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Monday, February 13, 2006


SAN FRANCISCO -- Appearing at his own panel on Sunday at WonderCon, Frank Miller said he's inked 120 pages of some 200 pages for an original graphic novel called Holy Terror, Batman!

Miller called the book "a propaganda piece" in which "Batman kicks al-Qaeda's ass."

"Superman punched out Hitler, and so did Captain America," Miller said. "It seemed kind of silly for Batman to chase around the Riddler, when you have al-Qaeda out there."

Miller said the book is "very pulpy" and "quite emotional" and features "some of my best art ever."

DC Comics did not have a release date -- or any information, for that matter -- for the book.

In other notes from the panel:

* Asked about why Batman is "a dick," Miller replied: "He dresses up like a Batman and throws people through windows. He's the smartest super-hero on Earth, and yet he can't fly and he can't pick up cars."

* Why should people like Batman if he's a dick? "Because he's our dick," Miller said. "If you're in a dark alley with a bunch of thugs with knives, you want Batman to show up. You don't have to have dinner with him."

* Miller said that Batman and Robin, the Boy Wonder will run as long as he and Jim Lee enjoy doing it.

"It's kind of an old-fashioned pace," Miller said. "We'll stay on the strip and when we don't love it, we'll end it. It's very open. There will be a lot more of them."

* Miller said the Sin City sequel will be mostly based on A Dame to Kill For. He said he's written a new story about Nancy Callahan after the suicide of Hartigan "that should surprise you."

"There will be some other short stories, " Miller said. "There might be some Blue Eyes stuff."

Shooting on the sequel might begin as early May.

* Miller said there will be another Sin City graphic novel, but wouldn't elaborate on a time frame.

* Miller said photography on 300 from Warner Bros. has been completed. "From what I've seen, it looks wonderful," he said.

* Miller said he's involved in a Hard-Boiled movie and wants to direct more.

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