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Sunday, April 16, 2006


Dave Boat, the voice of Thor, and Andre Ware at a recent convention in Los Angeles.

LOS ANGELES -- For Andre Ware, providing the voice of Nick Fury in the Ultimate Avengers movies gives him a bit of a warm and fuzzy feeling.

"Up until my late teens and before going away to college, I was an avid reader of Marvel comics," Ware said during a recent convention apperance. "I was a huge Iron Man fan and my brother was a Thor fan. We were in that world. As a kid, I would be Iron Man, shooting my repulsor rays at everybody.

"To do this now, this many years later, it's just coming full circle and it's really nice."

The first Ultimate Avengers movie will air on Cartoon Network on Saturday at 9:30 p.m. It shows how Fury brings together the team to thwart an alien threat.

Ware bears a resemblance to his character -- at least the Ultimates version.

"As everybody is well aware, he's not the Nick Fury we grew up with," Ware said. "But doing his attitude and his cadence was the same, and at the same time the loyalty to bring these super-heroes together for the greater good."

"Nick Fury's a huge character in this," said Craig Kyle of Marvel Studios. "He's got to pull all these hotshots together and make them a team. He's one of my favorites in the actually movie. He's great."

Ultimate Avengers actually wasn't the first time Ware voiced Nick Fury; he portrayed the character in the Fantastic Four video game, one of several games he's worked on.

In terms of live-action credits, Ware has appeared on Desperate Housewives, CSI: New York, Threat Matrix and According to Jim.

Ware is part of a cast of talented voice actors who you probably wouldn't recognized if he saw them walking down the street.

"My belief has always been you find the best voice for the job," Kyle said. "So it wasn't about stunt-casting ... you grab this person so people will come and see it. We're trying to capture Captain America, we're trying to capture Tony Stark, we're trying to capture all of these characters the correct way, not saying 'I love Brad Pitt as the Hulk.'

"We want you guys to say, 'Yeah, that's what those guys sound like.' So we found the best voices possible."

Look for more on the second Ultimate Avengers film soon here in The Continuum.

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