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Wednesday, December 21, 2005


For covers and five-page previews of Marvel Comics titles arriving in stores on Dec. 28, CLICK HERE.

Titles include Amazing Spider-Man #527, The Sentry #4, She-Hulk #3, X-Factor #2 and X-Men #180.

Look for more First Looks on Thursday here in The Continuum.

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Devil's Due Publishing has released its solicitations for March.

For a rundown, CLICK HERE.

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Aspen Comics has released its solicitations for March.

For a rundown, CLICK HERE.

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"Fanatic," a new episode of The WB's Smallville, has been scheduled for Thursday, Jan. 12.

Here's how the network describes the episode:

"Jonathan (John Schneider) receives threats on his life from a mysterious source who urges him to drop out of the senate race. Later, Clark (Tom Welling) finds his dad bloody and beaten and becomes determined to find his attacker. He later discovers that a group of Lex's followers are determined to do anything to see that Lex wins the election. Lois' (Erica Durance) life is threatened when she's captured and asked to assassinate Jonathan during his speech. Lionel (John Glover) offers to give Martha (Annette O'Toole) money to help Jonathan's campaign. Lana (Kristin Kreuk) is convinced that the answers she is looking for lie in researching the first meteor shower."

"Fanatic" was written by Wendy Mericle and directed by Michael Rohl.

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* X-Factor #1 has sold out at Diamond and in response, Marvel is going back to press with a second printing variant sporting just the cover inks by Sook. The new printing reaches stores on Jan. 18.

Claypool Comics has released a splash page from Soulsearchers and Company #76 by the series' new art team of Joe Staton and Al Milgrom, who join writer Peter David.

Here's how Claypool describes the issue, which is due in January.

"After being displaced from their home in the previous issue, the Soulsearchers pack up the souvenirs of their past cases and move out. Unfortunately, one of those keepsakes still has some business with the group, and unleashes a surprising menace."

* Davis-Anderson Merchandising and Dynamite Entertainment have announced a new ongoing comic book series featuring the Highlander franchise. The comics will feature Highlander characters from both the film and television series, with the initial launch following the events from the first movie.

The series first cover will be painted by Gabriel Dell'Otto.

* Alias Comics announced that its has released creative studio DB Pro from its publishing contracts, without contesting any of delayed titles or the terms of departure.

* Coming Thursday: Marvel news -- and much more!!!

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