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Friday, December 16, 2005



By Brian Pulido and Richard Ortiz.

Lady Death celebrates 15 years in print this year, and the party kicks-off right here! This special issue features special art, previews, and behind-the-scenes scoops on two of this yearıs biggest series! If you dare, learn about Lady Death: Blacklands, the next four-issue arc in Lady Deathıs saga featuring Wargoth, Satasha, and the epic villainy of Sagos. This series also launches a new Lady Death Villainess, Stygmata, and features the fan-favorite art of Richard Ortiz! Also, get an intimate look at Lady Death: Sacrilege featuring returning Lady Death villainess Nocture and meet her sister Sacrilege! Being dead never looked so good! This issue is available with the Standard and Wraparound covers by Richard Ortiz, Ryp and Premium covers by Juan Jose Ryp, Matt Martin, and a Painted by Carlos Valenzuela.

16 pages, black and white, $2.50 (other covers $2.99, premium $9.99).


By Brian Pulido and Di Amorim.

Medieval Lady Death returns right here with an epic new eight-issue series! Medieval Europe is threatened by a near immortal race called the Eldritch. Humanity's last hope for survival is Lady Death, an outcast who is half-human, half-Eldritch, and all attitude. She is part of both clans, but belongs to neither. Months ago, she gave up her warrior ways and has settled in a quiet community. Unknown to her, The Eldritch are poised to attack the human kingdoms on a unprecedented scale. To save the very people who fear her, Medieval Lady Death will be forced into decisions that challenge everything she has ever believed in. This is it, the battle for all the Kingdoms begins here! This first issue is also the perfect jumping on point for new readers. This issue has standard and wraparound covers by Di Amorim, and a special Premium cover by Daniel HDR.

32 pages, $3.99 (premium, $9.99).


By Brian Pulido and Barbara Kesel.

Avatar celebrates the launch of the new Medieval Lady Death series with this special tome offering up the secrets of the previous 20 issues and much, much more! Everything you ever needed to know about Medieval Lady Death and the magical realms she inhabits are contained in this thought-provoking sourcebook written by Brian Pulido and series editor Barbara Kesel. Get the inside scoop on the vast array of characters including Lady Deathıs friends, family, allies, enemies and the amazing creatures all around her. Also includes a detailed glossary, time-line, maps, history, prophesies, weapons, secrets and a look into the series future.

32 pages, $3.99 (premium, $9.99).


By Warren Ellis amd Max Fiumara

Horror gets a whole lot more terrifying as Warren Ellis concludes his full-color zombie epic! The people on Smoky Island are killing everything they see. Including each other. But what they really want is meat untainted by the burst of deranging chemicals ejected from under the fault line the island sits on: the two people who evaded the event and are trying to get to the boats on the edge of town. With the taint of the chemicals still on the town, the pair begin to realize that the odds of both of them reaching the boats are slim. But the odds of a single one getting away are different. As well as the regular cover by Jacen Burrows, this issue is also available as Gore, Wraparound and Terror covers by Burrows.

32 pages, $3.99.

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