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Tuesday, March 7, 2006



Written and art by Kelley Jones.

Born to a young woman driven to insanity and black magic by the deaths of her previous children, the 13th Son is a creature like nothing this world has seen before. Humans are not his target. It's the other monsters who walk this world‹the wendigo, werewolves, ghouls, zombies, and vampires‹who live in fear of his enormous and terrifying powers. And what those powers are setting into motion is a horror beyond your deepest, darkest nightmares. Collecting the four-issue miniseries.

96 pages, $12.95, in stores on July 26.


Written and art by Yoshitaka Amano.

Yoshitaka Amano has been praised around the world for his lush watercolors and evocative work dealing with myth and legend. In The Tale of Genji Amano brings his considerable talent to retelling one of the most famous of Japanese myths: written by Murasaki Shikibu shortly after 1000 AD and considered by most scholars to be the first novel ever written, The Tale of Genji is the story of the romantic adventures of Genji, the amazingly handsome prince and his many romantic conquests. Told through stunning paintings, Amano brings this classic story to life for a new generation.

80 pages, black and white, with 46 color illustrations, $24.95.


Written by Drew Melbourne, penciled by Yvel Guichet, inked by Joe Rubinstein, colored by Rick Hiltbrunner and lettered by Jim Keplinger.

Roommates Ethan Baxter and Vincent Darko still don't realize that they're archenemies in their super-powered guises. They just know that they hate each other! But when tragedy strikes, comicdom's ultimate odd couple must set aside their differences to hit the road and . . . move into a mansion?? PLUS: Vincent has a cute sister, Ethan has a nightmare, and Star Fighter and the Underlord go head-to-head in the middle of an impromptu gang war.

32 pages, $2.99, in stores on June 7.


Written by Greg Preston.

The culmination of more than 15 years of photography by renowned photographer Greg Preston, this book is a living history of the men and women who have shaped the imaginations of countless millions of people around the world through their work in the fields of animated cartoons, comic books, comic strips, and editorial cartooning. The list of artists includes such luminaries as Frank Miller, Al Hirschfeld, Joe Barbera, Jack Kirby, Joe Simon, Moebius, Walter and Louise Simonson, and many more, all in photographs exclusive and shot expressly for this book.

216 pages, black and white, $39.95, in stores on July 12.


Written and art by Kentaro Miura.

The Band of the Hawks' rescue of their leader, Griffith, has brought them no ease. Broken beyond healing, a frail ghost of his former glory, Griffith is now more an object of pity than a man, and the Hawks, who've grimly hung together under duress and death during his absence, are now on the verge of splintering to the winds. But Griffith's dreams and ambitions, built on the bodies of his troops and the countless enemies they have slain, have not gone unnoticed in the spirit realm, and though Griffith has nowhere to go as a man, he may yet have a future . . . a future borne on jet-black wings in the company of the demon lords of the Godhand!

232 pages, black and white, $13.95, in stores on July 21.


Written and art by Hiroaki Samura.

It's time for Manji's dimwitted-yet-likeable cellmate, Dewanosuke, to shine . . . or die! Searching for the key to immortality, the twisted doctor Burando finally feels that his experiments are leading towards success. However, the Shogun's bangashira, Habaki Kagimura, grows impatient and decides to ³up the ante² in the tests on Dewanosuke's regenerative abilities. Also, while all of the Itto-ryü warriors are supposed to be keeping a low profile, one cute sparkplug is about to threaten everything. Yes, it's the return of Döa, the feisty Itto-ryü renegade who's been causing so much trouble for Rin! This time, however, Döa's headstrong attitude may turn up something very essential to Rin's search for her beloved, missing Manji.

32 pages, black and white, $2.99, in stores on June 14.


Written by Mike Mignola and John Arcudi, art by Guy Davis, cover by Mignola.

The Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense faces its worst tragedy ever as the war against the plague of frogs reaches a devastating new level. Heralded by a bizarre villain from the B.P.R.D.'s past, an ancient monster-god marches across the American heartland portending an end to the reign of men, and leaving a permanent mark on the Bureau.

Hellboy-creator Mike Mignola continues his collaboration with artist Guy Davis and co-writer John Arcudi to unravel a tale that will leave the earth shaken and the B.P.R.D. shattered. This collection includes a sketchbook section chronicling Guy Davis's creation of the abominations unleashed in The Black Flame.

The B.P.R.D. is changed forever in this story revealing secret names, visions and dreams, a Nazi madman, and the death of a beloved agent.

168 pages, $17.95, in stores on July 12.


Written by Mike Mignola and John Arcudi, art by Guy Davis, colored by Dave Stewart, cover by Mignola.

While searching for an arcane text that could hold the secret to bringing Roger back to life, Dr. Kate Corrigan is trapped in a mysterious French village where a collector of occult objects has terrible plans for one of the B.P.R.D.'s most valuable assets.

Meanwhile, back at B.P.R.D. headquarters, Johann Kraus reveals secrets from his past life as a medium, and a bizarre turn taken during one of his séances.

32 pages, $2.99, in stores on June 6.


Dark Horse has the opportunity to offer these little Chinese Hellboy toys. Originally packaged exclusively with the Chinese editions of the Hellboy graphic novels, Dark Horse is now offering the 2 1/2 inch, articulated figures in a unique blister pack, including a keychain attachment and collector's postcard designed specially for this product. By special arrangement with Hong Kong publisher Imprezzion, in conjunction with red hot toy manufacturer Toy2R, whose popular "Qee" line inspired these toys, we bring Mike Mignola's top two creations into the twisted but fun look of modern "art toys."

$7.99 each, in stores on Sept. 13.


Written by Jerry Robinson.

While there are many debates about when the medium of words married with pictures first evolved into what we know today as comics‹be it in nascent prehistoric paintings in the caves of France or the more traditional illustrated adventures of such characters as the Katzenjammer Kids which first appeared at the end of the nineteenth century‹virtually everyone born in the last one hundred years has read or seen a comic strip at one time in their lives. In an exhaustive historical overview that captures the magic and innovation of this incredibly vibrant art form Jerry Robinson, comics historian, award-winning comics artist, and co-creator of the popular Batman villain The Joker, takes us on a journey from the beginning of the comic strip industry to the present day in The Comics. Originally published in the early 1970s, this volume has been revised and updated to include commentary on the last thirty years of comics history: from Mutt & Jeff to Calvin & Hobbes, from George Herrimann's Krazy and Ignatz to Patrick McDonnell's Mutts, Jerry Robinson brings the history of this great industry alive for a new generation.

296 pages, $24.95, in stores on July 12.


Written by Mike Mignola, penciled by Cary Nord, colored by Dave Stewart, cover by Tony Harris.

Hellboy creator Mike Mignola takes over writing duties on Conan for a three-part story adapting one of Robert E. Howard's legendary "lost" story fragments, "The Hall of the Dead." Pursued by a small army, Conan heads for shelter in the ancient ruins of a forgotten city, lured by a flimsy rumor of treasure. Instead, he finds the fallen idols of twisted gods and a lot of croaking creatures. Luckily, frogs are no match for a Cimmerian . . . right? One of the weirdest tales ever cooked up by Howard, taking Conan on an adventure far darker, and slimier, than he's ever faced before.

32 pages, $2.99, in stores on June 21.


Written by Kurt Busiek and Len Wein, art by Kelley Jones, cover by Michelle Madsen.

Ancient evil dawns upon the land of Stygia in this horrifying conclusion to the origin of Conan's greatest adversary, Thoth-amon! After a lifetime of scheming plots, bloody rituals, and murderous betrayals, Thoth-amon achieves his dark destiny as a dreaded sorcerer of the snake-god Set, and his ultimate display of power will devastate a nation and test the will of those dedicated to protecting a world lost and broken. It is the birth of a darkness beyond reckoning, and an unexpected finale to a story that has permanent ramifications for the Conan mythos!

48 pages, $4.99, in stores on June 21.


Written by Akira Yoshia, penciled by Paul Lee, cover by Pat Lee.

King Conan travels to the far-eastern land of Khitai, only to run afoul of an evil sorcerer and his demonic retainers in this tale of silent shadow-warriors and ghostly monsters.

Set many years in the future from the award-winning ongoing series, Conan and the Demons of Khitai marks Conan's first appearance as King in Dark Horse's best-selling comics revival of the legendary fantasy hero. When King Conan receives an invitation from the Eastern kingdom of Khitai to open trade in precious jewels and spices, he leads a small army into this long-mysterious land. Yet to do so is perilous, as those who have requested his company may have far more devious intentions, and beasts unseen by Western eyes lurk amidst the shadows.

Collecting the four-issue mini-series.

96 pages, $12.95, in stores on July 12.


Written and art by Paul Chadwick.

A troubled man seeking spiritual renewal in the wilderness experiences a wholly unexpected rebirth‹as a walking monolith, half a ton of animate stone able to perform astonishing feats of strength and endurance but forever denied many of life's fundamental pleasures. As Concrete, Ronald Lithgow becomes an overnight celebrity and the focus of dark government operatives desperate to keep the secret of his metamorphosis from the public. Concrete must struggle with the loss of his humanity while discovering, perhaps for the first time, what it truly means to be human.

192 pages, black and white, $12.95, in stores on July 26.


Written by Stefan Petrucha.

Following his lab's explosion, Henry and Elizabeth Frankenstein head to London for a rest (and to avoid possible criminal charges). The monster, still alive, follows, but winds up in the Whitechapel district. There, he's mistaken for a disfigured, mentally disabled man and befriended by local prostitutes. When one of the whores is horribly murdered, the creature roams the area, hoping to protect the survivors.

This brings him in contact with the real killer‹Jack the Ripper. After 47 years, he's back in action. His 1887 slayings (sacrifices) extended his life. Now he's aging again and desperate to remain alive, and sees in the reanimated corpse of the Frankenstein monster a possible new way to live forever. Henry, the monster and Jack the Ripper's fates become entwined as Jack the Ripper hatches a plan to frame the monster for the killings, to force Henry to reveal his secrets of life and death.

275 pages, $6.99, in stores on July 26.


Written by Junichi Fujisaku.

2030 Tokyo: While patrolling Tokyo's post-World War Three refugee zones Togusa, the newest member of Section 9, discovers that one of the most powerful cyber-criminals his squad has ever faced has plans to kill their leader, Section 9 Chief Daisuke Aramaki, in one of three stories in this collection, and it will take all of the members of Section 9 to stop him. The action heats up in the stories "Double Targets," "First Love, Last Love," and "Revenge of the Cold Machines."

275 pages, $8.95, in stores on July 12.

GOON #18

Written and art by Eric Powell.

As chaos erupts in the streets from the unnamed Priest's growing power, the Goon is faced with an even deadlier foe . . . A darker evil from the depths of Hell itself. Now it's up to Goon and Franky to save their berg from this outlandish beast, this harbinger of total destruction, this . . . this . . . really BAD, uh, thing!

32 pages, $2.99, in stores on June 21.


Written by Giulia D'Agnolo Vallan.

An exhaustive career retrospective about the groundbreaking revolutionary filmmaker, told through exclusive interviews with Landis as well as through essays, interviews and remembrances by his colleagues, contemporaries and members of the film industry and reviewers. Contributors include Joe Dante, Jack Arnold, Wes Craven, Rick Baker, Frank Oz, Jim Abrahams and others. Illustrated with many exclusive photographs from Landis' many films, some reproduced here for the first time from the director's personal collection of photographs taken on the set by Landis during production of his movies.

250 pages, $29.95, in stores on July 26.


Written by Eiji Ohtsuka, art by Housui Yamazaki.

Your body is their business! Five young students at a Buddhist university, three guys and two girls, find little call for their job skills in today's Tokyo . . . among the living, that is! But all that stuff in college they were told would never pay off -- you know, channeling, dowsing, ESP‹gives them a direct line to the dead . . . the dead who are still trapped in their corpses and can't move on to the next reincarnation.

The five form the Kurosagi ("Black Heron" -- their ominous bird logo) Corpse Delivery Service: whether suicide, murder, accident, or illness, they'll carry your body wherever it needs to go to free your soul! The kids from Kurosagi can smell a customer a mile away‹it's a good thing one of the girls majored in embalming!

208 pages, black and white, $10.95, in stores on July 19.


Written and art by Junji Ito.

Dark Horse Comics presents Museum of Terror, a series of horror stories by Japan's foremost creator of horror manga. Full of compelling and charming characters and relationships, and featuring some of the finest comics art available, Junji Ito has seen his works translated into successful films in Japan.

Ito's Uzumaki, the thrilling and grotesque manga and film, have already found success in America, and now we present "Tomie," the first story in this series. "Tomie" is the story of an eternally youthful and beautiful high school girl, whose admirers are obsessed to the point of murdering her. But to their horror, she is reincarnated over and over. "Tomie" also became a popular film in Japan, and now it launches Dark Horse's series of Ito's horrific works, Museum of Terror.

376 pages, black and white, $13.95, in stores on July 5.


Written by Garon Tsuchiya, art by Nobuaki Minegishi.

Ten years ago, they took him. He doesn't know who. For ten years he has been confined in a private prison. He doesn't know why. For ten years his only contact with the outside world has been a television set and the voices of his jailers. In time, he lost himself. He changed . . . transformed himself into something else . . . something hard . . . something lethal. Suddenly one day, his incarceration ends, again without explanation. He is sedated, stuffed inside a trunk, and dumped in a park. When he awakes, he is free to reclaim what's left of his life . . . and what's left is revenge.

208 pages, black and white, $10.95.


Written by Jerry Holkins, art by Mike Krahulik.

Verily, the heroes of Penny Arcade return in the second volume of valiant chivalric deeds of brave heroism, heroic gallantry, and gallant bravery! Forsooth! Sir Gabe and Sir Tycho return in Epic Legends of the Magic Sword Kings!

Collecting all the Penny Arcade strips posted online in the year 2001, Volume 2 includes creator commentary, an introduction from somebody sort of famous, and a gallery of artwork from the Penny Arcade card game!

120 pages, $12.95, in stores on July 26.


Written and art by Pete Von Sholly.

Experience horror, babes, and laughs! See monsters from beyond the grave and before the dawn of history! See Scottish Lakes, black magic, and psychotic pseudo-scientists! Musty museums, virtual video vermin, and foul fables! See "things²" that crawl and claw from the pages of putrid pulps and under the covers of creepy comics! See stuff you'll hope never sees you!

96 pages, $14.95, in stores on July 12.


Written by Paul Jenkins, art by Humberto Ramos.

an occult murder mystery set in the unlikeliest of places -- The Vatican. When the Cardinal next in line to succeed the ailing Pope turns up dead, Scotland Yard's finest detective, Charlie Northern, finds himself on a plane to Rome with little more than a full pack of cigarettes. With the help of a priest, a coroner, and one beautiful lawyer, Northern must uncover the facts in a place legendary for keeping its secrets. There are forces at work in The Holy See that would see the truth remain hidden‹forces ancient and dark, with a power not seen in this world for millennia, and an agenda that will leave Northern's world more shattered than he could have ever foreseen.

Collecting the six-issue mini-series.

168 pages, $17.95, in stores on July 26.


Based on the manga created by Kazuya Minekura.

Humans and ghosts live together peacefully in the world of Saiyuki Reload, but that peace has suddenly been shattered. The ghosts have lost their selves and started to attack humans. It all seems related to an evil experiment aimed at reviving Gyumao, a powerful ghost who has been sealed for 500 years. Now it's up to the Sanzo group, powerful fighting priests, to stop the experiment, traveling through a world gone crazy.

160 pages, $14.95, in stores on July 26.


By John Ostrander, Welles Hartley, Jan Duursema, Doug Wheatley, Dan Parsons, Brand Anderson and Chris Chuckry, cover by Tomas Giorello.

Witness the untold stories of the Jedi who took a last stand against Emperor Palpatine in the moments during, and immediately after, the events in Revenge of the Sith! Watch Darth Vader undertake a Jedi "purge" of his own in the hunt for Obi-Wan Kenobi!

In the jungles of the Wookiee homeworld Kashyyyk, Quinlan Vos wages a battle of impossible odds against his own troops to protect his loved ones. On the icy Outer Rim world of Toola, Jedi Master Kai Huddora takes a terrified Padawan into his charge after her own master falls to Order 66. Amidst the forests of New Plymto, Das Jennir finds himself in league with a band of rebels he'd led attacks against only days before. Not all Jedi are scattered across the galaxy however, and soon, a brave few will plot to topple Sith rule -- by setting a trap for the newly unveiled Darth Vader!

144 pages, $17.95, in stores on July 26.


Written by John Jackson Miller, penciled by Brian Ching, colored by Michael Atiyeh, cover by Travis Charest.

Padawan Zayne Carrick faces off against the Jedi Masters hunting him in this shocking finale to the "Commencement" storyline! Something is rotten in the Jedi Council on Taris, but the only ones closest to the truth are a vagabond, a criminal, a droid, and Zayne‹now in the custody of the same Jedi falsely accusing him of murdering his fellow Padawan. It's going to take more than foolish bravery to get Zayne out of this one. Too bad that's all he's got!

32 pages, $2.99, in stores on June 28.


Written by John Ostrander, penciled by Jan Duursema, inked by Dan Parsons, colored by Brad Anderson, cover by Adam Hughes.

The future of Star Wars is here in an all-new series set more than a century after Return of the Jedi and the New Jedi Order! The Jedi Temple is attacked, an Emperor is betrayed, and the Sith are born anew! A lot can happen in a hundred years, but all of the above happens just in this first issue! Not since Luke Skywalker first stepped aboard the Millennium Falcon has the galaxy seemed like such a vast, exciting, dangerous place!

32 pages, $2.99, in stores on June 7.


By Haden Blackman, Michael Stackpole, Mike Baron, Darko Macan, Peet Janes, Tomas Giorello, Edvin Biukovic, Gary Erskine, Arthur Adams, Steve Crespo, Doug Manhke and others.

The greatest starfighters of the Rebel Alliance become the defenders of a New Republic in this massive collection of stories featuring Wedge Antilles, hero of the Battle of Endor, and his team of ace pilots known throughout the galaxy as Rogue Squadron!

Meet the Rogues for the first time and learn the fate of the galaxy immediately after the events of Return of the Jedi as the Rebellion's best pilots battle remnants of the Empire wherever its ugly agenda of fear and domination appears. Along with the critically acclaimed X-Wing Rogue Squadron: The Phantom Affair this jam-packed volume contains tons of material never-before-collected!

Collects Star Wars X-Wing Rogue Leader, Star Wars X-Wing Rogue Squadron: The Rebel Opposition, Star Wars X-Wing Rogue Squadron: The Phantom Affair and Star Wars Handbook: X-Wing Rogue Squadron.

296 pages, $24.95.


Written by Rob Williams, penciled by Brandon Badeaux, cover by Wil Glass.

The Empire has infiltrated the command ship of the Rebel fleet with a sleeper agent‹and he's just woken up! Now, the lives of everyone onboard are in jeopardy, along with the entire Alliance cause. Too bad the young hero Luke Skywalker is nowhere to be found. Having received a coded message from Imperial officer Janek "Tank" Sunber, Luke's hijacked a shuttle against orders, determined to find his old friend -- even if it means delivering himself straight into an Imperial trap!

32 pages, $2.99, in stores on June 14.


Written and art by Greg Ruth.

Built on a site of great and forgotten power, the mammoth Bentham International Hospital was to be the very definition of modern medical science at its best. But over the years, the spectres and dark secrets of the Hospital began to bore away at its heart, leaving its foundations cracked and vulnerable to the oldest of horrors and nightmares. When a prominent Commissioner of the City's Housing and Urban Development Department is brought to the Panopticonin for evaluation after murdering her family, the haunted secrets of the hospital begin to unravel, leaving no one untouched. Julius, the prosthetic boy in room 13 is waking up. The black eggs are found. The lines between the patients and the doctors is blurring. This is where the end begins. Every cure is paid with a curse and every sin is birthed anew as the once brilliant light of modern medicine forsakes the world for the shadows it can no longer hide.

144 pages, black and white, $10.95.


Written and art by Stan Sakai.

The deadly Koroshi League of Assassins is back -- and its longstanding grudge against our favorite rabbit ronin is far from forgotten! This is especially true for Saiko, the swift and beautiful young murderer whose father and partners were killed by Usagi, Katsuichi-sensei, and Jotaro in the landmark issue #75. Usagi, fresh from his stay in the friendly Geishu Province, again runs afoul of Saiko by attempting to prevent her latest contract. But when he tries to protect the life of a prominent local merchant, Saiko takes the man's young daughter hostage! It's a life-and-death standoff . . . will the long-eared samurai prevail by sacrificing an innocent, or will he allow this homicidal up-and-comer to escape, free to continue carving her bloody path through feudal Japan? Find out this month, in Usagi Yojmbo!

24 pages, black and white, $2.99.


Written and art by Stan Sakai.

Wandering ronin Usagi Yojimbo is alone once again, having emerged from his travels with young Jotaro. His brief respite from danger was not destined to last long, for adventure in feudal Japan waits for no one! In this volume of the internationally acclaimed series, master storyteller Stan Sakai treats readers to intriguing tales of Usagi on his own and catches up with a bevy of fan-favorite characters -- "whodunit" maestro Inspector Ishida has another puzzling mystery to solve, bounty hunters Gen and Stray Dog are each on the tail of the possessed swordswoman Inazuma, bodyguard Tomoe has a new political rival in Lord Noriyuki's court, and Priest Sanshobo's temple is plagued by a vile demon! Throughout these stories we follow Usagi as he is roped into a covert smuggling operation, escorts a cantankerous old woman through dangerous territory, assists an inventor with a visionary flying machine, and once again encounters a vengeful young samurai.

Featuring a rare short story starring Katsuichi and young Usagi which has never seen print in the Usagi comics series!

184 pages, black and white, in stores on July 12 (Hardcover, $59.95, in stores on Aug. 2).

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