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LOS ANGELES -- Like a big-league hitter waiting for a juicy fastball, Talent Caldwell feels he's finally got his pitch to hit as artist of WildStorm's upcoming Gen13 series.

"I love drawing young kids; that really fits my style," Caldwell told The Continuum at last weekend's Wizard World Los Angeles. "Kids, cars, fashions, pop culture ... this is the first gig in my career I'm doing something I'm really good at.

"And I've always been a fan of Gen13 and J. Scott Campbell."

Caldwell is joining writer Gail Simone on Gen13, which launches as part of the WildStorm Universe reboot as an ongoing series in September.

"Talent is an artist with a lot of energy," WildStorm editor Scott Dunbier said. "His work has great power and a wonderful dynamic.

"He is also a very meticulous artist who is very thoughtful. He's not going to go into a project half-baked."

Caldwell -- a former protege of Michael Turner whose credits include Fathom: Killian's Tide, the "Superman: Godfall" story and two issues of Spectacular Spider-Man -- wasn't too familiar with Simone's writing, so Dunbier said he was sent some of the comics she has written. "He was interested in what she did," Dunbier said. "He enjoyed her voice for the characters."

The series will feature the original Gen13 members: Fairchild, Freefall, Rainmaker, Burnout and Grunge.

Caldwell said the first arc of Gen13 will be a retelling of the origin of the characters in the new WildStorm Universe.

"It's a new, different version of how they came to be," Caldwell said. "I'm really trying to do a popcorn movie and have a fun ride that's not too serious."

Caldwell is serious about the movie aspect, especially when it comes to the looks of the characters.

"I'm not a big fan of spandex," he said. "I want the characters to be wearing what actors would be wearing in a Gen13 movie."

For instance, Caldwell, pointed out that Fairchild will now be wearing pants and a biker jacket -- while still retaining her original colors. Burnout will be wearing a special fire suit, and Caldwell said he wants to tinker with Freefall with different fashions and accessories.

Caldwell will be inked on the series by Matt Banning, a previous collaborator on Wildcats: Nemesis.

"That's important to note," Dunbier said. "Matt Banning can go toe-to-toe with WildStorm's other inkers, who I feel are the best in the business."

Caldwell is not exclusive to DC -- "I feel apprehensive about exclusive deals," he said -- but said he is hopeful to do some covers in addition to his Gen13 work.

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