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Sunday, February 26, 2006


NEW YORK -- DC Comics continued to show its post-Infinite Crisis plans, showcasing new titles during its DC Universe panel at New York Comic-Con on Saturday.

Following is a rundown of highlights from the panel:

* Brad Meltzer on the new Justice League of American series. "This is going to be the League that I hope you all love, and hope you want to see again, and it is going to be new and different."

Meltzer said one of the 10 members was not in the illustration displayed (and shown above). He praised the art of Ed Benes, and said he prides himself on embracing continuity.

* Benes is also drawing an issue of Supergirl.

* Brave New World will be an 80-page book for $1, with the first stories of upcoming titles The All-New Atom, an ongoing by Gail Simone and Trevor Scott that starts in July; Creeper, a six-issue mini-series by Steve Nile and Justiano that stars in August; Martian Manhunter, an eight-issue series by A.J. Lieberman and Al Barrionuevo that starts in August; OMAC, a 12-issue series by Bruce Jones and Renato Guedes that starts in July; The Trials of Shazman!, a 12-issue series by Judd Winick and Howard Porter that starts in July; and Uncle Sam & The Freedom Fighters, an eight-issue series by Justin Gray, Jimmy Palmiotti and Daniel Acuna that starts in August.

* Asked in John Stewart would be Justice League of America, Meltzer said he could not comment. Geoff Johns said there are plans for the character in Green Lantern.

* The new Flash series -- by Danny Bilson and Paul DeMeo -- will be called The Flash: The Fastest Man Alive.

* DC's presentation included art from Wonder Woman #1 by Terry Dobson and Rachel Dobson. Allan Heinberg is writing.

* Connor Hawke will be getting his own mini-series.

* Krypto, a five-issue mini-series, will be based on the Cartoon Network animated series.

* Adam Kubert was formally introduced as the new artist on Action Comics, although DC has still not announced the writer(s). Andy Kubert was introduced as the new artist on Batman and art from Batman #655 was shown.

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