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Sunday, February 26, 2006


NEW YORK -- Two exclusives, July launches for new creative teams and Chris Claremont's new projects were among the highlights at Marvel's X-Men X-Changes panel.

Following is a rundown:

* Astonishing X-Men remains on a bi-monthly course through September, when it then becomes monthly. Editor-in-chief Joe Quesada said that the book will continue after the run of Joss Whedon and John Cassaday, noting that is what the creators wanted.

* Painter John Watson has signed an exclusive with Marvel; his work will include Son of M, Civil War: Frontline and Uncanny X-Men covers.

* The Uncanny X-Men Annual in June, by Chris Claremont and Clayton Henry with a cover by Leinil Yu, will deal with some tough decisions Storm has to make.

* In New Excalibur, writer Claremont said that "there is life being a plant" for Black Tom Cassidy and that "House of M was very good" for him.

* Paco Medina is the new regular artist as of New X-Men #24.

* Dennis Callero will be the artist on X-Factor through #12. X-Factor #8-9 will tie into Civil War and feature the return of Quicksilver. Editor Andy Schmidt said there are big plans for the Layla Miller character.

* GeNext is the project readers voted for Claremont's next new project. "What if the X-Men aged in real time?" Claremont explained of the premise. "Storm was born in 1950 -- do the math. And Charlie and Magneto aren't so spry."

The book, which launches in June, will feature five core characters, including Pete Jr., who comes from the Savage Land.

* The first issue for Mike Carey and Chris Bachalo as creators of X-Men will be #188 in July. Ed Brubaker and Billy Tan start their run on Uncanny X-Men with July's #475.

Editor Mike Marts said that Brubaker will be on the book for at least 12 issues. He also noted that Brubaker "will be exploring a lot of the Shi'ar Empire in the next year."

* Painter Simone Bianchi has signed an exclusive with Marvel, and Quesada said he'll have a new project that will be announced this summer.

* There will be a four-issue X-Men: Civil War series.

* Claremont is the writer of Exiles and his bringing Psylocke with him.

"In Exiles #84-86, you'll see a Wolverine you haven't seen in a while doing things that will curl your hair," Claremont said, "including killing all the X-Men."

* Marts said there have been talks with former Exiles writer Tony Bedard about new projects for him.

* Quesada said Daniel Way "has done his homework" in developing the Wolverine: Origins series and that it will show that Wolverine "makes the same mistakes over and over."

* Marts said there are plans for Gambit after the "Blood of Apocalypse" story. "He's one of the key players in the mutant universe," Marts said.

* Asked about NYX, Quesada said there will be another X-23 mini-series and that another NYX character will appear in Civil War.

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