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Sunday, January 22, 2006


Al Gough, executive producer of Smallville and the upcoming Aquaman pilot, told The Continuum that he thinks he and partner Miles Millar can manage both if they are series next season.

Smallville has not officially been renewed by The WB but is expected to be. The pilot for the Aquaman series is being shot in March and a subsequent show could be on the network's schedule next fall.

"It will be a challenge," Gough told The Continuum. "Thankfully, we've got a great team in place on Smallville. We'll still continue to run both shows, but we've got a terrific writing staff and a terrific production staff in Vancouver.

"It's not like trying to create a show when you have a show that's two years old. Smallville will be six years old, which like dog years, is like 42. I think we've got the team in place that Smallville will continue to great. so that we can focus on getting Aquaman up to speed."

Gough said an extensive search for the lead role went on before Will Toale was selected.

"We looked at 400 guys from U.S. Canada, Australia and England, and Will just had that intangible thing that's hard to describe and that we felt really embodied the qualities of the character that we wrote," Gough said. "It's a guy in his 20s who isn't necessarily isn't looking for his destiny and has these abilities and using them -- unlike Clark Kent -- for a little fun.

"And then his destiny is going to come knocking. It's definitely a different character than Clark Kent. And obviously it's a show about your 20s as opposed to a show about your adolescence, which is what Smallville is."

The show, which will be set and shot in Florida, doesn't have a name yet; Aquaman won't be used. "We're circling a couple," Gough said.

Toale is the only actor cast thus far; expect some announcements soon.

Look for more from The Continuum's interview with Gough this week as he talks about Smallville's 100th episode, which airs Thursday.

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* Tomy Yujin has announced an upcoming line of Marvel Buildable capsule toys. Click on the thumbnail for a larger image.

* Aardwolf Publishing has scheduled a March release for METHo.d., a collection of 13 tales by Clifford Meth with art by Steve Lieber, Al Milgrom, Jordan Raskin, Michael Netzer, William Messner-Loebs and the Cockrums, and an introduction by Peter David. The cover and book design are by Jim Steranko.

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