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MONDAY, MARCH 20, 2006


With the pilot movie in its final stages, production on Spike TV's Blade live-action series is underway in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Spinning off the movie trilogy based on Marvel's vampire hunter, Blade will debut with a two-hour premiere on Spike TV on Wednesday, June 28. Eleven more one-hour episodes have been ordered, and there's already talk of a second season.

The two-hour series premiere opens with Blade -- Kirk "Sticky" Jones taking over from Wesley Snipes -- setting up shop in Detroit and investigating the vampire house of Chthon. Along the way he forms an uneasy alliance with Krista Starr (Jill Wagner), a former military veteran who becomes entrenched in the world of vampires while investigating the murder of her twin brother.

Promotion for the show was heavy at Wizard World Los Angeles over the weekend, with Spike TV having one of the largest booths. Backpacks featuring the show's logo, trading cards with the show's main characters and DVDs with the newest trailer were handed out.

And on Saturday, Geoff Johns, a consulting producer who wrote the pilot with executive producer David Goyer, joined Spike TV's Pancho Mansfield and New Line Television's Jon Kroll for a panel devoted to the series.

For highlights from the panel, CLICK HERE, and look for more on Blade on Tuesday here in The Continuum.



The Ultimate Avengers 2 movie is two weeks from completion, Marvel Studios' Craig Kyle said Sunday at Wizard World Los Angeles.

As part of a panel featuring voice cast members of the film, a rough-cut clip of the film was shown. Set in Wakanda, it included a conversation between Captain America and Iron Man in the jungle; a conversation between Captain America and Black Panther in the Hall of Kings; Thor seeking guidance from his father about a vision he has had; and a battle between the Avengers and Wakandan forces.

Voice cast members on the panel included Dave Boat (Thor), Andre Ware (Nick Fury), Nolan North (Giant-Man), Grey DeLisle (Wasp), Fred Tatadciore (Hulk), Marc Worden (Iron Man) and Jeffrey Sams (Black Panther).

The Continuum today begins a series of features on the cast members with Sams. To read the story, CLICK HERE.

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Jeph Loeb taking about Ultimate Power and The Ultimates 3 and this year's Ultimate annuals were highlights of Marvel's Ultimate panel on Sunday at Wizard World Los Angeles.

For much more from the panel, CLICK HERE.


New series featuring The Punisher and a new Ant-Man were announced Saturday at Marvel Comics' Civil War panel at Wizard World Los Angeles.

For much more from the panel, CLICK HERE.

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For covers and four- to five-page previews of upcoming titles, CLICK HERE.

Titles include Dragonlance: Chronicles #8 and Forgotten Realms: Sojourn #1 from Devil's Due Publishing, Red Diaries TP from Image Comics and WitchGirls Inc. #4 from Heroic Publishing.

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* The Fantastic Four movie will debut on HBO in June.

* DC Comics has announced that Nightwing #118 has sold out at the publisher and is going back to press for a second printing.

The second printing will feature a recolored version of the cover by Jock and will be in stores on April 12.

* Coming Tuesday: WildStorm news -- and much more!!!

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