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Friday, November 25, 2005



By Warren Ellis and Max Fiumara.

Horror gets a whole lot more terrifying as Warren Ellis continues his full-color zombie epic. There were 500 people on Smoky Island. 498 of them have inhaled a black gas which belched out from under the fault line the island sits upon; A natural psychoactive that releases every foul thing in the human spirit, rendering its victims little better than zombies... a process that requires lots of energy from the body. Lots of protein. Two people were outside the area of release. One of them has family in town... and he doesn't know that they just ran out of warm meat. The boats they need to escape are on the other side of town. Just a little under five hundred cannibal psychopaths who don't feel pain are between them and safety. They don't know what's happened in Smoky Island. They don't know its history. And that's what's going to kill them. As well as the regular cover by Jacen Burrows, this issue is also available with a Gore cover by Burrows, and Wraparound and Terror covers by Mike Wolfer.

32 pages, $3.99.


By Mike Wolfer.

The gore-drenched showdown of a lifetime erupts in the depths of space as the undead, mass-murderer Jason Voorhees is reborn to face the cybernetically-enhanced and unstoppable future version of himself! As Jason X stalks the halls of an interstellar pleasure cruiser, a deep-space salvage team makes their way into the remnants of the space catamaran Grendel, where the über-Jason was created. Hoping to gut the ship of its most valuable assets, the team instead unwittingly revives a curse that transcends time itself, reawakening the one, original Jason Voorhees. Jason's divided reign of terror will be short-lived, however, as both halves of Earth's most dreaded serial killer are drawn to one another for a confrontation that can have only one victor... and one survivor! Fan-favorite creator Mike Wolfer brings this epic bloodbath to life in this vicious two-issue series, both offered this month. As well as this regular cover by series artist Mike Wolfer, this first issue is also available with a Wraparound and Terror cover by Juan Jose Ryp, and Gore and limited metallic Nano-Steel covers by Mike Wolfer.

32 pages, $3.99.


By Mike Wolfer.

It's a nightmarish battle royale as the regenerated Jason Voorhees and the futuristic Jason X fight to the death in a gut-spilling horror spectacle! As the titanic clash cuts down all those around them, the pilotless space cruiser that serves as the Jasons' battle arena descends toward Earth 2 and an impact that neither combatant can hope to survive. But will a fiery and certain death halt the terrifying showdown, as both Jason and Jason X struggle to rip their most vital secret from the undead corpse of the other? Only one shall survive in a shocking and horrifying finale. As well as this regular cover by series artist Mike Wolfer, this concluding issue is also available with Wraparound, Terror, and Gore covers by Juan Jose Ryp, and a limited metallic Nano-Steel cover by Mike Wolfer.

32 pages, $3.99.


By Brian Pulido and Richard Ortiz.

The super-hot, all-bad-girl, crossover of the year concludes here as five of the most popular women in indy comics come together in one mammoth series! Written by Lady Deathıs evil lord, Brian Pulido, this series features the art of Richard Ortiz! On the darkest of nights, ancient, demonic gods called The Unholy descend to extinguish all hope -- and all life! Only Lady Death, Satasha the master spell-caster, War Angel the unruly fallen angel, Justine the innocent, and the immortal demon hunter Pandora, stand a glimmer of a chance against the march of fearsome demonic forces. Lady Death, War Angel, and Pandora must join forces if they're ever going to stop the Unholy -- but will they? The answer will shock readers. As well as this regular cover by Richard Ortiz, this issue is also available with a Defiant cover by Ortiz, Wraparound by Di Amorim, Candlelight by Matt Martin and Face Off and Premium by Juan Jose Ryp.

32 pages, $3.99.


By John Russo and Dheeraj Verma.

They thought it was over... but the Dead still walk the Earth! The co-writer of the classic film, Night of the Living Dead, brings his all-new, never-before-seen zombie masterpiece to comics! The final confrontation with the bloodthirsty undead explodes in the conclusion of Escape of the Living Dead! Now aware that a new outbreak of the reanimation virus could result from the escape of zombies used for scientific study, the Allegheny County Sheriff's Office begins their high-powered assault against the army of the living dead. Trapped in the middle of the all-out, gut-spilling battle at the Roadhouse Tavern, Henry Brinkman is powerless to help his daughter Sally, now in the clutches of the flesh-hungering kidnapper that she has just killed! As well as this regular cover by series artist Dheeraj Verma, itıs also available with a Wraparound, Gore, and Terror by Verma, and a special Die-Cut cover by Mike Wolfer.

32 pages, $3.99.

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