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Monday, February 27, 2006


NEW YORK -- Mike Carey and Pasqual Ferry are the new creative team on Ultimate Fantastic Four, it was announced Sunday at Marvel's Ultimate panel at New York Comic-Con.

Carey and Ferry will follow Mark Millar and Greg Land on the title in August.

Look for the series to take a more cosmic bent. Above are some of Ferry's designs.

In othe news from the panel:

* Editor-in-chief Joe Quesada said that the Ultimate Annuals are returning.

Brian Michael Bendis and Mark Brooks will again team on Ultimate Spider-Man, which will deal with the fallout from the "Warriors" story. The story will include Daredevil, Punisher and Moon Knight.

Moon Knight's Charlie Huston is writing The Ultimates Annual, and Ben Olivier is drawing the Ultimate X-Men Annual.

* "The Ultimate Clone Saga" will run in Ultimate Spider-Man #97-104. Writer Bendis said it will feature Ultimate versions of Spider-Woman and Scorpion.

Above is art from Ultimate Spider-Man #95 and Ultimate Spider-Man #96.

* Quesada reiterated his intentions not to broaden the number of Ultimate titles. "It's good because it's small," he said.

* Above is art from Ultimate X-Men #68, Ultimate Fantastic Four #30 and The Ultimates 2 #11.

* An upcoming Ultimate Universe crossover will play in The Ultimates 3.

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