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LOS ANGELES -- J. Scott Campbell has signed an exclusive deal with Marvel Comics and will be working with Jeph Loeb on a Spider-Man project, it was announced Friday during Marvel's Cup O' Joe panel.

Campbell will be doing his first sequential work for Marvel, although he has done several covers for Amazing Spider-Man.

"Sometimes you know when you're on a character that fits," Campbell said. "When I started those covers, I almost instantly felt that way."

"No pressure, but I want Jeff to redefine Spider-Man like (Todd) McFarlane did," Marvel editor-in-chief Joe Quesada said.

"To say that wouldn't be a goal would be a lie,' Campbell added. "I'll give it my best effort because this is my single favorite comic-book character ever."

Where the Loeb/Campbell collaboration will be published wasn't announced. Loeb said it is targeted for 2007.

"We're in for a pretty big piece," Loeb said. "It's not going to be a hit-and-run thing."

Campbell said he still had an issue-and-a-half left on his contract with DC Comics before Spider-Man.

In other news from the panel:

* Jack Kirby's daughter Lisa came to the microphone to announce Jack Kirby's Galactic Bounty Hunters, a six-issue mini-series through Marvel's Icon imprint.

Kirby said the series spawned from her father's drawings that she found. Lisa is teaming with Mike Thibodeaux on the book, which is being edited by Tom Brevoort.

Lisa Kirby said she thought the series would be nice way to commemorate the 10th anniversary of her father passing.

"They're great characters," she said. "It's been a long time coming and I'm really happy."

"It's great to have a Kirby back at Marvel," Quesada said.

Here's how Marvel describes the book:

"It's a very personal story for Lisa, metaphorically dealing with her relationship with her father against a cosmic backdrop of fantastic characters and wild vistas. It also features appearances by other Kirby-owned characters such as Captain Victory."

* Marvel has signed a deal with Bungie Studios for a graphic novel based on the Xbox game Halo. The 128-page hardcover will be released in July, and Quesada hinted that there could be future project.

The anthology will feature the work of Phil Hale, Ed Lee, Tsutomo Nihei, Jay Faerber, Simon Bisley, Andrew Robinson and Lee Hammock.

* Editor Nick Lowe said there will be "big stuff coming" for Warren Worthington in July.

* Quesada said "a bunch" of MAX books are being lined up, including many non-superhero works.

* Spider-Man Unlimited and X-Men Unlimited are "morphing into something else," Quesada said.

* Artist Skottie Young is exclusive to Marvel.

* Sabretooth and Cable will be in Mike Carey's run on X-Men, but Lowe said the Cable/Deadepool series will continue.

* Loeb said he's seen pages from Joe Madureira's upcoming work for The Ultimates 3. "This is not like anything Joe Mad has done before," Loeb said. "Joe has been away for a while and is not coming back quietly."

* Brian Michael Bendis gave a rundown for featured characters and artists for his "New Avengers Disassembled" story: Howard Chaykin and Captain America in #21, followed by Leinil Francis Yu/Luke Cage, Olivier Coipel/Spider-Woman, Adi Granov/Sentry and Jimmy Cheung/Iron Man.

Bendis said that Cheung draws "the best armor in comics" and that it was a tream getting to work with Chaykin, a personal hero. He added that he's taking a New Avengers title that has sold well and is "smashing it to bits."

* Jo Chen returns to do covers for The Runaways beginning with #19.

* A new Punisher title, fitting more into the Marvel Universe, will be announced on Saturday.

* Asked about more Hulk/Things battles or collections, Quesada said, "Don't worry. Give us 12 months are you're going to see more Hulk vs. Thing and everything else."

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