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MONDAY, MARCH 20, 2006


LOS ANGELES -- Jeph Loeb said that Ultimate Power -- a nine-issue limited series starting in October that he is writing with Brian Michael Bendis and J. Michael Straczynski and Jeph Loeb -- will be a signifcant crossover between the Ultimate Universe and the Squadron Supreme Universe.

"When this is over, there will changes that will stick for both teams," Loeb said during Marvel's Ultimate panel at Wizard World Los Angeles on Sunday.

"It's not going to be these two teams meet, fight, go home and 'that's nice.'"

Bendis will write the first three issues, Straczynski the middle three issues and Loeb the final three issue.

"It's not intended to be a major company crossover," Loeb said, "but more like, 'Hey, this is a really cool story.'"

The artist for the series was not announced, but Loeb said that it was "a major name."

Story details will not revealed either, although Loeb did mention the Ultimate Fantastic Four appear in the first issue.

In other notes from the panel:

* Editor Nicole Boose said that the new Ultimate Fanstastic Four creative team of Mike Carey and Pasqual Ferry will be taking the FF into a new direction.

"The Fantastic Four will be involved in an off-world conflict that will have somer personal ramifications," she said.

(See pages from Ultimate Fantastic Four #33 above.)

* Ultimate annuals are scheduled for August.

The Ultimate Fantastic Four Annual will be written by Mike Carey, with art by Stuart Immonen and a back-up drawn by Frazier Irving.

The Ultimate Spider-Man Annual will be written by Brian Michael Bendis, with art by Mark Brooks. It will feature Daredevil and the Punisher.

The Ultimates Annual will be written by Charlie Huston, with art by Mike Deodato Jr. and a back-up drawn by Ryan Sook.

* The cover to Ultimate Wolverine vs. Hulk #3 was shown, featuring a "mysterious woman."

Loeb prasied the easy transition to comics by writer Damon Lindelof, with whom he works on the TV series Lost.

"You're going to see a lot of things nobody has done before with both of these characters," Loeb said.

* Editor Nick Lowe said that Tom Raney and Ben Oliver will alternate as artists of Ultimate X-Men, usually in three-issue stints. Robert Kirkman is the writer for the forseeable future.

* Boose said that work is underway on Bryan Singer's Ultimate X-Men arc, although it is not scheduled yet. "It's going to take us to places we haven't seen before," she said.

* Loeb said he has plans for both Ultimate War Machine and Ultimate Black Panther in Ultimates 3. He also said that Ultimate Defenders will be dealt with "right out of the gate."

* Events in Ultimates 2 #12 will determine the line-up for Ultimates 3, Loeb said. "The real twist is from (writer) Mark Millar," Loeb said. "Where Mark ends is so far from where Mark began," he said.

* Loeb said Ultimates 3 artist Joe Madureira is "on fire."

"There's a certain weight to what he is doing that you haven't seen before," Loeb said. "This is really the next phase for him."

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