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Monday, October 3, 2005


Top Cow Productions staged the final comics presentation of Wizard World Boston on Sunday as editor-in-chief Jim McLauchlin steered the audience through the company's plans into next year.

For highlights from the panel, CLICK HERE.

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DC Comics' final panel of Wizard World Boston centered on its Vertigo and WildStorm imprints.

For highlights from the panel, CLICK HERE.

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The origin of Power Girl continues to make waves, leading to quick sellouts of JSA Classified #2 Second Printing and JSA Classified #3 at DC Comics.

DC Comics is sending both issues back to press for new printings. JSA Classified #2 Third Printing and JSA Classified #3 Second Printing are scheduled to arrive in stores on Oct. 19.

The new printings feature the stories written by Geoff Johns and illustrated by Amanda Conner and Jimmy Palmiotti. The new cover for #2 features interior art from that issue; the new cover to #3 features a new take on the original cover for this issue.

"Nobody's more surprised at this than me," Conner said. "I'm stunned, really!"

Click on the thumbnails for larger versions of the covers.

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The WB has released a desciption of "Hidden," the episode of Smallville scheduled to air on Oct. 13.

Here's how the network describes the episode:

"Chloe (Allison Mack) is warned by Gabriel (guest star Johnny Lewis) that he is going to set off a missile and obliterate all of Smallville. Still stripped of his super powers, Clark confronts Gabriel and ends up getting shot. In the hospital, Clark flatlines and his fate is left in Jor-El's hands. Meanwhile, Lex (Michael Rosenbaum) believes Lionel (John Glover) has the key to open the spaceship."

Kristin Kreuk, Erica Durance, Annette O'Toole and John Schneider also star.

Brian Peterson and Kelly Souders wrote the episode, which was directed by Whitney Ransick.

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In a move necessitated by a steady level of company growth, IDW Publishing has announced personnel changes, effective immediately. Ted Adams, formerly President and Publisher and one of the founding partners of Idea and Design Works, IDW Publishing's parent company, will become Vice-President, Business Development, handing off his additional duties to other IDW personnel,

* Robbie Robbins, another founding partner and head designer, will assume the title of President of Idea and Design Works, LLC.

* Chris Ryall, IDW Publishing's Editor-in-Chief, will take over as the company's Publisher while also maintaining his duties as the company's EIC.

* Matt Ruzicka is a new addition to the company and is set to become IDWıs Controller.

By spreading Adams diverse duties amongst Robbins, Ryall and Ruzicka, Adams himself is in a better position to diversify the companyıs product base.

"We've been working behind-the-scenes on these changes for several months and I have complete confidence in the direction Robbie, Chris, and Matt are going to take IDW Publishing," Adams said. "When we first published Uno Fanta by Ashley Wood in July of 2001, I never expected that four years later IDW Publishing would be the business it has become. I'm proud of the books we've published over the last four years and am especially proud of being named 'Publisher of the Year' the last two years running. Our publishing schedule for 2006 is incredibly strong and I can't wait for everyone to learn what we've got planned."

Ryall, who joined the company in July 2004, was also excited about the opportunities presented by this reorganization. "I'm looking forward to directly steering our entire publishing line and appreciate the faith that Ted and Robbie have in me to do so," Ryall said. "At the same time, freeing Ted up to focus on what he really enjoys will also only serve to make us a more effective and solid company."

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* Marvel has announced a second printing for Black Panther #8, which will sport a variant cover, on Oct. 26. Click on the thumbnail for a larger image.

* Eliza Dushku has thrown herself into the ring of actresses interested in Joss Whedon's Wonder Woman movie. "Joss is doing a little movie called Wonder Woman. I'd slap on Dukes for that,"she said during her panel at Wizard World Boston.

* Coming Tuesday: DC news -- and much more!!!

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