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Ron Frenz signs for fans at the Pittsburgh Comicon on Saturday afternoon.

MONROEVILLE, Pa. -- Spider-Girl is ending with its 100th issue in July, but it appears the never-say-die Marvel Comics title will be relaunched with a new No. 1 issue.

At the Spider-Girl panel at the Pittsburgh Comicon on Saturday, creators Tom DeFalco and Ron Frenz strongly suggested the book will return.

"At this point it looks like we're really, really canceled," Frenz said. "But it might be a situation like She-Hulk where Marvel Comics feels they can start over with a No. 1 to get a sales blip."

"We'd rather have a #101, but..." DeFalco said.

While never actually confirming the relaunch, DeFalco and Frenz -- who were joined by one-time Spider-Girl and current Last Planet Standing artist Pat Olliffe -- went as far as saying the book will get a new logo and discussing the tone of upcoming stories.

"If this relaunch happens, it will include a big newsstand launch," DeFalco said after Frenz noted that the Spider-Girl digests were selling "X-Men numbers."

In other notes from the panel:

* Olliffe said he's excited about the cosmic aspect of Last Planet Standing. "Galactus, Silver Surfer...I've always loved those characters, but I've never had a chance to do anything with those characters before," he said.

* Olliffe noted that Last Hero Standing inker Scott Koblish is returning for Last Planet Standing.

* Frenz on Hobgoblin's upcoming appearance in Spider-Girl: "He's actually coming back and seeing all these Sesame Street super-heroes running abound. And he's hurts them pretty badly because that's what he's good at.

* Frenz said that "a major Marvel 616 character will die" in the series' final arc.

* How can middle-age men like DeFalco and Frenz

"You don't have to be green to write the Hulk," Frenz said. "I do try to stay abreast of fashion and speech patterns. And I buy magazines that most 46-year-old men probably wouldn't."

* DeFalco said that Peter discovers a secret that May has been keeping from him.

Look for Peter to be more involved with May's actitivies in future stories.

"Peter's a creature of responsiblity, and his responsibility now is for his daughter to become an adult -- hopefully with all her limbs," Frenz said.

* For future stories, DeFalco said he's like to see a 60/40 ratio of May/Spider-Girl time. "She should have more a real life than she has now," he said.

"The family is going to have an even larger part," Frenz said. "If we do half the stuff we're talking about, family life is going to become much more important as she becomes an adult."

* DeFalco said he's considered using the Power Pack characters, but that Katie has always stopped him. "I'm not sure what has happened with her life."

* What will a new Spider-Girl title be like? "I think you are going to get a sense of a fresh start," Frenz said, noting he and DeFalco even considered a "one year later" approach.

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