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Tuesday, October 25, 2005


For covers and four-page previews of DC Comics titles arriving in stores on Nov. 2, CLICK HERE.

Titles include Swamp Thing #21, The Winter Men #3, Jonah Hex #1, Batman: Gotham County Line #2, Seven Soldiers: The Bulleteer #1 and Desolation Jones #4.

Click for the Warner Bros. Online


Inkworks has provided The Continuum with a preview of its Smallville: Season Four Premium Trading Cards, in stores this week.

The Season Four release features a comprehensive 90-card set based on Clark's senior year at Smallville High, plus a collection of seven different levels of bonus cards:

* Autograph Cards, one per box. Nine different autographed cards inserted approximately 1:36 packs: Michael Rosenbaum (Lex Luthor), Erica Durance (Lois Lane), Margot Kidder (Bridgett Crosby & Lois Lane in the Superman films), Sarah Carter (Alicia Baker), Peyton List (Lucy Lane), Jonathan Bennett (Kevin Grady), Rob Freeman (Coach Quigley), Kyle Gallner (Bart Allen) and Trent Ford (Mikhail Mxyzptlk).

* Pieceworks Cards, one per box. Seven different cards featuring actual pieces of show-worn costumes. Inserted approximately 1:36 packs: Clark (Tom Welling) ­ Shirt, Lana (Kristin Kreuk) ­ Skirt, Lex (Michael Rosenbaum) ­ Shirt, Lois (Erica Durance) - T-Shirt, Jason (Jensen Ackles) - T-Shirt, Genevieve (Jane Seymour) ­ Jacket, Bridgette (Margot Kidder) - Suit Pants.

* Autographed Pieceworks Card ­ One special Pieceworks card that has been autographed by Michael Rosenbaum (Lex). These rare cards are available as a multi-case retailer incentive while supplies last.

* Lois and Clark: A nine-card foil and embossed puzzle. Inserted approximately 1:11 packs.

* Switchraft: Six foil cards inserted approximately 1:17 packs.

* Kryptonian Cards: Three box loader cards (one per box).

* Nemesis: A special foil case loader card (one per case).

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Producers Scott Mitchell Rosenberg of Platinum Studios and Gale Anne Hurd, founder of Valhalla Motion Pictures, on Tuesday announced that they are developing Top Cow's spiritually themed comic book character Magdalena as a feature film.

Kevin Taft, who recently signed a writing deal for New Line Cinema's Alone, has been tapped to write the script.

Magdalena is about a young woman named Patience who discovers that she is part of a lineage of female warriors descended from Mary Magdalene. Patience must accept her destiny in time to save the world from a supernatural evil. The film's present-day action-adventure storyline draws on elements of biblical history.

"Magdalena is exactly the kind of project we love: a strong female lead character, a story with rich mythology, and compelling characters," Hurd said. "The religious overtone adds a new dimension to the adventure story, while Kevin Taft's terrific storyline still deals with realistic, contemporary issues in an entertaining and relatable way."

"Magdalena is one of the most popular characters from the Top Cow library we have been introducing to the industry," Rosenberg said. "The character, which is already available also as toys, has tremendous potential to cross over onto online, interactive games and other merchandising.

"Platinum Studios is very excited to be working with Gale and Valhalla on this project, because Gale has always excelled at presenting strong female characters, from Aeon Flux back to Terminator, which was not only a seminal action movie, but also a compelling female-empowerment story."

Comic creator and Top Cow Productions CEO Marc Silvestri will also executive produce. "The need for faith in any form is what Magdalen' is about," said Silvestri. "Patience's journey is, ultimately, about having faith in something -- God, a loved one, or the human condition and the need to believe in something that is greater than ourselves."

The picture's development will be overseen for Rosenberg and Hurd by Valhalla's Executive Vice President Gary Ventimiglia and VP of Production and Development Steve Emery, and Platinum Studios' Director of Development Aaron Severson and Director of Production Jay Burns. Top Cow Productions President Matt Hawkins will co-produce.


Alexis Denisof, who played Wesley on Angel, is providing the voice of the Mirror Master in the upcoming "Flash and Substance" episode of Cartoon Network's Justice League Unlimited.

Ron Perlman, the star of the Hellboy movie and the voice of Slade in Teen Titans, reprises his role of Orion.

Kim Mai Guest is providing the voice of Linda Park. She previously did the voice of Silver Banshee in Justice League.

The date of the episode hasn't been released yet, but it is expected to air in November.

Which witch are you?


Kids' WB! has scheduled a new episode of The Batman, "RPM," for Saturday, Nov. 5.

Other episodes for the week include:

"Fire & Ice" on Monday, Oct. 31; "Ragdolls to Riches" on Tuesday, Nov. 1; "Strange Minds" on Wednesday, Nov. 2; "Grundy's Night" on Thursday, Nov. 3; and "A Dark Knight to Remember" on Friday, Nov. 4.

For the network's complete schedule for next week, CLICK HERE.


Blue Water Productions has announced a series of projects for its Alias Enterprises books, kicking off with the crossover "God War" in January.

The event launches in January with The 10th Muse #10 and features Isis, Orion and the rest of the Blue Water heroes.

Here's how Blue Water describes the event:

"War has been declared. The Olympians are choosing sides, and the pantheon is torn apart. In a bold move, the 10th Muse makes a play for the ultimate prize: Zeus' throne! But not if Zeus has anything to say about it! The gods will test the limits of their immortality, and the war for Olympus has begun. The winner will control the fate of mankind."

The 10th Muse #10 is written by Darren G. Davis, with cover artwork by Billy Dallas Patton a and double-page Cindy Margolis cover by Lee Kohse.

God War then breaks out across all of Blue Water's titles before the February release of the chapter, The Odyssey, a 48-page one-shot, written by Chad Rebmann, with artwork by Vicente Cifuentes Martinez.

The Odyssey focuses on an iconic group of godly superheroes calling themselves the Odyssey, as they fight the Titans in a war for the future of Earth. New heroes will be born, and others will never be the same.

New series such as Orion the Hunter and The Muse, a 10th Muse spinoff starring Morgan Wulf, and the return of Judo Girl will result.

God War wraps up in The 10th Muse #11 in February.

Also shipping in January is The 10th Muse: Manga Edition, featuring the original issues #5-12 of the original Image Comics series that eventually made the jump to Alias - with artwork by Roger Cruz and story by Marv Wolfman.

And coming in 2006, Blue Water begins a series of crossover events, including Billy Tucci's Shi, Arcana Press' Ezra and Lynx Studios' Lethal Instinct.

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The newly reformed Dreamwave on Tuesday announced the hiring of editor-in-chief Pierre-Andre Dery and editor Mark Powers.

A 10-year comic book professional, Dery has worked for a variety of comic book publishers including Marvel, DC, and Dark Horse. Most recently, Dery has served as art director for creative services studio Grafiksismik; a position he will be leaving to join the new Dreamwave.

Powers is a veteran comic-book editor who had a long tenure at Marvel Comics, including work on the X-Men and Spider-Man lines, and most recently served as senior editor at Devilıs Due Publishing.

"Iıve known Mark for a long time, and am a huge fan," Dery said. "Mark is a consummate professional and just an all around great guy, so when I heard he was available I hired him without a second thought. We have a clear vision of what we want the new Dreamwave to be, and I have no doubt that, with Markıs help, weıll be able to create some amazing comic books."

Dery and Powers will oversee Dreamwave's upcoming line of books, which will include relaunches of the Dark Minds, Warlands and Sandscape titles.

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Peter David, writer and co-creator of Fallen Angel, said he was pleased with aggressiveness shown by IDW Publishing in picking it up after DC Comics had canceled it.

"I'm grateful both to IDW for its immediate and aggressive interest in Fallen Angel, and to DC for cutting through the red tape necessary to bring the series to its new home," Davis said. "These sorts of second chances in comics are rare indeed, and I intend to take full advantage of it.

"And I'm making sure that the relaunched series will both be accessible to new readers and also challenging for long-time fans who will be very surprised to see where matters in Bete Noire currently stand."

"Fallen Angel always had a passionate fanbase, and I was among the faithful readers who was saddened to see it go," said IDWıs Publisher and Editor-in-Chief, Chris Ryall, "so it was great to be in a position where I could help the book gain new life with us. Peter's writing on this book has always been among his most nuanced, and the book is a perfect fit for what we're doing at IDW."

The book returns in December. Joining David are artist J.K. Woodward and co-creator David Lopez, who will be providing variant covers for the first five-part storyline.

Here's how IDW describes the book:

"Welcome, or welcome back, to Bete Noire -- a city of shadow and mystery. The origin of the Fallen Angel herself has long been a shrouded mystery... until now. Twenty years have passed since we last saw her. Now dreams of her long suppressed past are surfacing and creating an even more torturous life than before. Dreams that foresee the return of someone from her past who may hold the key to her future." - Official LucasArts Store


DC Comics on Tuesday announced that artist Scott McDaniel and writer Andy Diggle have extended their exclusives with the publisher.

McDaniel, whose credits include Robin, Nightwing and Batman, has added two years to his exclusive agreement with DC Comics.

"I am extremely happy to continue working with all the amazing DC characters, both fictional and editorial," McDaniel said. "I am very excited about the new challenges ahead. When I was a boy, I absolutely loved Superman, Batman, Robin, the Flash, Aquaman, the Greens -- both Lantern and Arrow -- and it is a dream come true to vicariously live out their adventures through my pencil!"

Diggle, whose credits include The Losers, Adam Strange and Silent Dragon, extended his agreement by one year.

"DC has been good to me, and the opportunity to play with some of their shiniest toys was too good to pass up," Diggle said. "I'm having fun, so why stop now?"

Star Wars and Yoda at Entertainment Earth!


Archie Comics has released its solicitations for January.

For a rundown, CLICK HERE.

Madeline and Friends


* DC Comics announced that retailers will receive a free overship of MAD Kids #1 on Nov. 9. "For years we'e looked at all the awful humor being created for kids," said John Ficarra, Editor of MAD Kids. "It suddenly dawned on us that we could be part of it! Unlike other magazines that shall remain nameless, we're taking the high road each and every issue, beginning with our very first, which features Wallace and his puking dog Vomit on the cover!"

Retailers will receive free copies of MAD Kids #1 in quantities equal to their orders on Scooby-Doo #102.

* After its premiere on Sci Fi Channel on Saturday, Dec. 10 at 9 p.m., the Painkiller Jane movie will have encores on Sunday, Dec. 11 at 1 a.m. and Thursday, Dec. 15 at 9 p.m. Look for more on the film soon here in The Continuum.

* Look for the first images from the third X-Men movie to be released soon.

* Image Comics is reporting the complete sell out of both Godland #1 and #2 at Diamond. Both sold out issues were overprinted and supported by Image's standard overship.

"Godland has been some of the most fun I've had writing comic books in years, so obviously I'm absolutely floored that the response to it has been so great," said co-creator and writer Joe Casey. "The book is a labor of pure love -- both for the concept and the medium itself -- and we're all hoping this is just the beginning of a long, healthy run."

* Coming Wednesday: Marvel news -- and much more!!!


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