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Thursday, November 24, 2005


Sci Fi Channel has provided The Continuum with a preview of Painkiller Jane, the live-action movie based on the Event Comics character that premieres on the network on Saturday, Dec. 10.

Emmanuelle Vaugier stars in the title role, and the cast also includes Richard Roundtree and Tate Donovan.

Here's how Sci Fi describes the film's story:

"Meet Captain Jane Elizabeth Browning, aka Painkiller Jane, Special Forces, United States Army. Her nightmare begins when she is assigned to lead a black ops strike team on an anti-narcotic mission to an abandoned apartment building in Sovetskoye, a town in the Russian Republic of Chechenia. Expecting to find a heroin lab, Jane quickly realizes that they've stumbled onto something far more insidious and deadly, and orders everyone's immediate withdrawal. But they are cut off by unidentified armed toops in full hazmat gear who inexplicably open fire on her until Jane is the last to be terminated, taking a hit in the arm, then the leg, and finally, the chest...

"Three days later, Jane awakens, alive and astonishingly well.

"Recovered by the military, Jane has been seqestered in a top-secret medical installation where it soon becomes evident to Colonel Watts, her commanding officier and mentor, that something incredible has happened. Not only did Jane survive the attack that killed the rest of here unit, but her fatal gunshot wounds have healed completely -- in less than five days!

"Watts and Dr. Graham Knight, a specialist in biotoxicology assigned to her case, try to unravel the mystery surrounding Jane's miraculous recovery. They discover that her immune response system now operates at 20 times the normal speed, making it possible to heal herself at an astonishing rate. Meanwhile, Jane is secretly making some extraordinary findings of her own. She has become stronger and faster, and can see and hear things in a way she never could before. It's nothing short of superhuman.

"In the testing that follows, Jane's status in the military is reduced to that of a lab rat, with all its inherent lack of respect and freedom. Yet they are no closer to uncovering the means of her miraculous resurrection. But they do know this: Jane is unlike any other human being on the planet.

"And Jane now knows that the only way to understand what's happened to her to take matters into her own hands -- to escapte and find the people responsible for killing her unit and infecting her with a mysterious virus."

Click on the thumbnails below for larger images from the film and look for more on Painkiller Jane soon here in The Continuum.

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Dark Horse on Wednesday announced that Duncan Fegredo will be the artist on the new, six-issue Hellboy mini-series, Darkness Calls, scheduled to launch next September.

Hellboy creator Mike Mignola will provide story and covers. Darkness Calls is the direct follow-up to 2005's The Island and will take Hellboy on to the next big chapter in his life.

"Like Guy Davis, and unlike me, Duncan can draw anything," Mignola said. "He can draw the real world, he can capture the mystery and the atmosphere that the book needs -- but he's also a fantastic cartoonist, so he can keep the life and the humor that I try to get in my stuff. I've always loved his stuff."

"A few years back I was asked in an interview about dream jobs . . . Hellboy, I said, no hesitation," Fegredo said. "But I thought I wouldn't want to do it because I only want to see Mike Mignola draw it. Fast forward a few years, Scott Allie calls with an offer to make a liar of me. So I'm damned, so what? With Hellboy Mike Mignola has created his own singular language in comics and it's both a privilege and pleasure to be invited to collaborate."

In other Hellboy news, Mignola is teaming with Richard Corben on Hellboy: Makoma, or, A Tale Told By a Mummy in the New York City Explorers' Club on August 16, 1993. The mini-series is targeted for a Feb. 1 start.

Set years before his comics debut in Seed of Destruction, this two-parter reveals Hellboy's early encounter with the powerful mythology of Africa. This unique collaboration features story and cover art by Mignola with the bulk of the interior art by Corben. Mignola will also provide additional art for a special framing sequence.

"Of course, I have followed the work of Mike Mignola for quite some time, but the wonderful opportunity to collaborate with him gives me a legitimate excuse to study his sophisticated storytelling and art style in depth," Corben said. "Working with Mike Mignola is a privilege and I'm extremely grateful. Although I've been drawing comics for many years, there is much he can teach me."

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Kids' WB! announced on Wednesday that The Batman will return to the network's weekday lineup on Monday, Dec. 12.

The show will return to its 3:30 p.m. time period that will be occupied for two weeks by MegaMan NT Warrior: Axess.

The Batman continues to air on Saturdays at 8:30 a.m. A repeat of "RPM" is scheduled for Saturday, Dec. 10.

For the network's complete schedule for the week of Dec. 5, CLICK HERE.

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Atlantis Studios has announced a February launch for the publication of the original series The Adventures of Paula Peril with its first issue "Curse of the Golden Dragon."

The series is written by James Watson with art by Seppo Makinen and Rob Ewing, with a full-color cover by Franchesco.

The series features the cliffhanger adventures of a beautiful big city reporter who finds herself in the middle of every story she covers, be it ruthless gangsters or supernatural mysteries.

"Paula is Nancy Drew meets Indiana Jones," Watson said. "She's thoroughly modern, but her determination to uncover the truth and expose each dastardly villain inevitably puts her -- or her friends -- in mortal peril each issue. It's tongue planted firmly in cheek, we're trying to have fun, but make the characters rich and very real in each adventure."

Watson said that the name of series is an intentional nod to Perils of Pauline, and to the 40s pulp magazines and 70s comics that it resembles artistically.

"It's a series for everyone, but those who see Seppo's artwork will recognize the influence of pulp detective magazine illustrators," Watson said. "Those who enjoy the classic Saturday morning serials will recognize the pace of the action, the over-the-top villains, and cliffhanger peril in each issue."

Atlantis' plan is to produce six issues of the Paula Peril series, each one a self-contained adventure of 32 pages.

Click on the thumbnails above for larger images from the first issue.


For covers and four- to six-page previews of upcoming titles, CLICK HERE.

Titles include Bad Planet #1 from Image Comics, Space Pinchy: Pleased to Meetya from Dark Horse Comics and Flare #31 from Heroic Publishing.

Look for more First Looks on Friday here in The Continuum.

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* Frequency Press has announced a February release for A Trip to Rundberg, an 88-page, black-and-white original graphic novel. The book, described by writer Nate Southard as "A small-town zombie action story," marks the second collaboration between Southard and Canadian artist Shawn Richter.

The story revolves around five survivors of a zombie apocalypse as they hunt for food to save their dying community.

* Ion, a new series featuring Kyle Rayner and written by Ron Marz with art by Greg Tocchini, is targeted for an April launch by DC Comics.

* Archie Comics Entertainment has appointed Ben Berlin to the newly created position of Director of Operations.

* Coming Friday: Movie news -- and much more!!!

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