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Monday, February 27, 2006


NEW YORK -- Appearing at WildStorm's panel at New York Comic-Con on Sunday, Brian Azzarello and Carlos D'Anda are the creative team on WildStorm's new Deathblow series.

Azzarello said that his Deathblow will be Michael Cray, but probably not in a way that readers would remember.

The panel repeated much of the news that happened at WonderCon (which you can read by CLICKING HERE), but in other news from the panel:

* Manga imprint CMX has acquired Fred Gallagher's online and print series Megatokyo. The series will be published by CMX starting with the release of Megaotkyo Vol. 4,in June.

Other upcoming CMX titles will be Recipe for Gertrude and Oyayubihime Infinity.

* Jim Lee said he's completed the first cover for the August-debuting WildCats. Writer Grant Morrison is committed to at least 12 issues each of WildCats and The Authority.

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