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Thursday, March 30, 2006


Following is a rundown of Krypto the Superdog episodes scheduled for Cartoon Network from April 3-30, subject to change by the network. The double-episode airings all start at noon.

* Monday, April 3: "Meet the Dog Stars" and "The Streaky Story."

* Tuesday, April 4: "Diaper Madness" and "Feline Fatale."

* Wednesday, April 5: "Dog-Gone Kevin" and "The Dark Hound Strikes!"

* Thursday, April 6: "My Pet Boy" and "Dem Bones."

* Friday, April 7: "Bathound for a Day" and "Dogbot."

* Monday, April 24: "Streaky's Super Cat Tale" and "The New Recruit."

* Tuesday, April 25: "Up, Up and Away" and "Dinosaur Time."

* Wednesday, April 26: "Puppy Problems" and "Switching Sides."

* Thursday, April 27: "Leaf of Absence" and "Big Sister."

* Friday, April 28: "Bat Hound Meets the Dog Stars" and "A Dog's Life."

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