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Saturday, February 11, 2006


SAN FRANCISCO -- The Goon's Eric Powell and Strangers in Paradise's Terry Moore will be contributing to Bongo Comics' next Treehouse of Horror book and Paul Dini is writing a holiday story, the publisher announced on Friday during its panel at WonderCon.

Powell said he came up with an idea for a Simpsons story three years ago, but never thought he would be able to tell it. Even after being contacted by Bongo, he didn't think the story would fly.

But it did -- although he didn't want to reveal any details at the panel.

"It's so over-the-top," he said. "I'm pretty excited about it. It's pretty bizarre."

Moore said he came up with the idea for his story just this past week.

"God contacts Homer and tells him he needs to build a really big sphere because he's going to spray the world for cockroaches," Moore said.

Veteran Bongo writer Ian Boothby is collaborating with Y: The Last Man co-creator and his fiance, Pia Guerra, on a story that editor Bill Morrison said parodies from many sources.

And rounding out the issue will be a story written and drawn by Kyle Baker.

Dini, who has written for Bongo before and has plenty of Christmas-story experience with his character Jingle Belle, hesitated before coming up with the idea for his story.

"Santa's most odious task is to read letters from Springfield," Dini said, adding that each page in the story is a letter from someone in Springfield.

In other highlights from the panel:

* Simpsons Comics #116 will feature "Mall in the Family," in which a mall is built around The Simpsons' home.

Other future stories include the return of Hank Scorpio; a parody of The Apprentice, "The Flunkie," starring Mr. Burns; a parody of 24 called "25" (for each page) by Chuck Dixon and Ty Templeton; a fairy tale from Ian Boothby and Linda Medley; Ned Flanders seeing a woman who looks like his dead wife; and a story that looks at the adult characters as teens, a la Archie Comics.

* Upcoming Simpsons Super Spectacular stories will include a Galactus parody by Tom Beland; a Bartman story by Tom Peyer; and a League of Their Own by Boothby. Batton Lash continues on Radioactive Man, including an homage to the Bill Finger/Shelly Moldoff Batman stories.

* HarperCollins' next books in The Simpsons' Library of Wisdom will feature Krusty and Lisa.

* Futurama Comics #24 will be an "Anthology of Interest" issue.

* Upcoming HarperCollins' trade paperbacks will collect The Simpsons/Futurama crossover issues, with new material, and Futurama Comics #16-18.

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