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Monday, December 5, 2005



Written by Roy Thomas, art and cover by Jorge Santamaria Garcia.

Driven back into the American interior, the desperate US survivors spawned Project Anthem--creating a handful of young super-heroes some of whose powers and names reflected the words of the Star-Spangled Banner: Dawns Earlylight, Amerindian super-archeress--Stars & Stripes, two twins with very special abilities--"Rockets" Redglare, a flaming human rocket--Bomb-Burst, a very explosive warrior--Liberty, a living incarnation of the proud Statue the enemy destroyed in New York Harbor--and Stonewall Jackson, a living being of rock from south of the Mason-Dixon line. Led by the mysterious Agent 76, they battle the forces that have conquered Europe and Asia and now mean to trample America as the last hold-out of freedom... and they've got the powers to do it! Only thing is, the Axis forces have been devoping super-beings of their own--and they have an ace up their sleeve that will give even Agent 76 and the young heroes of Anthem a run for their money.

32 pages, $3.25. in stores on March 29.


Written by Wilson Hill, Scott Shaw! and Steve Perrin, art by J. Adams Walter and Terry Pallot, cover by Shaw! and Gordon Purcell.

A Scott Shaw! designed cover graces the 33rd issue of Flare, featuring the return of Skyyyy Marshaaaaal, as well as a guest appearance by a galloping old friend you may never have expected to see again. And believe us when we tell you that everything you see on this cover actually happens in the story. Also in this issue, Sparkplug not only has her hands full with Jimmy Dooley and his erratic Belt of Wonders, she has bad guys to fight, and Arcanna the WitchGirl waiting in the wings.

32 pages, $3.25, in stores on March 29.

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