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Monday, October 24, 2005



By Ryan Scott Ottney and Rove.

Wosret undergoes a dramatic transformation for his battle with Isis in the exciting conclusion of the "Dogs of War" storyline. But will Isis be able to free the Council's enslaved followers along the way, or are they lost forever?

24 pages, $3.50.


By Darren G. Davis and Alex Amezuca, covers by Billy Dallas Patton and Lee Kohse.

War has been declared. The Olympians are choosing sides and the pantheon is being torn apart. In a bold move The 10th Muse makes a power play for the ultimate prize: Zeus's throne but not if Zeus has anything to say about it. The war for Olympus has begun and the winner will control the fate of mankind. This is the first installment of "God War," a multi-title story arc including Isis, Orion, and the rest of the Odyssey. Ships with two covers in an equal ratio.

24 pages, $3.50.


By David Alvarez, Richard Cruz, and Rangely Garcia.

Zacha goes crazy, exploding everything anytime she sees a firecracker! This is one "explosive" issue, and no one's safe when the iguana stands close to anything flammable.

24 pages, $3.50.


By Terrance Griep and Nadir Balan.

Scarlet, Victoria Secret Service's newest member, takes on her first mission -- to guard Great Britain's least-favorite royal -- the prodigal Prince Garson -- from a terrorist attack. Disguised as cocktail waitresses, the team must secretly prevent the flirty, teenaged prince from being kidnapped during a masquerade. The camouflaged international terrorists the girls can handle -- it's teaming up that's a problem! Brooke, Lark and Raven distrust their newest member -- not because she's a cat burglar working a plea bargain... she's an American!

24 pages, $3.50.


By Ben Avery and Hector Sevilla.

Alice (from Wonderland), the pirate Jim Hawkins, the famed Piper, Red Riding Hood, Pinocchio, Cheshire Cat and the French swords-woman Milady, must join forces against the fairy realm's greatest evil. But will their combined might be enough to vanquish his power? Meanwhile, the secrets behind Milady's swords, bag, and the third little pig are all revealed.

32 pages, $3.50.


By Kirk Kushin and Gonzalo Martinez.

This specially priced zero issue introduces a world where being sixteen and having amazing abilities isn't quite as life-altering as the comic books would have you believe. No jets, no sleek costumes and no high tech headquarters mean that these teen "super heroes" can only fight crime as far the bus route will take them! Can the solar-charged girl-next-door, a water-wielding prankster, and an energy manipulating comic book geek make a difference in world full of super powered icons?

16 pages, 99 cents.


By Ben Avery and Sherwin Schwartzrock.

On their way to the City of the Emperor, the veteran warrior Kanika leads her traveling companions -- the young Timothy and the nomadic barbarian Bernard -- through a mountain detour. Accosted by snow beasts, Kanika finds herself lost and alone while Timothy and Bernard are trapped and wounded in a cavern with a deadly and ancient evil.

32 pages, $3.50.


By Adrian Todd, Ryan Odagawa and Jean-Francois Beaulie.

The beautiful-but-deadly 18-year-old twin sisters Bren and Bera have finished their training in the ways of war and have dedicated themselves to insuring the future peace of their homeland. But how can you establish peace in a country torn by war if you can't even get along with your own sister? Will they join forces in time to stand against the malevolent Warlord who is determined to take over their homeland, and possesses weapons that are not of this world?

24 pages, $3.50.


By Marv Wolfman, Darren G. Davis, Roger Cruz, and Nadir Balan.

The popular 10th Muse issues Volume 1 #5-11 will be reprinted in this manga format. In this massive story arc the Muse will team up with the Erik Larsen's Savage Dragon as well as Mike Wieringo's Tellos. It also includes the complete story behind The 10th Muse's origin.

176 pages, $14.99.

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