

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Sony Pictures has released eight images from Underworld Evolution, the sequel due in theaters on Jan. 20.

Kate Beckinsale is returning to star as Selene, and the cast also includes Scott Speedman, Bill Nighy, Shane Bolly and Michael Sheen.

Like the first film, IDW Publishing is releasing an adaptation of Underworld: Evolution. The 48-page book is written by Kris Oprisko, with art by Antonio Vazquez.

Here's how IDW describes the book, which is scheduled for a December release:

"The first Underworld film introduced the world to the sexy, dangerous vampire Selene and Michael, a lycan/vampire hybrid. Now their adventures continue in this adaptation of the upcoming sequel Underworld Evolution. Adapted from the original script by Kris Oprisko and featuring eye-popping artwork from Antonio Vazquez, this comic tells the tale of the consequences of Selene disrupting her coven... and features a figure from the very dawn of the supernaturals' existence."

Click on the thumbnails for larger images, and for IDW's solicitations for December, CLICK HERE.

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Ken Katsumoto of Lions Gate Films told The Continuum that he is pleased with the progress of the straight-to-DVD Ultimate Avengers animated movie.

"The first animation is just coming back and it is amazing looking," Katsumoto said. "This is feature story telling at work."

While Ultimate Avengers will be released on DVD first, Katsumoto said there will be a teleivision element.

"the film would come out as we intended in its entirety to the fans first. And then it would have a long gap between that and broadcast platform," he said. "It won't be Saturday morning, I can assure you that.

"When we made the deal with broadcaster, they were extremely cooperative and said, 'We got the kind of film that we want. This is not going to be watered down for Saturday morning. This will be prime-time viewing.'"

Look for more on Ultimate Avengers, including voice casting, soon here in The Continuum.



The National Football League's Baltimore Ravens have entered into a partnership with Diamond President and CEO Steve Geppi to produce 2005 game day program covers, featuring the highly acclaimed artwork of Image Comics Co-Founder/Spawn creator Todd McFarlane and artist Greg Capullo.

Geppi is a Baltimore native and a Ravens suite-holder.

"There are a couple of fields of expertise I'm fluent in," McFarlane said. "One is sports, the other is comic books. Being able to combine the two into one project puts us in a position to deliver something on both sides of the coin. Hopefully, the final project by Greg Capullo and myself will be something that both the fans and the players respond to."

The first Capullo-McFarlane cover debuted at the home opener on Sunday against the Indianapolis Colts. The 64-page program was free to fans, and more than 60,000 programs were distributed at M&T Bank Stadium gates.

The first program illustration featured Pro Bowl safety Ed Reed, last year's NFL Defensive Player of the Year. Every 2005 issue of The Ravens Report will have new covers by Capullo and McFarlane.

"We looked for ideas to celebrate today's Ravens in this 10th season," said Ravens senior vice president of business ventures Dennis Mannion. "Greg and Todd bring a special edge by way of their artwork, and Steve collaborated with us to create a highly collectible keepsake. The total collection will memorialize this 10th season in special way."

The Ravens lost the game, televised by ESPN, 24-7.

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* Coming Tuesday: DC news -- and much more!!!

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