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Tuesday, March 7, 2006



Written by Joe Gentile and Dave Ulanski, art by Bill Halliar, cover by Ken Wolak.

This massive bone-rattling tome contains the original Kolchak scripts from the classic comics Kolchak Tales of the Night Stalker #1-7, as well as the graphic novels Get of Belia, Lambs to the Slaughter, and Eve of Terror, all in their original and unadulterated form!

Bonus features include:

* Author liner notes on each of the stories!

* And then, just to see if it could be done, as a special bonus to Kolchak comic fans everywhere, a brand new-never been seen before Kolchak comic script, co-written by both Joe Gentile and Dave Ulanski, even if they end up killing each other over it! Now that's entertainment at any price!

* All this, plus new illustrations by Bill Halliar!

464 pages, black and white, $19.95.


Written by Joe Gentile, art by Trevor Von Eeden, Walter Figueroa, Chad Hunt and Dennis Calero, tones by Ken Wolak and Wally Lowe, cover by Michael Stribling.

With an introduction by Jim Salicrup! Ride the rails with the man who knows your story, whether you're willing to tell it or not! The Traveler is destined to ride this train alongside passengers with questionable fates. Fates that must be explored as they come to this crossroads, then guided along to their final destination. Why is the Traveler on this train and what brought him here?

This affordable volume contains the two suspense-filled graphic novels (including the sold out Mysterious Traveler Returns), plus an all new tale! Together these three eerie stories showcase the Traveler at his best, with plenty of moody atmosphere/emotion, and pry open a deeper insight into of the most enigmatic comic characters of all time!

128 pages, black and white, $8.99.


Written by CJ Henderson, art and cover by Kieran Yanner, colored by Thompson Knox.

A young woman is compelled by doubts over the medical diagnosis her mother has been sentenced to-to seek the help of Lai Wan! At the dying woman's bedside, Lai Wan discerns that something more deadly than disease has afflicted her mother-demons! But who's demons are they, and who is the one with the true strength to banish them? The compelling tales of the beautiful woman who can see inside your soul continues!

32 pages, $3.50.


Written by John Cork, adapted by Christopher Mills, art and cover by Christopher LaGasse, covers by LaGasse and Attila Adorjany.

The first co-venture between Moonstone and motion picture and comics production company Cinemagraphix is here. A bold new approach from the producer of the films Love & a .45, Menace II Society and Tales from the Hood! Give this color teaser issue a try for just 99 cents, and then be on the lookout for the GN this September!

Traveling salesman Hurdis Jones is an ordinary man on an uneventful trip through the Midwest, until he gives a seriously ill hitchhiker a ride to the hospital. That's when he starts getting pounding headaches... and bizarre hallucinations... and feeling like he's being followed... and having blackouts... and stumbling upon all those mutilated bodies....

A dedicated family man, all Hurdis Jones wants to do is make it home to his worried wife and kids. But his journey becomes impossibly long and fraught with horror. Because the man once known as Hurdis Jones has now become... The Night Driver!

16 pages, 99 cents.

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