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Monday, January 30, 2006


Marvel Comics announced that Spider-Man's new costume, designed by Tony Stark, will debut in Amazing Spider-Man #529, which also lays the groundwork for Marvel's Civil War.

"Amazing Spider-Man #529 begins a three-issue arc that will justifiably be cover-blurbed as part of the 'Road to Civil War,' as Tony Stark and his new protégé Peter Parker journey to Washington to debate superhuman legislation in the wake of ŒDecimation,'" said executive editor Tom Brevoort. "And for readers who aren't as into parliamentary procedure, there'll also be a smackdown between Spidey in his spiffy new costume and a villain from Iron Man's past!"

According to Marvel, the costume is actually armor, equipped with several pieces of advanced weaponry, including pincer claws and other surprises.

Amazing Spider-Man #529 goes on sale on Feb. 22.



After selling out on Jan. 19, DC Comics is sending Infinite Crisis #3 back to press for a new printing.

Infinite Crisis #3 Second Printing reprints the story written by Geoff Johns, and illustrated by Phil Jimenez, Andy Lanning, George Pérez and Jerry Ordway.

This printing features a pencils-only version of the issue's cover by Jim Lee.

"I'm glad there are a lot of people out there enjoying the series," Johns said. "Issue #5 has more surprises and turns -- it's the calm before the storm of issues #6 and #7."

The Infinite Crisis #3 Second Printing will be in stores on Feb. 15 and will cost $3.99.


ABC Family has announced a President's Day marathon of Smallville episodes -- including three network premieres from Season 4 -- on Monday, Feb. 20.

Episodes include:

"Crusade," noon-1 p.m.: With Chloe dead and Lana in Paris, Clark is left to deal with a new menace - Lois Lane.

"Run," 1-2 p.m.: Clark has a new shadow, The Flash. Lex discovers a map for a stone that will give him "ultimate power."

"Spell," 2-3 p.m.: Spellbound under a 400-year-old curse, Lana, Lois and Chloe wreak havoc on the town with magical powers.

"Pariah," 3-4 p.m.: Chloe discovers Clark's secret when she witnesses his powers.

"Sacred," 4-5 p.m.: The gang heads to China where Lana is re-inhabited by the spirit of the witch Isobel while searching for the stones.

"Spirit," 5-6 p.m.: Chloe is nominated for Prom Queen, but when a rival Prom Queen dies -- her spirit wants revenge. First time on ABC Family.

"Blank," 6-7 p.m.: Clark loses his memory and Lex uses it as an opportunity to get information about the stones.

"Ageless," 7-8 p.m.: Genevieve tries to control Lionel Luther; while Clark and Lana discover a rapidly aging boy. First time on ABC Family.

"Forever," 8-9 p.m.: A student kidnaps the school's most popular kids in an effort to make high school last forever.

"Commencement," 9-10 p.m.: Lex discovers Lana over Genevieve's dead body, Chloe realizes the stones are connected to Clark, and Clark comes to the world's rescue. First time on ABC Family.

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Image Comics on Monday announced Death Dealer, a six-issue mini-series based on Frank Frazetta's creation, written by Steve Niles and drawn by Nat Jones.

Death Dealer is an otherworldly figure who was once human and made death personified in a pact with dark gods. The mini-series, targeted to launch in late 2006, will feature Frazetta's Death Dealer paintings as covers.

"I've been a fan of Frazetta my whole life," Niles said. "I had his posters on my wall and I used to sit there as a kid and make up stories about them. Death Dealer always had a staring role."

"Like so many artists working today, I have been greatly affected by Frazetta's work -- this is an amazing opportunity and I can say that Steve, Jay and I, along with Image Comics, are all extremely excited!" Jones said. "Frank's Death Dealer paintings are iconic and we're really working hard to try and bring some of that magic and mood to this book. We're pushing our limits creatively, too, experimenting with different techniques and in the end, I think that's really going to show."

This foray in to a new art process largely involves Jay Fotos, who is handling the color duties on all six issues.

"Nat and I are taking this project personal - we are huge Frazetta fans, and dealing with an Icon, we want to give it it's due respect," Fotos said. "We are experimenting with different styles/techniques and collaborate on a daily basis. Our intentions are doing this right, that's why we don't have a set shelf date. Along the way we will keep the fans updated with new art and any happenings."

With full approval of the Frazetta family, this is the most ambitious and detailed Death Dealer project to ever hit the printed page.

"Frazetta's Death Dealer series has a lot of power and has lived in people's imaginations for decades," Niles said. "I hope the series will bring his to life in an epic way, in a way that people have never seen before in a sword and sorcery story."

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For covers and three- to five-page previews of upcoming titles arriving in stores on Wednesday, CLICK HERE.

Titles include Atomika #6 from Mercury Comics, The American Way #1 from DC Comics and Nextwave #2 from Marvel Comics.

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Veteran comics creator Brian Augustyn has joined Narwain Publishing as its U.S. publishing consultant, lending some 23 years of comics publishing experience to the recently launched international comics publisher.

"We're thrilled that Brian has agreed to bring his considerable expertise to Narwain," said publisher Mauro Di Pede.

Augustyn entered the business in 1983 as an intern at First Comics and went on to hold various editorial posts for small publishers during the black-and-white independents boom. DC Comics courted him in 1987 and he went to work DC for nearly a decade, eventually becoming a senior editor.

In 1996 he left DC to become a freelance writer -- and to devote more time to helping raise his young daughters -- but has remained a presence in the industry, writing for virtually every publisher, and also serving as a freelance editor with Event Comics.

"As the publishing consultant I plan to work with Narwain to help them improve their presence and operations in the U.S. which has a very competitive comics market," said Augustyn. "I'm hoping my years of experience will lend some navigational value to their endeavors."

Augustyn will provide a point of contact in the U.S. for Narwain, which is headquartered in Spoleto, Italy. This will include being available to retailers and distributors to help smooth the domestic publishing operation, and also to facilitate publicity opportunities between Narwain talent and U.S. journalists.

"Narwain is an exciting publisher for several reasons. They're committed to bringing a real diversity to the marketplace, a diversity that's very apparent when you look at their initial releases," said Augustyn who, in addition to his consultancy, is writing two books for Narwain, including the upcoming Un-Human.

"The other point of excitement with Narwain is the global aspect of the business plan. They're opening up the comic book marketplace by publishing books in several countries and languages all at one. Their books can thrive even if they don't do 'big two' numbers domestically."

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* Reader's Digest Children's Publishing on Monday announced an agreement to publish and distribute interactive books based on the Marvel Heroes program to children ages 4 through 11 in the United States, Canada and the U.K. beginning in fall.

Reader's Digest Children's Publishing plans a diverse Marvel publishing program featuring such characters as Spider-Man, the X-Men, The Incredible Hulk, Fantastic Four and the Avengers. The first line will include hard cover books, Storybooks with DVDs and the Movie Theater Storybook format.

* Marvel Comics is reporting that Nextwave #1 has sold out.

* Coming Tuesday: DC news -- and much more!!!

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