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Superman Returns Bust Bank (MAY PRE-ORDER)
MONDAY, APRIL 24, 2006


Aspen Comics' Frank Mastromauro and Michael Turner.

MONROEVILLE, Pa. -- Michael Turner truly has it covered. Appearing at a panel at the Pittsburgh Comicon on Saturday, the artist said he is signed up for 30 covers for Marvel Comics and 12 for DC Comics.

The 30 covers for Marvel include those for a top-secret project for which Turner will also be providing interiors. "That should be coming out this time next year," said Turner, who was joined by Aspen Comics' studiomate Frank Mastromauro.

They also include variant covers for Civil War, including one that Turner couldn't show or talk about. "It reveals a big plot point," he said. "It's monumental."

Turner's already done variants for such titles as Ms. Marvel and Black Panther, and he said offers are flooding in from Marvel editors.

"We're supposed to do 30 covers and we've already done eight," he said. "We need to back off a little."

One of the Marvel Civil War variants will be available through Aspen.

The 12 covers are for DC's new Justice League of America series, written by Brad Meltzer. Turner said at one point he was going to be the interior artist as well.

In other notes from the panel:

* Mastromauro said to look for third volume of Fathom to launch in 2007.

* A massive new Fathom trade paperback is expected by the holidays.

* The Fathom mini-busts -- featuring Aspen Matthews, Cannon Hawke and Kiani -- will be available in a collected edition.

* Francisco Herrera will be the artist of Soulfire Vol. 2.

* Soulfire: Chaos Reign #0 will be available in June, with the first issue of the three-issue mini-series scheduled for August.

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