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Sunday, November 6, 2005


ARLINGTON, Texas -- Flying solo at the Mondo Marvel panel Saturday at Wizard World Texas, editor Nick Lowe provided the audience with a first look at the cover to Astonishing X-Men #13.

The issue, marking the return of Joss Whedon and John Cassaday, is targeted for February

"It picks up dealing with that last-page spread in Astonishing X-Men #12, and what looked like a little Hellfire Club action," Lowe said.

The image that caused the most stir during the panel, though, was from a two-page spread from Ultimate Wolverine vs. Hulk in which the Hulk literally rips Wolverine into two.

"It's pretty bad-ass," Lowe said

In other news from the panel:

* 2006 will mark the return of Apocalypse.

"Apocalypse will has always been the proponent of mutantkind and it's mutantkind's darkest hour," Lowe said. "Is he a villain or is a savior?"

The image of Apocalypse above is by Salvador Larroca.

In addition, Frank Tieri and Clayton Henry are teaming on Apocalypse vs. Dracula. Jae Lee is doing covers.

* Lowe said the Ultimate Vision stories will not be collected.

* What happened to Professor Xavier? Lowe said X-Men: Deadly Genesis will be a good place to look. "There's also a character who dies, a pretty major character," he said.

* The Uncanny X-Men team will consist of Wolverine, Nightcrawler, Bishop, Marvel Girl, Psylocke and Cannonball.

Lowe said the Chris Bachalo has meshed well with Claremont on the title. Click above for larger images.

Billy Tan will be stepping in for a few issues; his work is featured in the fifth image above.

"He's just finishing his first issue, and his work is even better than his work on X-23," Lowe said.

* Lowe on New Excalibur: "The script for New Exalibur #1 was my favorite Chris Claremont script I've read in a long, long time."

* Lowe said writer Peter Milligan is upping the acton beginning in X-Men #177.

* Robert Aguirre-Sacasa is teaming with former Spawn artist Angel Medina on Marvel Knights Spider-Man, beginning with #23 in February. "He was quite a grab for us," Lowe said of Medina.

* Also spotlighted was the art of series newcomers Michael Lark in Daredevil and Mike Deodato Jr. in New Avengers.

* Kitty Pryde and Mary Jane will team up in Ultimate Spider-Man.

* Lowe is editing Neil Gaiman's The Eternals. He said the general plan is for seven issues, with extra-sized bookened issues. An artist, as yet unannounced, is already working on designs for the book.

* Keu Cha is providing covers for Marvel Handbooks, which are taking an A to Z format.

* Lowe said Wolverine is "one of the most changed characters" after House of M.

* Shang-Chi will be appearing in Black Panther.

* Iron Man gets a new creative team with #7. The second Ultimate Iron Man series, by Orson Scott Card and Pasqual Ferry, is targeted for next summer.

* Lowe said the cover to New X-Men #22 will feature a villain who will be a major threat in at least the first 12 issues from new writers Christopher Yost and Craig Kyle. "If the New X-Men were like Dawson's Creek, now it's Battle Royale," Lowe said.

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