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Wednesday, November 10, 2005



Written by Chuck Dixon, art by Eric J and Peter Guzman, colors by Ken Wolak, cover by Doug Klauba.

Part 2 of 2. The Phantom runs straight from modern slave trade fire into witchcraft hell. Riding a getaway train through a storm of bullets, he is confronted by an evil shaman who stops the train dead in itıs tracks. With an army of angry slavers coming up on him fast, will he be able to beat this foe who commands Phantoms of his own?

32 pages, color, $3.50.


Written by Ben Raab, art by Pat Quinn, colors by Art Lyon.

The origin of the Phantom as you've never seen it before -- as told by the Ghost Who Walks himself. Ripped from the pages of the very first Chronicle (the on-going journal/diary written by every Phantom), this original 96-page reveals how a centuries-old tradition of fighting piracy, cruelty and injustice was passed down from one generation of Walkers to the next.

96 pages.

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