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Sunday, October 2, 2005


DC Comics staged its Exploring the Universe panel on Saturday at Wizard World Boston, but the explorations would only go so far.

Keeping many secrets in the bag, panelists Dan DiDio, Bob Wayne, Ethan Van Sciver and Greg Rucka answered as many questions as thoroughly as they could without giving away the goodies.

Following are highlights:

* DiDio said he "can't wait" for Infinite Crisis #1 to reach stores. "It's something we are all in the company extremely proud of," he said.

* Van Sciver is drawing Green Lantern #6, which features Black Hand.

"I didn't like Black Hand, but we did a bit of an overhaul on him," Van Sciver said. "We made him much scarier, much more selfish and much more horrible."

Van Sciver said he is jumping to Green Lantern #9.

"It's Batman's first encounter with Green Lantern since Rebirth," he said. "I couldn't miss that issue. They may have some issues to work out."

* Rucka said that Brother Eye will have some anger management issues and that Wonder Woman #223-225 will tie into Infinite Crisis. "Scenes in Infinite Crisis will be played out in far more bloody detail," he said.

* DiDio on Hard Time: Season 2, which returns DiDio favorite Steve Gerber as writer: "It's a tough subject matter, but he's a master storyteller."

* Mr. Mxyzptlk returns in Adventures of Superman #646, Rucka said. "In the wake of Day of Vengeance, Mxy's magic battery is tapped," he said. "And you get to see the imp without magic."

Adventures #647-648 are plotted by Rucka and written by Christina Weir and Nunzio DeFillipis.

* Wayne on All Star Superman: There's more story packed in the first issue of All Star Superman than in six issues of books you and I might read."

Added DiDio: "It touches upon every iconic beat you would want to see with an iconic character."

* DiDio on Batman's future: "He has to do a self-examination of who he is before he can go forward."

* DiDio, glibly, on Hal Jordan's future: "I can tell you makes it to the very last issue (of Infinite Crisis) at least."

* Rucka said there are "really cool plans" for one of the old Charlton characters.

* Will Hypertime be addressed in Infinite Crisis? "Wait and see," Rucka said.

* DiDio on a Legion of Super-Heroes animated series: "I know there's some development going on with that, but we're not really involved."

* Could DC become involved with more Hanna-Barbera characters like Space Ghost? "We had a lot of success with Space Ghost that makes us want to do more of those things."

* Mike Allred will be featured in an upcoming issue of Solo. "We call it our 'Batman A-Go-Go' issue," DiDio said.

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