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Wednesday, March 22, 2006



By Rafael Nieves and Aaron Kuder.

Morning at the Grace Corporation; Mr. Lamb, the President of Grace, has received a mysterious package from the home office. Inside the package are four nondescript, numbered envelopes. With trembling hands, Lamb opens the first envelope, the contents of which could spell doom for everyone involved...

32 pages, black and white, $3.49.


By Luca Tiraboschi, No amd Way Robinson.

Albert meets Albert in a mind-bending paradox in which our time-tripping hero butts heads with his younger self. This doppelgangers face-off causes a mysterious explosion of mystical energies. Meanwhile, back in the future, our present, Albert's caretaker, Ms. Foster, stumbles on the secret laboratory, "E=mc2", and ventures inside where a dark figure awaits... The Keeper!

32 pages, black and white, $2.99.


By Giovanni Masi and Yoshiko Watanabe.

The behavior of the Porter family has Bluff scratching his head, and not just because his buddy Flea is on it. Bluff hacks into bank records and learns that the Porters are eating through their lotto winnings faster than he goes through a box of Milkbones. Mom is neglecting everyone in favor of her charity dinners. Dad has poker fever and is sliding into debt with the mafia. And the kids, Derek and Cindy in their pursuit of fortune and glory are heading for disaster! What are a dog and his tenacious flea to do? Rescue their family, of course!

32 pages, $3.49.


By El Torres, Antonio Vzquez, JC Cruz and Fran Gamboa.

Castilia, the year is 1367, a convulsed kingdom in a civil war between King Pedro I "The Cruel" and his brother Enrique of Trastamara. As an epilogue of the Hundred Years War, English and French princes are supporting the two factions. But, with the help of his counselor and wizard Simeon Levi, Pedro I has imprisoned a kid; a child with no-name. The child escapes, and a hunt for the fugitive begins. But suddenly, a mysterious character appears.

32 pages, $3.49.

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