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Friday, October 14, 2005


Dimension Home Video has released 12 screen menu images from Sin City Recut & Extended, the DVD package arriving in stores on Dec. 13.

The two-disc set will feature an extended unrated cut of the film, directed by Robert Rodriguez and Frank Miller. There will be expanded cuts of each of the film's episodes, "Customer is Always Right," "The Hard Goodbye," and "Big Fat Kill" and "That Yellow Bastard" -- 23 total minutes of new footage.

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Fox has released promotional images from this year's "Treehouse of Horror" episode of The Simpsons.

"Treehouse of Horror XVI" is scheduled to air on Sunday, Nov. 6 at 8 p.m. (ET/PT).

In "Survival of the Fattest," Homer and the gang learn they are the hunted in "The World Series of Manhunter," hosted by guest-star Terry Bradshaw.

In "B.I. Bartifical Intelligence," the Simpsons adopt David, a newly developed artificial robot son, to replace Bart after he falls into a coma.

Click on the thumbnails for larger images and look for more Fox animated news on Saturday here in The Continuum.

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Maximum Fantastic Four, Marvel's first self-produced coffee table art book, is the brainchild of novelist Walter Mosely.

The book presents the inaugural issue of Fantastic Four by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby from 1961 in a super-size, digitally re-mastered, panel-by panel format. Moselyıs introduction and afterward to the volume will be complimented with an essay by Kirby expert Mark Evanier.

"Readers will witness a journey through a comic that, though reprinted many times before, has literally never been seen like this before," said Marvel Publisher Dan Buckley. "I fully realize that comic fans have heard statements like that many times in the past but I say it with the most sincerity I can muster: this is a book that belongs on the shelf of every single Kirby enthusiast, Fantastic Four follower and comic-book aficionado."

Growing up African American in the early 1960s and living with a father who disdained comics, Mosely saw certain truths and sanctuaries in the world of Mr. Fantastic, the Invisible Girl, the Human Torch, and the Thing. As an adult he attempted to recapture that magic feeling, that moment he "learned that entertainment, education, and art could all coexist in one form" by blowing up each page of FF #1 and view its detail in a fresh fashion. Mosely presented this approach to the art of Kirby as a mass-market book idea to Avi Arad at Marvel and the result was Maximum Fantastic Four.

"I wanted to capture the feeling I had as a child when I would bear down and examine each panel with the kind of scrutiny that opens up worlds," Mosely said. "I found that when I blew up the image--each panel comprising its own page--I was able to recreate that same experience.

"As an adult I can also see the parallels between some of the greatest painters and Kirby's compositions--from Goya to the grotesques DaVinci drew, on to some of the most dynamic painters of our last century. Jack Kirby's unique sense of composition and narrative put him in a league along with these masters."

Mosely is the author of such books as Lillte Scarlett, The Man in My Basement, Fearless Jones and the continuing adventures of his well-loved character Easy Rawlins.

Maximum Fantastic Four, a 224-page book, is scheduled for release on Nov. 2. It will feature a four-color dust jacket that unfolds into a giant full-color double-sided poster (25² X 36²) and a matte laminated case with spot UV.

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Kids' WB! has scheduled another week full of reruns for The Batman the week of Oct. 24.

Episodes include:

"Swamped" on Monday, Oct. 24; "Pets" on Tuesday, Oct. 25; Meltdown" on Wednesday, Oct. 26; "The Butler Did It" on Thursday, Oct. 27; "Batgirl Begins Pt. 2" on Friday, Oct. 28; and "A Dark Knight to Remember" on Saturday, Oct. 29.

For the network's complete schedule, CLICK HERE.

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All Star Batman and Robin, the Boy Wonder #2 was the top book and Marvel Comics was the top publisher for September, according to figures released by Diamond on Friday.

For a rundown of the top 100 books, CLICK HERE.

Marvel had 38.81 percent of the market share to 36.16 percent for DC Comics. Marvel had 44.17 percent of the unit share to 37.5 percent for DC. - More Product. More Exclusives.


The Fog, the remake of the 1980 John Carpenter horror film, reaches theaters on Friday. It was preceded with a The Fog comic from Dark Horse Comics, written by Scott Allie.

The Continuum caught up with Allie for a short question-and-answer. To read the interview, CLICK HERE. - More Product. More Exclusives.


For covers and five-page previews of upcoming titles, CLICK HERE.

Titles include Transformers: Infiltration #0 from IDW Publishing and Malinky Robot: Bicycle from SLG Publishing.

Look for more First Looks on Saturday here in The Continuum.

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Union Entertainment, a company best known for feature films such as Godsend and video games such as The Darkness, has optioned Runemaster Studios' Lions, Tigers and Bears and The Gimoles for movies and video games.

"It is rare to find properties which are as directly translatable to film and video games as Lions, Tigers and Bears and The Gimoles," said Union President, Sean O'Keefe. "Not only are both comics conceptually compelling, but Mike Bullock's sophistication as a storyteller has provided bedrock themes and story architectures in both properties that we can easily build on for film. As far as developing video games, both comics offer rich universes to explore as well as imaginative characters from which we can invent exciting new modes of gameplay."

While most production companies are only involved in either the film or game side of property development, Union Entertainment is one of the first of a new breed of entertainment companies to jointly cultivate both hand-in-hand.

"With Union Entertainment, not only do we feel our vision will remain untainted, we're also assured that by developing the games and movies simultaneously, both will grow into strong products," said Mike Bullock, author of Lions, Tigers and Bears and The Gimoles. "We've had quite a few offers of this and that ever since our books first debuted. Why did we choose Union over the others? Simply put, Union Entertainment provides a synergistic combination of vision, expertise and unbridled passion for our properties. What more could we ask for?"

Union Entertainment is currently assembling production teams for both properties; expect more announcements in the coming months.

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* The WB has released three more images from "Aqua," Thursday's new episode of Smallville. Click on the images above for larger images and look for more on Smallville soon here in The Continuum.

* Billy Tan is providing a variant cover to New X-Men #20, which will ship with the regular cover on Nov. 9. To the right is Tan's sketch for the cover.

* Comics artist Gordon Purcell will appear on the syndicated television seris Who Wants to Be a Millionaire on Oct. 18-19. "I only had two hours of sleep before taping the shows, so I was a little bit goofy" Purcell said. "But I'm pretty sure it'll be entertaining."

* Coming Saturday: Animation news -- and much more!!!

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