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Friday, November 25, 2005


The Continuum is in Columbus, Ohio, this weekend to cover the Mid-Ohio-Con.

Look for bonus coverage throughout the weekend.


Avatar Press has released its solicitations for February.

For a rundown, with images, CLICK HERE.

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Narwain on Friday announced it has closed deals with Dick Giordano, Dave Simons, Brian Augustyn and Tom Mandrake.

"Narwain already had a roster to be proud of with such names as Jimmy Palmiotti, Bill Tucci, Takeshi Miyazawa, Wayne Robinson, Rick Leonardi, Joe Rubinstein," said publisher Mauro Di Pede. "Adding amazing veteran creators like Dick Giordano, Dave Simons, Brian Augustyn and Tom Mandrake, allows me to confidently declare that Narwain's staff is ramped up and ready to produce a tremendous output of high-quality comics for the readers."

Giordano and Joe Rubinstein join writer Dario Maria Gulli on the one-shot graphic novel "Hollywood Noir". Hollywood's horror movies provide the backdrop to a story of murder, obsession and sex in a corrupt Los Angeles.

Liz is a three-issue mini-series by Simons and writer Philip Osbourne. They tell the story of a charming, sensitive woman who runs a paranormal investigation agency -- when she's not paying the bills with her night job as a stripper.

Augustyn and Mandrake are teaming on Un-Human, a six-issue mini-series. In this sci-fi action story Andrew Cassidy discovers that he isn't the man he thought he is. In fact, he might not be human at all. - Anime Super Store


For covers and four- or five-page previews of upcoming titles, CLICK HERE.

Titles include Kong: The 8th Wonder of the World Movie Adaptation #1 from Dark Horse Comics and G.I. Joe: Sigma 6 #1 from Devil's Due Publishing.

Look for more more First Looks on Saturday here in The Continuum.

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* The Territory, by Jamie Delano and David Lloyd, is begin collected for the first time by Dark Horse Comics. The 96-page book will arriving in stores on March 8 and will cost $14.95.

Here's how Dark Horse describes the book:

"Mysteriously marooned in an unnamed ocean, a man named Ishmael is rescued by pirates and sold into slavery. His past is a blank. Equipped only with courage, a talent for action heroics, and the inspiration of a half-remembered love, he must flirt with the sinister tentacles of Hydracorp to win his freedom. The Territory is a land of wonder and fear; hidden in its dark heart, a haunting truth that Ishmael is driven to discover. But there are no maps to The Territory. Those who would explore it must draw their own."

* Coming Saturday: Mid-Ohio-Con news -- and more!!!

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* Monday, Nov. 7: DC, Peter David and Ultimate Avengers panels at Wizard World Texas, Hellboy animated and First Looks.

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* Saturday, Nov. 5: Painkiller Jane movie photos, Dark Horse Comics for February and First Looks.

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* Tuesday, Nov. 1: DC news roundup, Marvel and Alias First Looks and Amazing Spider-Man.

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