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Monday, November 7, 2005


ARLINGTON, Texas -- DC Comics' Dan DiDio and Bob Wayne staged a second panel at Wizard World Texas on Saturday, with a different presentation before fielding questions from the audience.

Following are highlights:

* Captain Atom comes face-to-face with The Authority in Captain Atom: Armageddon #5 in February.

* JLA #125 in February features the final confrontation between Batman and Green Arrow. Will there be a JLA #126? "Wait and see," DiDio said.

* In February's Ex Machina #19, war has spilled onto the streets of New York City, and it's up to the mayor to stop it.

* The first issue of Sgt. Rock: The Prophecy will have covers by Joe Kubert (approximately 50 percent), Andy Kubert (25 percent) and Adam Kubert (25 percent).

* Mark Verheiden and Ethan Van Sciver are the new creative team on Superman/Batman, beginning with #27.

* DiDio said the cover to Infinite Crisis #4 that has been shown is not the final cover.

* Wayne said "there's nothing definite" about a 100 Bullets television series on HBO.

* DiDio said he expects The Brave and the Bold, by Mark Waid and George Perez, to begin in the middle of next year as an ongoing monthly.

* DiDio said there are no current plans for Starman. He said he wants that to be James Robinson's story, and Robinson is currently involved in film work.

* Animal Man will play a "key role" in Infinite Crisis. "And hopefully, he makes it out of it," DiDio said.

* Look for an announcement this week about a Sandman collection.

* DiDio said readers will see more of Shadowpact.

* Captain Carrot will appear in Teen Titans.

* Look for future editions of DC Showcase to include Justice League of America, Green Arrow and House of Mystery.

* Warlord, by Bruce Jones and Bart Sears, is slated for a February launch.

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