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Tuesday, January 10, 2006



Written by Ben Raab, art by Rick Burchett, cover by Doug Klauba.

When an ancient sea monster is spotted off Bangalla¹s coast, the Phantom¹s children investigate, unbeknownst to their dear old purple-clad dad. But the trouble they find is more mundane and most certainly more sinister than they expected, as desperate men prepare to savage their peaceful jungle home. The Phantom¹s on them in a heartbeat, but will he be ready to face these new foes who may just be the advance troops of an invasion planned by his oldest and deadliest enemies?

32 pages, $3.50.


By various.

On a budget? Hungry for reading material? Looking for something a little different, maybe some crime fiction, horror, or western stories? Here¹s a great affordable way to taste some of the mighty fine TPB offerings here at Moonstone!

This six pack contains: Blackshirt (96 pages-Crime drama: Adi Tantimedh/Diego Olmos), The Cisco Kid (96 pages-Western: Jim Duffy/Jerry DeCaire), Jack Hagee: Private Eye GN (104 pages-Hard Boiled Detective: CJ Henderson/Doug Klauba), Moonstone Monsters TPB (180 pages-classic horror), Lance Barnes: Post Nuke Dick (112 pages-sci-fi/detective: Stefan Petrucha/Barry Crain), and Slamm: the Hard Boiled Fiction of CJ Henderson (96 pages).


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