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Monday, October 17, 2005


Marvel Comics has released its solicitations for January.

For a rundown, with cover images added throughout the afternoon, CLICK HERE. - Official LucasArts Store


DC Comics has released its solicitations for January.

For a rundown, with cover images, CLICK HERE.

For a rundown of DC Direct products, with images, CLICK HERE.

Editor's note: Image solicitations, scheduled to be released on Monday, were not available at press time. They are now scheduled for release on Tuesday.

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Marvel Comics has released several images from its New Excalibur title by Chris Claremont and Michael Ryan, set to launch on Nov. 9.

The new series spins out of House of M and Uncanny X-Men.

"This version's set in London and stars Captain Britain and while it deals very much with the repercussions of House of M, it is also very much involved in the fate of OtherWorld," Claremont said. "It also has a similar mix of characters, and with any luck will radiate the same eclectic mix of romance, high adventure, occasional comedy, action and character."

The team is a mix of old and new characters. Previous members like leader Captain Britain and Pete Wisdom are joined by first-timers Dazzler, Juggernaut, Nocturne and Sage.

"Thus far, though, based on the art, this book rocks," Claremont said. "Great-looking cast, diabolical villains, evocative sense of time and place, and the odd, occasional giggle."

The events of New Excalibur #1 pick up right after the events of Decimation: House of M -- The Day After with Pete Wisdom investigating the death of one of the would-be members of New Excalibur. This issue also features a guest-appearance from a current X-Man who was also one of the original members of Excalibur.

"As for the first-arc villains, there are five and they represent the most dangerous adversaries any X-team has ever faced," Claremont said.

"Like Uncanny X-Men, New Excalibur is the story of people thrown together by fate and wild circumstance who find their way to true and lasting friendship. They aren't out to save the world, merely to help folks cope with the mess it's in. They may act like grumps from time to time but when you come to their door, they'll almost always make you welcome."

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Lady Death creator Brian Pulido, who is increasingly becoming involved in the film world, teased an upcoming announcement over the weekend at Motor City Comic Con.

During his panel, Pulido said there will be a motion picture announcement on Nov. 2 at the America Film Market. "It's pretty exciting, especially for long-time fans," Pulido said.

Pulido said he has been developing a screenplay and is moving into the money-raising phase for production. He described the film as "Open Water in the desert" as a couple tries to survive being stranded, contending with a "superpack" of wolves.

Pulido, who is director for this weekend's International Horror and Sci Fi Film Festival in Phoenix, said he doesn't anticipate another Lady Death animated movie from ADV Films.

"It was a weird experience," he said. "It was the most disconnected of anything I've ever been involved with, and I don't want to repeat that."

Pulido's not leaving comics, estimating he's writing 40 books this year, with several properties -- including Lady Death -- set up at Avatar Press. "I have lots of exciting things, but I can't talk about them yet," he said.

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Shi creator Billy Tucci is bringing his horror/comedy Zombie-Sama! to Narwain Publishing.

Zombie-Sama!, a 48-page, black-and-white book illustrated by John Broglia, will ship in February. It will have covers by Tucci and Broglia.

Here's how Narwain describes the book:

"Nineteen-year old Jim Okami's day couldn't get any worse. His girlfriend, Suzy, dumped him for Brad, a pretty boy, butt-hole surfer, then he almost lost his bicycle delivery job at Sanjuro Sushi due to a flat tire, and now the entire world is being eaten alive by biologically infected zombies. If it's not one thing, it's another, right?

"As chaos erupts and society breaks down, Jim witnesses his boss, the great sushi master Sanjuro armed only with an array of filleting knives heroically defending the strip mall. He grabs a lone katana from its showplace above the cash register and is reborn as great warrior for this new age...

"He is Zombie-Sama!

"Outfitted with the cash register katana, chain mail armor lifted from a local scuba shop, and an idealist's determination, Jim sets out on a quest to save Suzy and that butt-hole Brad from the monstrous multitudes of flesh-eating freaks."

Zomibe Sama! was originally solicited through through Tucci's Crusade Fine Arts.

"Just as Dark Horse now publishing Shi," Tucci said, "I have great respect for Narwain and feel this is an incredible opportunity for me, between art and family, to actually bring myself one step closer to being creative full-time and expand my horizons into the mainstream." - More Product. More Exclusives.


Ivan Reis, penciler of Rann/Thanagar War, Action Comics and more, has extended his exclusive agreement with DC Comics for three years.

"I'm very happy with the new opportunity DC Comics has given me, Reis said. "This is a dream job for me. DC's characters are like gods, and working with them is beyond words. What more could I want?"

"I started working with Ivan on Action Comics, when the book's goal was just that: show action - and lots of it, " DC editor Eddie Berganza said. "Not in my wildest dreams could I have predicted how adept Mr. Reis would become, and it didn't matter when we would increase the number of foes we threw at Superman or make the locales even busier. Ivan would draw them all, adding civilians, vehicles and even more chaos, giving it all a summer blockbuster feel.

"When we asked him to do The Titans/Legion Special, he didn't even pause at the thought of pitting the two teams against the Fatal Five Hundred. What's even more amazing is that he gets better with each job! You can count on his next project to explode off the page!"

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* Nick Schley's Abiding Perdition from Markosia Enterprises will have three issues shipping in October. Abiding Perdition #1 and #2 will reach stores on Wednesday, with the third issue due at the end of the month.

The fourth issue will feature two covers, including a wraparound by Pedro Delgado.

* According to Variety, Marvel is teaming with Vijay Armtraj's India-based First Serve Toonz for a new X-Men animated series. Twenty-six episodes of the Wolverine-centered series are planned for a 2007 launch.

* Bryan Hitch, whose designs are being used in the Ultimate Avengers movies, will be part of Marvel's latest presentation on the film at Wizard World Texas.

* David Nakayama, artist of Top Cow's City of Heroes, was featured on cable network G4's Electric Playground. "We try to stay really true to the world these players love," he said.

* Coming Tuesday: DC news -- and much more!!!

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