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Written by Brian Michael Bendis, pencils and cover by Mark Bagley.

"Morbius," part 2 of 2. It's Morbius: The Living Vampire versus Blade: The Vampire Hunter in a no-fang-barred battle- with Spider-Man in the middle and reporter Ben Urich's life hanging in the balance!

32 pages, $2.99, in stores on June 21.


Written by Mark Millar, pencils and cover by Greg Land.

"Frightful," part 2 of 3. It's the battle for the Baxter Building as the zombified F.F. break free and wreak havoc! Meanwhile, an alien object Johnny brought back from the N-Zone begins to grow...and will soon consume every living thing on Earth. Only man on Earth can stop it -- Doctor Doom!

32 pages, $2.99, in stores on June 28.


Written by Mark Millar, art and cover by Bryan Hitch.

"Grand Theft America," part 6 of 6. The double-sized finale! America strikes back against the Liberators, as ace artist Bryan Hitch draws every single super hero in the Ultimate Universe in combat to free the United States! Plus: the true fate of Thor, the return of the Defenders, and every major plotline from the Ultimates (since its inception) comes together at last. If ever there was a big one you should not miss...Ultimates 2 #12 is it! If you do but one thing with your life: read this comic! And don't forget -- this cataclysmic story leads straight into Ultimates 3 #1, coming soon!

32 pages, $2.99, in stores on June 28.


Written by Robert Kirkman, pencils and cover by Ben Oliver.

"Phoenix?" Part 3 of 3. The quest to learn if Jean Grey is, in fact, the Phoenix reaches a shattering conclusion! And the mystery surrounding the X-Men's newest member, the Magician, deepens-as Nick Fury starts putting the pieces together!

32 pages, $2.99, in stores on June 14.


Written by Damon Lindelof, pencils and new sketch cover by Leinil Francis Yu.

Collecting issues #1 and #2 of the sold-out slugfest by Lost co-creator Damon Lindelof and artist Leinil Francis Yu, plus a hefty helping of DVD-style extras! Bonus material includes script pages, sketches, uncolored pencil art, Lindelof's original series pitch and a Leinil Yu cover gallery.

64 pages, $4.99, in stores on May 3.



Written by Peter David, pencils by Roger Cruz, cover by Mike Wieringo.

"Jumping the Tracks," part 2 of 3. The Hobgoblin from the year 2211 returns to plague Spider-Man! The time-traveling troublemaker has tipped Spider-Man's life upside down by resuscitating a major character from his past. Now the wall-crawler must tangle with a foe who has already bloodied his talons with the murder of future Spider-Men and plots to further ruin Peter Parker's life. What chance does our web-slinger have to set things right-and what will be the terrible cost?

32 pages, $2.99. in stores on June 7.


Written by Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa, penciled by Angel Medina, cover by Clayton Crain.

"Feral," part 5 of 5. "Feral" builds to its b lood-pounding conclusion! With the very laws of evolution breaking down around him, Spidey faces the man responsible for turning all of his foes into more prehistoric versions of themselves. But is this man...really a man? And will the combined efforts of the Iron Spider, the Black Cat, and the Puma be enough to shatter...the so-called "rock of life"?

32 pages, $2.99, in stores on June 14.


Written by Tom DeFalco, pencils and cover by Pat Olliffe.

The sequel to Last Hero Standing continues! A major Marvel Universe character dies! The Great Elders and Comic Powers of the Universe launch a desperate attack against Galactus! The citizens of Earth are ordered to evacuate the planet! New York City is targeted for destruction! The Silver Surfer joins the fray! And the action hits overdrive as the Avengers, Spider-Girl and the Fantastic Five prepare to make their final stand!

32 pages, $2.99. in stores on June 21.


Written by Tom DeFalco, pencils and cover by Ron Frenz.

While the Black Tarantula moves behind the scenes and the Scriers continue their attempts to murder her, Spider-Girl goes to war against the original Hobgoblin.

32 pages, $2.99, in stores on June 14.


Written by Sean McKeever, pencils and cover by Takeshi Miyazawa.

"The Origin Thing," part 2 of 2. The "Dark MJ Saga" continues in this special two-part look at Spider-Man's origin through the eyes of Mary Jane Watson! She's turned wallowing in sorrow into an artform. But now MJ has found a kindred spirit, and his name is Spider-Man! Could this fleeting crush be the origin of a profound change for Mary Jane's personality?

32 pages, $2.99, in stores on June 28.

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Written by Andy Lanning and Dan Abnett, penciled by Kev Walker, cover by Gabrielle Dell'Otto.

Guest-starring Quasar. Escaping ahead of the overwhelming Annihilation Wave, Nova and his companions Drax and Cammi find shelter on a colony world where the population is engaged in a panicked evacuation effort. But can even the power of Quasar and an alien armada keep the innocents safe when the hostile forces roll in? Is it time for Nova to stop running and start fighting back? Or, for the sake of the Universe, is that the last thing he should try?

32 pages, $2.99, in stores on June 21.


Written by Simon Furman, penciled by Jorge Lucas, cover by Gabriele Dell'Otto.

Mystery mastermind revealed! Cosmic powerhouses Ronan and Gamora get it on... big time: a truly planet-shattering conflict that will, quite literally, reshape an entire world. Don't miss this important issue that helps redefine the cosmic map as we know it! This tragic series can only end with... Annihilation!

32 pages, $2.99, in stores on June 28.


Written by Keith Giffen, penciled by Renato Arlem, cover by Gabriele Dell'Otto.

Can even the combined might of the ex-heralds of Galactus stand against an all out assault by the Annihilation Wave? It gets worse. Thanos, the near omnipotent mad Titan, commands the Annihilation wave assault. It gets even worse. With the heralds otherwise occupied, a shocking character moves to strike at Galactus!

32 pages, $2.99, June 7.


Written by Javier Grillo-Marxuach, penciled by Gregory Titus, cover by Gabriele Dell'Otto.

Cutting a swath of enemy carnage, Super-Skrull has built an army of alien rogues and villains united under a common goal: to frag the Annihilation Wave all the way back to the Negative Zone... but as the final battle draws close, a betrayal in the ranks may spell doom for Super-Skrull and his crusade!

32 pages, $2.99, in stores on June 14.

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Written by various, cover by Keu Cha.

The Handbook from A to Z rolls on - including bios on Justice (New Universe), Ka-Zar (modern and Golden Age), Marvel UK's Killpower, the Kree, Kylun, Livewires, Living Eraser, Living Tribunal, Loki, Looter, Gideon Mace, Machine Teen, Maelstrom, Major Mapleleaf, Malice (Nakia), Victor Mancha and more! This twelve-issue monthly series focuses on new characters, characters who never received a profile and those needing major updates.

64 pages, $4.99, in stores on June 28.


Written by Marc Sumerak, art and cover by Gurihiru.

The Powers are on their way to the Big Apple... and our favorite sibling super heroes are ready to join the big leagues! But will Power Pack's dreams of becoming the hottest new heroes on the scene be squashed by one of the greatest Avengers villains of all time? Not if Earth's Mightiest Heroes have anything to say about it! Part 1 of a special 2-part epic!

32 pages, $2.99, in stores on June 28.


Written by Reginald Hudlin, pencils by Scot Eaton, cover by Joseph Michael Linsner.

"Bride of the Panther," Part 4 of 5. With a super hero Civil War ready to explode in the U.S. and snakes in the Wakandan court preparing to strike, the road to the altar could not be more complicated for T'Challa and Storm. For one thing, they must plan who is coming, and you won't believe who's invite

32 pages, $2.99, in stores on June 28.


Written by Ed Brubaker, pencils and cover by Steve Epting.

The startling new Cap arc, "Twenty-First Century Blitz" continues its roller coaster ride through the streets of swinging London, as the acclaimed creative team of Brubaker and Epting turn the action way up! Cap and Union Jack have stumbled onto a new enemy that turns out to be tougher than expected, while Spitfire tries to find out what the Kronas Corp. is constructing under the city... and while all this goes on, the Winter Soldier stalks his prey!

32 pages, $2.99, in stores on June 21.


Written by Neil Gaiman, penciled by John Romita Jr., cover by Rick Berry, variant cover by Romita.

"ID" You are thousands of years old. You have amazing powers. You have watched civilizations rise and fall-- so why does no one remember any of this? Bestselling Author Neil Gaiman is joined by superstar artist John Romita Jr. to bring you the eagerly awaited event of 2006 -- Eternals! Ike Harris has dreams of adventures, love affairs and betrayals, but no one involved remembers or believes him. And who is trying to kill him to keep him from talking about it?

48 pages, $3.99, in stores on June 21.


Cover by John Romita Jr.

Go behind the scenes on the making of a mega-hit! This essential companion to Neil Gaiman and John Romita Jr.'s Eternals #1 features character designs from JRJR, preliminary cover concepts from Rick Berry and top-secret bonus material from Gaiman himself!

24 pages, $1.99, in stores on June 28.


Written by Ed Brubaker, penciled by Michael Lark, cover by David Finch.

"The Devil in Cell Block D," part 5 of 6. The opposing forces in Rykers finally explode, in an all-out war. It's the riot in Rykers, and Matt Murdock will find himself caught between his enemies and a hard place. Will this violent take-over prevent Matt from finding the answers he seeks about Foggy's murder, and about who's been manipulating him from the outside? And what the hell is Punisher doing here?

32 pages, $2.99, in stores on June 28.


Written by Joe Casey, art and cover by Chris Weston.

More untold secrets of the FF's earliest days revealed! See Reed move the team into the newly built Baxter Building -- and see the Thing's less than thrilled reaction! Meanwhile, the FF's first villain -- unknown until now -- finally makes his move! But will the fledgling team disintegrate before they get to confront him? Of course not, but order the book anyway...!

32 pages, $2.99, in stores on June 7.


Written by Justin Gray and Jimmy Palmiotti, penciled by Khari Evans, inked by Palmiotti, cover by Evans and Palmiotti.

Daughters of the Dragon concludes its entertaining blend of action, tongue in cheek comedy and kung fu drama as Misty, Colleen and Iron Fist do battle with an army of villains below the city streets of Manhattan. Will Misty get revenge for having her bionic arm chopped off? Will Ricadonna's computer virus topple the world economy? Is Otis Danger Johnson the next Bruce Lee? All these answers and more in the chop socky finale!

32 pages, $2.99, in stores on June 28.


Written by Daniel Knauf and Charlie Knauf, art by Patrick Zircher, cover by Adi Granov.

"Executve Program," Part 3 of 6. Collateral damage is no object to a ruthless stranger, who continues working his way down a list of targets. A pattern is emerging, and Nick Fury wants answers. Meanwhile, tensions between Iron Man and the New Avengers ratchet up to the breaking point. Pulse-pounding action and suspense builds until the assassin is exposed!

32 pages, $2.99, in stores on June 21.


Written by Peter David and Greg Pak, penciled by Juan Santa Cruz and Aaron Lopresti, cover by Ryan Sook.

What is the untold story of the battle between one of the strangest superhero teams in the Marvel Universe and the engine of destruction known as the Incredible Hulk? See ol' Purple Pants go toe-to-toe with Angel, Ice-Man, Ghost Rider, The Black Widow and Hercules in a story that holds a key to Post-Plaent Hulk events!

Plus: A Planet Hulk interlude. Bruce Banner makes his first appearance on Planet Sakaar - and battles the Hulk for his body and soul! What secret is the Hulk hiding? What terrible truth does Banner reveal? And who will triumph in this ultimate showdown?

Also: Re-presenting the Incredible Hulk: The End by Peter David and Dale Keown.

96 pages, $4.99, in stores on June 28.


Written by Robert Kirkman, penciled by Andy Kuhn, cover by Phil Hester.

"Freedom Ring," part 2 of 5. Mild mannered Curtis Doyle has come to possess a reality-altering ring crafted from a fragment of the cosmic cube. He's taken it upon himself to become the newest hero in the Marvel Universe -- Freedom Ring. Now he finds himself face to face with Spider-Man, or at least, someone who claims to be Spider-Man.

32 pages, $2.99. in stores on June 7.


Written by John Rhett Thomas.

On your short list of respected writers from the last couple decades of comics that have broken through to popular acceptance, you've got Alan Moore and...Brother Neil! This is a guy who defined a whole genre of comics with his breakout hit Sandman, has developed into a successful novelist and screenwriter, has collected 13 Eisners and a Hugo Award, and is getting ready to tackle Jack Kirby's Eternals pantheon for Marvel Comics! Nahhh....we'll have nothing to talk about with him! And what's there to say about Salvador Larroca besides the fact that he's one of the best artists working today? Well...lots, actually! For one thing, we wanna know why he's so great; how he can be so prolific; and what it is that inspires the drama, power and sensuality he brings to his pages! Whether it's the Fantastic Four, the X-Men, Elektra or Spider-Man, he's been entrusted with Marvel's biggest characters for a reason - and Spotlight will cover his career from top to bottom, with a special focus on his current work on Peter Milligan's X-Men.

48 pages, $3.99, in stores on June 21.


Written by Peter David, Jeff Parker, Joe Lansdale, Keith Giffen, Mike Lieb and Paul Di Filippo, art by Jack Kirby, John Romita Sr., John Buscema, Gene Colan, Don Heck and Vinnie Colletta, cover by Greg Land.

Not a Decimation book! Not Guest-starring Wolverine! Not the return of Hawkeye! No, this is an event unlike any other... a one-shot with today's writers rewriting yesterday's romance stories. Oh, and it's funny!

32 pages, $2.99, in stores on June 14.


Written by Brian Reed, penciled by Roberto De La Torre, cover by Frank Cho.

House of M spin-off villain returns. Carol Danvers is having one heck of a day. Half the planet's media outlets are camped out in front of her building, a TV crew is in her living room, and the half-crazed time traveling former Sorcerer Supreme known as Warren Traveler has landed in her bedroom! Guest star Doctor Strange does his best to help Ms. Marvel in the latest pulse pounding issue!

32 pages, $2.99, in stores on June 14.


Written by Charlie Huston, pencils and cover by David Finch.

"To The Bone." One night on windswept rooftop, Moon Knight squared off against his greatest nemesis -- Bushman -- and something truly dreadful happened. Something Spector can't put behind him, nor should. Something Khonshu won't let him. You see, someone's about to pick a fight with Marc Spector. The night is young and there's a bad moon rising. Brace yourself for the most brutal battle you've ever seen! Part 3 of 6.

32 pages, $2.99, in stores on June 7.


Written by Brian Michael Bendis, pencils and cover by Mike Deodato.

"The Collective," the conclusion! The Avengers are face to face with a power greater than anything they have ever faced before... on the island of Genosha! Guest Stars galore as the ghosts of the House of M attack!

32 pages, $2.99, in stores on June 7.


Written by Warren Ellis, pencils and cover by Stuart Immonen.

Dirk Anger loves you. He bought you flowers and candy. Did you get them? He HATES Nextwave, though. He's created lots of things to kill them deader than Elvis. Much deader. Can Nextwave survive this? And more importantly, will you return Dirk Anger's calls?

32 pages, $2.99, in stores on June 21


Written by Brian K. Vaughan, penciled by Adrian Alphona, cover by Marcos Martin.

The penultimate chapter of "Parental Guidance!" The evil leader of the all-new Pride executes his REAL plan, and none of the Runaways will ever be the same. Plus, what sinister force is behind the New Pride? Find out when this issue's final cover is fully revealed!

32 pages, $2.99, in stores on June 24.


Written by Dan Slott, penciled by Paul Smith, cover by Greg Horn.

"My SPOILER with SPOILER" Read She-Hulk #8 yet? Bet you didn't see that coming, didja? Wild, huh? Spiraling out of the end of last issue's Civil Wars crossover, She-Hulk's life will never be the same again! So... After She-Hulk and SPOILER went and SPOILERED, it's time to deal with the fall out! And that leads to a SPOILER with SPOILER!

32 pages, $2.99, in stores on June 14.


Written by J. Mmichael Straczynski, art and cover by Gary Frank.

Whether it's fascist generals in Africa or insurgents in the Middle East, the newest weapon in America's might arsenal has arrived! Hyperion! The Blur! Power Princess! Doctor Spectrum! The greatest heroes on the planet, all working together to protect you, America! The Squadron Supreme! Working abroad to protect America at home!

32 pages, $2.99, in stores on June 14.


Written by Frank Tieri, penciled by Staz Johnson, cover by Sean Scoffield.

Ex-con Jackie Dio is tired of running. Ever since getting out of the coop, he's been beaten up, chased, gassed, and shot; now, he's aiming for revenge against the man responsible for his predicament‹Mr. Pain! But in between him and closure is a gang of souped-up super-villains and the mysterious Consultant himself, whose nefarious conspiracy is finally revealed! Hold on for a twist so shocking it will have you reeling!

32 pages, $2.99, in stores on June 7.


Written by Dan Slott, penciled by Kieron Dwyer, cover by Andrea DiVito.

Pull up a chair, true believer, you've just been invited to the biggest super hero poker game EVER! Everyone's coming -- from Goliath to Tigra, from the Torch to Ms. Marvel, and many more (even camera-shy fellas like Cap, Spidey, and Wolverine!). So sit in while we play a few hands and swap some tall tales about the Idol of Millions! And if that doesn't hook ya, what if we told you that this poker party is celebrating a major Marvel milestone! An event that's taken over a decade (in Marvel time) for the Thing to reach... if he can go through with it.

32 pages, $2.99, in stores on June 21.


Written by Allan Heinberg, pencils and cover by Jim Cheung.

"Family Matters," part 4 of 4. As Earth once again becomes embroiled in the Kree-Skrull War, one Young Avenger is mortally wounded ­ while another must sacrifice his future to keep the planet from being consumed in the conflict. Not even the combined forces of the Young Avengers and the New Avengers can stem the tide of destruction. And in the battle's bloody aftermath, the Young Avengers -- and their relationship to their would-be mentors -- are forever altered. The team's new status quo begins here!

32 pages, $2.99, in stores on June 28.

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Written by Mark Millar, pencils and cover by Steve McNiven, variant cover by Michael Turner.

The super-heroes split as the Civil War heats up! Registration has become law, household names have gone rogue and a Marvel legend makes a decision that will change a life forever. Featuring the NEW Avengers, the Fantastic Four, the Young Avengers and pretty much everybody else! And, no fooling, true believer... this issue features one of the most shocking climaxes in Marvel Comics history.

32 pages, $3.99, in stores on June 14.


Written by Paul Jenkins, penciled by Ramon Bachs and Steve Lieber, cover by John Watson.

"Embedded" There's a truth buried deep in the heart of every war, and reporters Sally Floyd and Ben Urich will be there, uncovering that truth in the midst of the biggest conflagration in the Marvel Universe! In the wake of the Stamford Disaster, the public cries out for Super Hero Registration. Are the costumed heroes of the Marvel Universe protectors or ticking time bombs? Find out here when Spider-Man has his say. And you won't want to miss as one hero makes public a painful secret. "Accused" The lone survivor of the team that caused the Stamford Tragedy has been found. But living through one of the worst superhuman disasters in history may be the worst thing that could happen, as this vilified hero is placed under arrest for the deaths of an entire town. Unfortunately, the trouble's just beginning... Also, with the lives of Marvel's heroes in turmoil what opportunities lie for their nemeses? Norman Osborn has a few ideas... And, in "Civil War Correspondence," see stories inspired by tales of war correspondence throughout history!

32 pages, $2.99, in stores on June 7.


Written by J. Michael Straczynski, penciled by Mike McKone, cover by Adi Granov.

Civil War tie-in. One member of the FF lies hospitalized, a casualty of the Civil War that's fragmented the superhuman community! And another member of the team is secretly helping the opposition...even though the consequences will tear the first family of the Marvel Universe apart.

32 pages, $2.99, in stores on June 28.


Written by J. Michael Straczynski, pencils and cover by Ron Garney.

"The War at Home," part 2 of 6. Civil War tie-in. There's no turning back now. Peter has made the most important decision of his life. As the sides square off for the looming Civil War, he'll have to live with it. Now the big question is, what will this decision cost him?

32 pages, $2.99, in stores on June 28.


Written by Fabian Nicieza, pencils and cover by Tom Grummett.

Civil War tie-in. The superhuman registration act has been signed into law -- sides are being chosen -- but what side do our former villains fall on? Well... time for the T-Bolts to kick some spandex butt!

32 pages, $2.99, in stores on June 14.


Written by Brian Michael Bendis, pencils and cover by Howard Chaykin.

Civil War tie-in. New Avengers: Dissasembled Book 1. You read that right! The Avengers Dissassemble!! The Civil War is on and no book at Marvel will be more affected than NEW AVENGERS. You think Marvel would never screw with their top selling book? Wrong!! The Avengers are about to go to war over their beliefs and the shake up will shock you. Each stand-alone issue of this storyline will be illustrated by a genuine comics superstar, and this issue marks the triumphant return of one of comic's modern masters to the hallowed halls of Marvel Comics. Howard Chaykin, a true hero to Avengers writer Bendis, illustrates this issue told from Captain America's unique point of view as he is forced to form a new band of hoeroes who will fight on his side of the Civil War.

32 pages, $2.99, in stores on June 21.


Written by Marc Guggenheim, with art by Humberto Ramos.

Civil War tie-in. "Vendetta," part 2 of 6. In the aftermath of the Stamford Massacre, Logan makes it his personal mission to take down the man responsible. But someone else is hunting the same prey: a mysterious trio whose identity -- and mission -- will send shockwaves through the Marvel Universe in the months to come. If Logan wants dibs on his prey, then he's going to have to go through them.

32 pages, $2.99. in stores on June 28.


Written by Peter David, penciled by Dennis Calero, cover by Ryan Sook.

Civil War tie=in. Hot on the heals of both smash hits House of M and Son of M, Quicksilver returns to X-Factor! But is he friend or foe!? Oh, and just so you know, yes, Jamie Madrox and the regular cast of X-FAactor do appear and they do stuff. Lots of stuff! (Layla knows stuff; X-Factor does stuff -- get it?

32 pages, $2.99, in stores on June 28.



Written by Garth Ennis, penciled by Darick Robertson, cover by Steve Dillon.

Fury and his small crew are trapped in a mansion, stuck babysitting captured German officers while enemy infantry closes in. To confuse matters further, their assassination target, German General Barkhorn, will need their protection if the captured Colonel Von Stehle is telling the truth about Barkhorn's secret conspiracy to remove Adolph Hitler from power. Can the commandos trust Von Stehle? They have a difficult decision ahead of them, and at stake is the conceivable end of World War II. But Fury and his comrades had better make up their minds quickly, because there's a tank on the front lawn and it's about to blow them to smithereens!

32 pages, $3.50, in stores on June 7.



Written by Jeff Parker, penciled by Manuel Garcia, cover by Aaron Lopresti.

Hulk hate big-head Leader! Him try to be all green like Hulk but just have big head! And use Abom- inashu--- other green guy Hulk hate! Them in for surprise, 'cause Hulk have friends too! Hulk is a Revenger!

32 pages, $2.99, in stores on June 28.


Written by Zeb Wells, penciled by Patrick Scherberger, cover by Amanda Conner.

Leapin' Lizards! When Dr. Curt Connors reverts to his reptilian alter-ego Peter Parker's the only guy who can help. But does even Spider-Man stand a chance against every reptile in New York City?

32 pages, $2.99, in stores on June 7.


Written by Justin Gray, penciled by Juan Santacruz and a cover by David Williams.

The space-faring Fantastic Four discover an amazing new planet! One race of aliens rules another on the surface of this strange world, but in space, things are not always as they appear. High adventure, super hero action and science fiction collide in this tale of a world gone bonkers!

32 pages, $2.99, in stores on June 14.

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Written by Tony Bedard, pencils and cover by Jim Calafiore.

"World Tour: Heroes Reborn." The earth-busting conclusion to the World Tour epic that has ripped through the Exiles' lives is here! One of their own has been taken by Proteus! Is it too late to save them? It's all been building to this! Part 2 (of 2)!

32 pages, $2.99, in stores on June 28.


Written by Tony Bedard, pencils and cover by Casey Jones.

"It's Your Funeral." Standalone issue! Saying good-bye is never easy. After the madness of the World Tour, the Exiles finally have some down time. But that means having to bury some of their own. In Tony Bedard's final issue of Exiles, the team says good-bye to those that have fallen in the past and must make some very difficult choices about the future.

32 pages, $2.99, in stores on June 28.


Written by Joss Whedon, pencils and cover by John Cassaday.

Move over Astonishing X-Men...there's a new club in town and their name is..."Hellfire." In this issue, after secretly lying in wait for months, they make their move! Part 3 of 6.

32 pages, in stores on June 21.


Written by Chris Claremont, penciled by Patrick Scherberger, cover by Doug Alexander.

Who are the children of the X-Men? And what happened to the original team, Professor X and Magneto after over 30 years of conflict, victories and tragedies? Chris Claremont answers all in the Fan's choice from's "Claremont's Next X-Men Project" poll.

32 pages, $2.99, in stores on June 28.


Written by Fabian Nicieza, pencils by Lan Medina, cover by Mark Brooks.

There's a new president in charge of Rumekistan and he has a blue glowing eye and a buncha metal on his arm... but he also has a gun to his head. Will Domino pull the trigger? Meanwhile, Deadpool finds out that the man who jeopardized the country to begin with is still involved in Rumeki politics... it's DP vs. CV as Citizen V, the spy with style, goes up against the Merc With a Mouth!

32 pages, $2.99, in stores on June 14.


Written by Chris Claremont, pencils and cover by Michael Ryan.

"So Why is it I'm Not Dead," part 1 of 2. Dazzler died. But for some reason, it didn't stick? How is this possible? Dazzler and the New Excalibur teams attempt to find out what has happened to her. The answer will shock you!

32 pages, $2.99, in stores on June 21.


Written by Craig Kyle and Christopher Yost, pencils and cover by Paco Medina.

"Crusade," part 4 of 4. Another New X-Man has fallen and it's not over for the kids yet. Can they rise together to defeat Rev. Stryker and his army of mutant-haters? Pick up the book that has everyone talking!

32 pages, $2.99, in stores on June 7.


Written by Daniel Way, penciled by Steve Dillon, covers by Joe Quesada and Bryan Hitch.

"Born in Blood," 3 of 5. The new ongoing series continues as Logan's quest for revenge takes him deep into the jungles of Vietnam where he must face one of the more formidable ghosts of his past‹the psychotic super-soldier, Nuke! How can Logan, a man who has committed innumerable acts of atrocity, hold Nuke responsible for his actions? Then again, with Nuke raising the body count by the minute, how can he not? Logan already has plenty of innocent blood on his hands -- is he willing to spill more in order to get what he wants?

32 pages, $2.99, in stores on June 14.


Written by Eric Jerome Dickey, penciled by David Yardin, cover by Mike Junehew.

For Ororo and T'Challa, things are about to go from bad to worse. As the bond between them continues to grow in unforeseen ways, tensions simmer to the boiling point in the camp of the men who are hunting them. To say that the De Ruyter brothers aren't seeing eye to eye is to put it mildly. The outcome of their power struggle will have grave repercussions for Ororo and T'Challa. True Believer, you won't want to miss this key issue of the limited series that tells the untold love story between Marvel's two pre-eminent Black super heroes -- Storm and the Black Panther!

32 pages, $2.99, in stores on June 21.


Written by Chris Claremont, art by Roger Crux and a cover by Mark Brooks.

"First Forsaken," Part 3 of 3. It all ends here! Pyslocke and her brother fight for the fate of the universe! When fighting impossible odds, what will help the X-Men destroy something that cannot be destroyed?! Part 3 (of 3).

32 pages, $2.99, in stores on June 14.

X-MEN #187

Written by Peter Milligan, pencils and cover by Salvador Larroca.

In the aftermath of ³Blood of Apocalypse², the X-Men are left to pick up the pieces of the world that En Sabah Nur has shattered. Plus, the mystery of Apocalypse¹s fate deepens while one of his Horsemen makes a life-or-death decision.

32 pages, $2.99, in stores on June 28.


Written by Chris Claremont, penciled by Clay Henry, cover by Leinil Yu.

This X-Men special features Storm as she faces the most important crossroads of her life! How does she react to T'Challa's proposal of marriage? How will it affect her role with the X-Men? Will she be able to lead two different lives at the same time. This leads into next month's Black Panther/Storm wedding.

48 pages, 3.99, in stores on June 21.


Written by C. B. Cebulski, art and cover by Kyle Baker.

A re-imagining of the tragic origin of Professor Xavier and Magneto! In the ancient African tale, "The Friendship of the Tortoise and the Eagle," dangerous circumstances cause two pals to take violently different life paths. This tale of friendship and fate is masterfully illustrated by Eisner Award-winning comics legend Kyle Baker (Why I Hate Saturn, Captain America: The Truth, Plastic Man)!

32 pages, $2.99, in stores on June 21.


Written by Chris Claremont, penciled by Sean Chen, cover by Gene Ha.

The long-awaited climax! Who lives, who dies, who changes‹and why, after the conclusion of this adventure, is there no longer a need for X-Men?

32 pages, $2.99, in stores on June 7.



Written by Dan Slott, penciled by Eduardo Barreto, cover by Eric Powell.

"Tooth & Claw." A modern day adventure with She-Hulk reminds the Two-Gun Kid of one of his most fraught-filled yarns of yesteryear! So saddle up, pards, and ride with the Wild West Avenger as he sets his sights on some rustlers, but finds himself face-to-fang with critters that are neither man nor beast! It's a timeless twin-barreled tale od terror. Plus: A classic Kirby Rawhide Kid tale!

48 pages, $3.99, in stores on June 14.


By various.

Masked men, lawmen, dudes, owlhoots and vigilantes! From the battle of the Alamo to the dusty streets of Tombstone, the men and women of the West that was are finally unearthed in this scrapbook of memories from the personal collection of the modern-day Phantom Rider! Featuring entries on the Black Rider, Tex Dawson, Gunhawk, Kid Colt, the Masked Raider, the Outlaw Kid, the Phantom Rider, the Rawhide Kid, the Steam Rider, the Two-Gun Kid and more!

48 pages, $3.99, in stores on June 7.

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Written by Garth Ennis, penciled by Goran Parlov, cover by Tim Bradstreet.

"Barracuda," Part 4 of 6. Frank Castle has definitely seen better days. Beaten to within an inch of his life, then handcuffed and tossed into the Deep Blue Sea, he's got a Great White bearing down on him. If he's going to survive, he's going to have to think quick. And then he's got to worry about who's waiting for him on the surface: The Barracuda. And he can't wait for Round Two.

32 pages, $2.99, in stores on June 7.


Written by Richard Corben and Rich Margopoulos, pencils and cover by Corben.

What scares you? Serial killers? Vampires? Earthquakes? Extreme sports? The dentist? Horror comics legend Richard Corben (Creepy, Eerie) and long-time collaborator Rich Margopoulos leave no gravestone unturned in this 3-issue limited series that offers wicked spins on the classic poems of Edgar Allen Poe. Each issue features three adaptations -- lovingly rendered in B&W with gray tones as only Corben can do it -- along with the full text of Poe's poem for comparison. In issue #2: "Tell-Tale Heart"... "Spirits of the Dead"..."Eulalie"...and "The Lake."

32 pages, $3.99, black and white, in stores on June 21.

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