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Monday, January 2, 2006



Written by Wilson Hill and Dennis Mallonee, art by Terry Pallot and Daerick Gross, cover by Gross.

It's the beginning of Flare's long-awaited showdown with Max Krueger, plus a Liberty Girl adventure. This is the story Heroic Publishing has been building to for more than a year. It's the first chapter in a two-part adventure featuring Flare's first-ever honest-to-goodness team-up with her electric little sister, Sparkplug. Ever since the first issue of this new Flare series, Flare's old "friend" Max Krueger has been working with the sinister Lady Darkon on a plan to destroy our glittering heroine once and for all. Now, at last, that plan comes to fruition. And not even Flare is going to be able to survive it on her own. Also in this issue, you won't want to miss the special Liberty Girl warmup adventure, by Dennis Mallonee and Daerick Gross, that sets the stage for the July 4 release of Liberty Girl #1.

32 pages, $3.25, in stores on April 26.


Written by Wilson Hill, art by Dick Giordano, Chris Marrinan and Daniel Lauer, cover by Giordano.

Dick Giordano comes on board as the regular artist for the all-new Tigress. The origin tales of the Tigresss and Giant conclude in this special fourth issue of Tales of the Champions. With her best friends held hostage by the minions of the serpent-cult of Seth Adams, our all-new Tigress goes the attack. It's a savage battle of life versus death, brought to to you by writer Wilson Hill and comic book legend Dick Giordano. Meanwhile, in the concluding chapter of the story by Wilson Hill, Chris Marrinan, and Daniel Lauer, young William Jensen faces the challenge of Dark Malice and must prove himself worthy to wield the limitless power of Giant in battle against the shades of the long-lost gods of Olympus.

32 pages, $3.25, in stores on April 26.

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